Top 10 Things to Wear to the Apocalypse!


You’re always ready for whatever chaos comes your way. You. Are. Apocalypse.

War runs through your veins. Born n’ bred on battle, they’ll never find you unprepared for combat. After all, only the fortified survive. Punk Rave and Devil Fashion are spearheading the apocalyptic fashion movement, and we’re getting ready for the end of the world. So put on your gas mask and get on your motorbike—it’s time to get dressed for the apocalypse. Rivet Face Mask: A black Bane mask clasped around your face, the badlands await. A zipped seam panels down the front of your mask, buttressed by bronze eyelets and rivet spikes. Shreds of leather shield you from the dust and debris that lie ahead. Doomsday is calling.
2. Leather Hood: Your head hidden under an oversized assassin hood, you evoke visions of the living dead as you ride down Fury Road. Cloaked under a cover of premium pleather, you’re ready to tear up some desert sand. Into the nether regions you go…
3. Punk Vest: Survivors brush past you as you slink through the rubble and the ruin. Anger in their eyes, scrap piles burn on the pavement. You rip off your sleeves and leave the threads to dangle in the blazing breeze. Things are about to get ugly. In your dark denim vest, you’re ready for whatever calamity comes your way with buttons down yer chest and metal rivets on yer sleeves.   
4. Distressed Leggings: In the badlands you dwell, ragged and worn… but alive. Every wasteland warrior knows you need to be able to move through the shadows quickly if you’re going to survive: fast as a viper, fatal as a scorpion. So you keep it light in ripped leggings. Even in the darkness, your tattered and torn pants tell a story of the forbidden lands you’ve been to—each tear in the fabric a tale of its own.

5. Leather Top: Times are tough at the end of days. Every sunrise is a struggle; every moonrise a holocaust. You protect yourself from the elements in your dark + dangerous long sleeve shirt. With black bondage straps, mesh mantling, and accent hardware, you gamble for yer bread and wrestle for weapons. D-ring details and metal rivets keep you camouflaged in the chaos. You breathe in… the smell of battle burns in the air.    

6. Apocalyptic Arm Warmers: The battle is about to begin. Your arms clad in armor, you lead your brothers and sisters into battle. Constructed of high-quality faux leather, knuckle guards and wrist plating protect you from the journey ahead. In your goth arm warmers, not a bone in your body goes unguarded.   

7. Steampunk Trench Coat: The bombs and bloodshed go on and on. You’re a leader in the trenches in a faux leather trench coat—constructed to clash, and devised to survive. With scorn on your sleeves and evil on the edges, you’re a dark force to be reckoned in the cracked details and militant design. You’ve won the war of the day, but another battle brews just beyond the mountains.

8. Distressed Jacket: The war won, you are the victor, but still you can’t forgive the forces that slaughtered your kin. You take no prisoners and keep your eye on the hangman’s horizon. Vengeance runs through your veins—its arid anger keeps you warm during those cold desert nights. Wherever your scorn takes you, mystery surrounds you in an asymmetrical coat complete with a dramatic hem and bondage straps. In your jet-black jacket, you harness unhinged revenge.  

9. Dark Jeans: You ride with phantoms—you are the ghost rider. Now that you’ve had your revenge, nothing remains but to endure. You race the dark desert streets in distressed jeans, constructed of high-quality cotton denim for killer comfort. On black body fabric, your pitch-black pants feature scratched patches, shreds, and zipper hardware for mad motorbike vibez.

10. Victorian Jacket: You’ve lived longer than most, but existence is ever endangered in the wastelands. Winter is coming, and so are you. You’re ready for snow storms in this villainous Victorian coat, loaded with corset lacing, zippered cuffs, and a raised collar to match. Buckled-up in buckle straps and metal buttons, you’ve adapted to afterlife in Armageddon. You are all that remains. You. Are. Apocalypse.  

For more apocalyptic attire and an arsenal of accessories, check out Punk Rave and Devil Fashion on the VampireFreaks store! From the fugitive forces at VampireFreaks, thanks for reading!


  • Vasilisa


  • mary boo

    Love your store! Great article 2 guys. Keep up the great work!

  • Bradley666

    Sick article. I got the marauder gauntlets.

  • Angel of Darkness

    Just got my grubby hands on the Cenobyte trench coat. This thing’s ever more killer in real life. Amazing details…….

  • Damsel Death

    Omfg I love everything! I went to Burning Man a couple years ago and have been obsessed with all things apocalypse ever since. This stuff is SO me.

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