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* October 01, 2014 *
W00t its October! Ratings Reset!
W00t its October, let the Halloween Countdown begin!
To celebrate our favorite month, our ratings database has been reset!
Now you can rate all your friends all over again!
(Note - you still keep your regular rating points, but you can now rate everyone again!)

ermahgerd rate me a 10 and ill be your bff, i need me some points circles

also been doing some site updates / tweaks such as:
fixed the top profiles banner uploader
fixed the 'rate and comment' form bug for proper output when you rate someone without leaving a comment
also a couple other minor bug fixes / tweaks.
* September 30, 2014 *
Asylum Hair Dye Progress Updates
Asylum Hair Dye Update:
We’ve been making great progress, even though it is a bit slower than we had hoped. Once we got all the formulas perfected we hit a couple delays with the product stability / shelf-life testing, and we also had to unexpectedly switch manufacturers since the other facility changed their terms and required a higher minimum order.

Good news is that the hair dye production is in progress. We are now looking at a late October / Halloween release date. A fitting time of year for us indeed. We also currently have the packaging and label printing due to be done soon. For anyone that ordered tshirts / hoodies, these are also underway! Really sorry for the delay guys! We are doing the best we can, and you can rest assured that we will deliver the product, even if we have had some delays.

VampireFreaks has been around for almost 15 years, we’re not going anywhere and we will make sure we deliver! =) For now, check out our awesome label design, courtesy of Mike Saga!
Each label will feature our logo and artwork on a clear squeezable vertical tube, making it easy to apply and so that you can see the hair dye color showing through.
In the meantime we’ve also been doing lots of testing on the hair dye formulas and coming up with some new colors for the second batch of colors, we’ll keep you posted!
More info at
* September 29, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #315 - Gimme A Break
* September 28, 2014 *
Vampire Coffee in China: Simply a gimmick or mainstreaming monsters
The recent opening of a Vampire themed restaurant and cafe in China, suggests that rather than a simple gimmick, this and others like it (Vampire Cafe in Japan), are making the monsters of myth around the world more of a mainstreaming effort than an opportunity to make money from television and movie franchise popularity (True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Being Human, "the three movie franchise that shall remain nameless",etc...). Do you see this happening in your city and country, or is it just someone trying to make a buck off of the success of popular cultures acceptance of vampires as entertainment?

* September 28, 2014 *
VF at New York Comic-con! Plus After-party

VampireFreaks will have a booth again at New York Comiccon in 2 weeks!
Come find us in the same spot as last year - Booth 2380!
Plus Saturday, October 11th:
VampireFreaks and NYC Ravers present
Super Smashed Bros. -VS- CYBERTRON
We join forces to take over both floors of Santos Party House in NYC, for one Epic Comic-con After Party!
DJ's on both Floors
Burlesque Dancers
Comic-con cosplay contest
Go-go dancers
Decorations, video projections, and more!
Click Here for more info!
* September 27, 2014 *
Extraordinary Eye Make-up That You Can Do
We've seen all kinds of efforts to turn the eye area into a work of art, but very few get it right. One make-up artist with a fine hand and great imagination is Lucinda Kerner, who has a catalog of pieces that shouldn't be missed. You can view them here at and don't hesitate in contacting her. A great lady who loves to work with others without the pretense. Do you have a favorite dark eye work artist?

* September 26, 2014 *
New VF Model!

New VF Model!
Please welcome...

* UnpardonableSin *

No one has ever worked harder to become a VF model than this amazing girl.
We are honored to have added her passion, drive, and determination to our group!
She kicks ass! Show her some well-deserved love over at UnpardonableSin

It also happens to be her birthday today! Happy Birthday!

All information on how to become a VF model is listed on the Models profile.
Aspiring models should join our Hopefuls cult!
* September 25, 2014 *
VF Store - New Stuff, Plus 'Fuck Normal' Sale!
We just got a bunch of new stuff in at the VF Store!
Check out the New Items from Lowbrow Art Company
Plus we got a bunch of Halloween Costumes to get ready for Halloween.
Also, to celebrate our awesome contest entries on the 'Dress Normal' contest, we got a special 'Fuck Normal' themed VF Store Sale!
15% Off everything for the next few days with super secret coupon code 'fucknormal'.

Click Here for the VF Store
* September 24, 2014 *
VF 'Dress Normal' Contest - Winner!
Voting has ended! =)
Congrats to XxYaZpUnKxX and her sister NatyMetal
with their winning entry:

This contest was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who participated!
* September 23, 2014 *
Dracula Untold?
'Dracula Untold', the Latest Vampire movie coming out next month:

Looks potentially good but probably craptastic. I'd still see it anyway. Whatcha guys think?

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