Cauldron Bath Bomb

Cauldron Bath Bomb
Cauldron Bath Bomb
Cauldron Bath Bomb
Cauldron Bath Bomb
Cauldron Bath Bomb
Cauldron Bath Bomb
Cauldron Bath Bomb

Cauldron Bath Bomb

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Turn your bath into a witch's bubbling cauldron with these bewitching bath bombs! Each bath bomb includes a black plastic cauldron filled with your choice of creepy color and spooky scent! Handmade with vegan ingredients that are skin-safe. Each bath bomb is individually shrink-wrapped so you can gift it, or use it to treat yourself! 

  • Cauldron Bath Bomb.
  • Glitter Details. 
  • Multiple Colors & Scents [See Below].
  • Skin-Safe.
  • 100% Vegan.
  • Handmade.
  • Each Bath Bomb is 5 oz. 
  • 2.4" L x 2.8" W.
  • Comes Wrapped with a VampireFreaks Label!

Scents Available:

  • Yellow - Scented in a sweet fruity smell (that smells like jelly beans!)
  • Pink - A combination of peach, cherry blossom, and white jasmine
  • Orange - A mossy, lush green scent with notes of peppermint, rose, lavender, orange, petigrain, sandalwood, and ginger
  • Purple - Fruity top notes with hints of wisteria and lilac
  • Blue - Amber and sandalwood mixed with a sweet note of vanilla to tie it all together
  • Red - A smoky/woody scent made up of rosewood and cedar with notes of clove, vetiver, and amber
  • Green - A tempting, juicy arrangement with hints of green apple, pineapple, tropical peach blossoms, and orchid tied together with a fruity/floral musk


♦Baking Soda
♦Citric Acid
♦Epsom Salts
♦Kaolin Clay
♦Cream of Tartar
♦Grapeseed Oil
♦Polysorbate 80
♦Witch Hazel
♦FD&C Approved Colorant
♦Mica (colorant)
♦91% Alcohol

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