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* February 27, 2015 *
A Sad Day for Science Fiction Fans as Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83
Passing on the torch for alternative realities and science fiction characters, the death of Leonard Nimoy, best known for his Vulcan character Spock, suggests there are some very substantial boots to fill.

His unique style in relating the often emotionless character through his own peculiar acting twists will be remembered for eternity. He went onto a successful acting career beyond Star Trek, the movies that followed as well as a cameo in the reboot of the series. He was an author and director who had an introspective dark streak in him. Unaffected by tropes and preconceived notions of how something should be done, he often set the tone with his own unique style. Who else could have pulled off that Vulcan character.

The original series had plenty of quirks and dark attitudes like this coffin shaped gong employed on the original series episode Amok Time where Kirk and Spock have to fight to the death. So live long and prosper Mr. Nimoy and your character Spock. We will miss you!
* February 25, 2015 *
Haiku Contest Winner!
Congrats to HeavensWarlock for winning the VF Haiku Contest!

You won:
$50 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
Plus 1 year premium membership.

More contests coming soon, let us know if you have any contest theme requests! :-)
* February 24, 2015 *
New Single from Valerie Gentile
New Single "Fuck Yes" from our friend ValerieGentile posted on her VF Profile!
She's a newer electronic act local to NYC and she sounds promising!
Valerie Gentile - producer, vocals, synths, lyrics
Shane Allen Hall - composer, synths
Filip AbbeyNex - mixing, guitars, programming, synths
Michael A. Judeh - digital editing
Jesse F. Keeler - mastering

ValerieGentile on VF
* February 24, 2015 *
VF NYC Meet-Up! [This Saturday, Feb 28th]

Attention all VampireFreaks in NYC, NJ, PA and CT!
The VF NYC Meet-Up is this Saturday, Feb 28th! This is a great opportunity to meet other VF members with similar interests in a safe public environment. VF Meet-Ups in NYC usually get about 40 - 70 members so there is plenty of new friends you could make! There is no Fee to enter, food and drinks are discounted and all attendee's will receive a special discount to the Meet-Up After Party at Salvation where we'll be having our very own DJ AnnabelEvil spinning some of the great hits that you love hearing at Cybertron!
For Full Details and Directions: RSVP HERE

Check Out this awesome photo from our 2013 meet-Up!
Just a small taste of how packed it can get sometimes :-)

After Party

Salvation Special
Any and all members that attend the VF Meet-Up will be getting into Salvation for just $5.00!
We will stamp you with a VF stamp so that you can receive the discounted entry.

Add Salvation on VF

Add the man that brought you Salvation

* February 22, 2015 *
"Tonight Only" Page 23
* February 21, 2015 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

Psychara (with Friend, Mai) * VinobiaKnox

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* February 20, 2015 *
Vampirefreaks Invades Big Apple Comic-Con
We're joining forces with Mike Carbo's New York Comic Book Marketplace and Big Apple Comic-con to introduce the darker side of things to the comic, entertainment and cos-play world. We're very excited to be sponsoring four panels that include;
1) How to break into voice acting
2) Vampires vs. Zombies: The popularity and evolution of each monster and their place in our culture
3) The Dark Side of Romance: Why horror, monsters and fear are so titillating and how to harness "it".
4) Cos-play: Finding and building your people.

The event takes place March 7, 2015 at Penn Plaza in Manhattan and is expected to have over 10,000 attendees. If you're interested in being on one of these panels, or attending the event, go to the event page for tickets or contact me at Hope to see you there darklings!
* February 19, 2015 *
New Single From Blue Stahli
Brand new single posted by Blue Stahli, "Not Over Til We Say So"?
The song, which comes off of Blue Stahli's sophomore LP, "The Devil" features Emma Anzai of Sick Puppies on bass and backing vocals.
Check it out below:
* February 19, 2015 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

UndineLaVerve * Schok_p0p

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* February 16, 2015 *
The Forth Season of MTV's Catfish Needs You!
VampireFreaks: Wishing That Someone You Met Online Was With You For Valentine’s Day?

Let’s face it: Being alone on Valentine’s Day sucks, and it especially sucks when the person you do have keeps standing you up.

Did you meet someone online who keeps putting off finally meeting with you? Are you tired of hearing their excuses? Do they always have a reason they can’t meet you in person? Do they make up excuses for why they can’t hop on Skype or Facetime with you? Do you think they’re hiding something?

Or, are you keeping a secret from your Internet crush that you’re dying to confess? Whatever the reason, we can help. Season 4 of Catfish: The TV Show is back this month and our hosts want to help you finally meet your online love.

If you think it’s time to find out if your online relationship is true love, Nev and Max are here for you. Let us help!

See If Nev & Max Can Find Your Online Love Here:

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