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* December 17, 2014 *
VF Holiday Sale - Time is running out!

If you want your items before Christmas, you better order them NOW! ;-)
Check out the Holiday Sale Items on the VF Store

* December 16, 2014 *
Neurotic Fish - Silence
New Video from Neuroticfish for their new single 'Silence':

After calling it quits for a few years, all of the fans had an insatiable need for the orgasmic sounds of Neuroticfish and begged Sascha for some new music. Neuroticfish is back and bringing you a new album soon, fittingly called 'A Sign Of Life', so look out for it!
* December 16, 2014 *
New Video from Velvet Acid Christ
Check out the new video from VelvetAcidChrist for their song 'Grey'

its actually a fan-made video but Bryan seemed to like it, its actually really well done. Warning for the kiddies - there's BOOBIES in it. paranoid

Also, check out Velvet Acid Christ at Cybertron in NYC on January 31st
* December 15, 2014 *
unreleased ministry
Ministry's Al Jourgensen posted an unrelesed song from their 'With Sympathy' days, back then they were all synthpop sounding!
Check it out:

He also posted some downloads for a bunch of unreleased remixes etc, which you can find here:
* December 15, 2014 *
girls tshirts poll!
wazzup we're ordering some more tshirts to get printed and we have a question for the fine ladies of VF:
what tshirt style do you like best?
we have 4 styles to choose from -
regular tshirt, scoop neck, v neck, or tanktop
vote here:
* December 15, 2014 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

Psychara * UndineLaVerve

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* December 14, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #326 - Departure
* December 13, 2014 *
Interview with Christopher Hall of the Dreaming
VampireFreaks Interviews TheDreaming:
Stabbing Westward rose to stardom in the '90s as one of the most successful industrial bands ever, dominating MTV and the airwaves.
TheDreaming has taken over where Stabbing Westward left off, featuring original members of Stabbing Westward, bringing you great new music.
The Dreaming was started by lead singer Christopher Hall, and with the recent re-addition of original Stabbing Westward member, Walter Flakus, and recently signing to Metropolis records, they have really started bringing back the industrial Stabbing Westward sound.
You guys may have seen their epic performance where they stole the show at last year's Triton Festival, it was the highlight of the festival for many attendees, and even backstage the band members were refreshingly friendly and some of the most pleasurable people to work with.

Check out our brand new interview with Christopher Hall of The Dreaming:
VampireFreaks Interviews Christopher Hall of The Dreaming

Check out the Dreaming's new video for their single 'Alone' here:

* December 12, 2014 *
In Memory of the Original Macabre TV Presenter Maila Nurmi AKA Vampira
We often get into discussions about who was the original ghoulish girl. Was it Morticia of The Addams Family? Or perhaps Lily Munster from the same era? Or perhaps someone even before them? We can even argue about how far back the style/trend dates back beyond the Victorian Mourning culture of the 1800's, but there is no doubting the influence that Finnish bombshell had on the genre in the 1950's, with her tiny waste, elegant demeanor and haunting beauty (at 5'6.5" and with measurements of 38-17-36, her waist was rumored to be even smaller than that), she was an early force to be reckoned with.

Plenty of controversy swirled around her relationships with headliners of the time like James Dean and her three marriages. She had an outgoing style that was often maligned, but throughout it all, she remained, dark and deliberate in her efforts.

Nobody has taken over for her since the rise of Elvira and I suspect there will be a number jockeying to be the next queen of darkness. Did I miss anyone and can you recommend anyone that will hold the macabre torch as Elvira slows down?
* December 11, 2014 *
New Video from Ludovico Technique
Ludovico Technique has a new video for their song 'Deeper Into You'
Check the shiz out and let us know what you think:

LudovicoTechnique on VF
thoughts whilst giving head..the entire process.VanessaVicious wrote:
1. You want a blow job. Message received. No need to push me. I’m going…reluctantly. 2. Ugh. 3. No, it’s cool. I didn’t really want to have an orgasm tonight anyway. I could always sneak off to the bathroom after you pass out though. Yay vibrators. 4. If I didn't have a vibrator I'd die. 5. Can you marry your vibrator? Hmmm. 6. ok. Focus. You’re a champion. You can do this. Breathe through your nose. 7. Why is my nose always blocked before this happens? Do I stop and blow my nose, or choke it out and hope for the best? Gah. 8. oh. Ok. It's happening. bleuuugh. I don’t know why I have selective amnesia, but I literally ALWAYS expect penis to taste funny. Just tastes like skin. 9. I wonder if I’d eat a human to survive. Maybe just like…a human I wasn’t friends with. Or. No. I don’t know. That’s weird. This is why I don’t hike. 10. Okay, so that’s not really why I don’t hike. I just don’t prefer fresh air to air that’s been conditioned, surrounded by four walls, and has internet. 11. Seriously FOCUS. There is a task at hand, here…at mouth. I’m too funny for blow jobs. Got better things to be doing with my mouth. 12. Who invented the blow job anyway? What a weird thing to do. Here’s this external organ that releases urine and potential future children. Put it in your mouth. 13. How long have I been doing this? It’s like time moves more slowly down here. 14. HAND OFF MY HEAD! You really don’t want to piss off the person whose teeth are in a close proximity to your penis, asshole. 15. My jaw hurts. 16. This is the only time I’ve ever wished his penis was smaller. 17. *Fifteen second hand job interlude.* 18. Tying my hair back. We’re about to get serious. 19. I never noticed how huge his balls were. Should I tell him that? “You have such massive balls dude?” Is that like if he told me I had big tits, or is that like if he told me I had a huge ass. World of difference. Guys are so sensitive about their balls. 20. Balls are so gross. I genuinely don’t mind how penises look, but balls… eugh. They can make the hottest guy look like he’s 500 years old. They’re just hairy, and wrinkly, and somehow cold. I suppose I should give them a little love. 21. A trim would have been nice. I keep a clean shop..why can't you? :stare 22. Did I leave the oven on? 23. If you don’t remove your hand from my head, I will bite your dick clean off. 24. Can’t. Breathe. 25. Is that an indication that I’m bad at this? Shit. He doesn’t like it. I give the worst head in the world. If you don’t like it, I PROMISE it would have been fine to just have sex with me. 26. Is he looking at me? Should I wave? No, don’t wave. Stop looking at me. I don’t work well under pressure. 27. Can I get a sympathy moan?! Why do guys think we don’t need moans of encouragement? 28. Woah. Okay, don’t moan. Never moan again. That was creepy. 29. You know what’s fun, and not at all unnecessary and disgusting? Pre-cum. What even is the use for that? 30. HOW COME YOU NEVER LAST THIS LONG WHEN WE HAVE SEX?! 31. Is he watching TV?!?!? To be honest, I’d kind of like to be watching TV. I’m so bored. I’ve been at this for like ten years, and there’s not much to look at besides a pelvis being thrusted toward my face. 32. No, I think his eyes are closed. I wonder what he’s thinking about. Better be how awesome I am, or I swear I'm biting down. 33. My jaw is starting to lock. Seriously dude. I'm bored as fuck. Is it acceptable to check your vf messages whilst giving head? Would he notice...His eyes are still closed. Hmmmm. 34. He'd notice. Dammnit. 35. Hahahaha! Look at him squirming. Hehehehehehe! 36. That’s right, buddy. I own you right now. I'm remembering this for when I need a new corset ;) 37. I wonder what this feels like. I just wish I could have a penis for one day, so I could get a blow job. And so I could piss anywhere I needed too. Having a vagina makes unscheduled toilet breaks very difficult. 38. If he doesn’t kiss me when this is over, I am never doing it again. I kiss you after, Bitch! 39. No warning?!?!?!?!?! What are you some kind of stone age savage??? Ewwwwww. 40. That was vile. 41. “The protein is Good for you” Bullshit. I’m going to vomit. Deep breaths. 42. Fuuuuck it's in my haiiiir. You fucking caveman. 43. And it's in my eye too. Doing my best zombie walk to the bathroom. This really is a disgusting process. 44. *burps* 45. Aaaaand he's asleep. Motherfucker. 46. Bzzzzzzzzzz. All better. Night night <3

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