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* July 21, 2014 *
VF Summer Swimwear Contest
Enter a picture of yourself in a swimsuit / bathing suit, with a sign that says 'VampireFreaks gets me hot', OR holding a VampireFreaks sticker.


1st Place:
$100 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store, plus be featured member for a day, plus 1 year premium membership.

2nd Place:
$50 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store, plus 1 year VF premium membership

3rd Place:
VF Promo pack, including a VF Tshirt, VF Rubber Bracelets, VF Syringe pens, plus choose the VF featured cult or band for a week.

You MUST have a sign or sticker in the picture. No exceptions, no photoshopped signs.
Contest is open to both guys and girls!
Ages 18+ only. (Sorry, we'll do another all-ages contest soon!)
To enter, simply submit your picture as a comment on this thread.
Deadline: August 4th (you have 2 weeks!)
* July 21, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #305 - Not My Fault
* July 18, 2014 *
Because Badass
* July 18, 2014 *
Skeleton and Bones Romance
How about this little cutie for your desk-top?
Might be a romantic gift for your lover too, especially if they like skeletons and Bones!

* July 16, 2014 *
Privacy Updates - part 2
Fixed a couple small bugs regarding the recent privacy updates:
Age-restricted blocks bug fixed where certain people were wrongfully blocked.
Fixed bug where new privacy functions were only available to premium members. Sorry this was not meant to be a premium feature! As usual, only premium members can see who viewed them and who rated them, as well as no ads, broadcasts, and other goodies.

Also made it so that if you have recently received a message (inbox, comment, pic comment, status comment) from a user, the age-limit and friend-limit blocks will be lifted for that user.

Thanks for the feedback, if you guys have any additional suggestions on how to improve VF, let us know!
* July 15, 2014 *
Privacy Updates
New Privacy Options available on the 'edit settings' page:
You can now choose who is able to contact you!
You can set age minimums or age maximums, and you can also set it so that only friends can contact you on VF.
This feature will block users from sending you inbox messages, comments, journal comments or status comments.
I do recommend not restricting your contacts to 'friends only' in particular, because people won't be able to message you if they're not your friend. However I know some people do want extra privacy.
The new privacy features are still in beta testing and I'm adding some more features / options to it, so feel free to give us your feedback!
* July 15, 2014 *
Skull Head Swivel Desk Lamp
Good Morning fellow VampireFreaks,

Today, we'll start you off with this awesome Skull head swivel desk lamp.
Very cool! Can you get away with this bit of morbidity where you work?
We can't think of anyone we know that wouldn't want this piece around their work space.

* July 14, 2014 *
Luxury Cave?
This is supposed to be one of the most romantic hotels in the world, but for the wrong reasons. The Minesuite Sala Hotel is actually an ideal spot for dark themed lovers or fans of artistic places, what with it's dark, black walls and matching furnishings.
We thought it was a pretty sweet spot for some romance ;-)
Have you been to this location or one similar to it?
What is your ideal romantic hotel around the world?

* July 14, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #304 - Something Positive
* July 12, 2014 *
Alter Der Ruine's new album dropped this week
Check-out the new Alter Der Ruine album "I Will Remember it All Differently" and enter their contest with dark-Goth-Pin-up retailer Razorzedge to win tickets to their show, gift certificates and other merch!
Models?slave2machine wrote:
Good fuckity-Christ there are apparently hundreds-of-thousands of models on this site. Seriously? * Sitting in a graveyard in period-inaccurate clothing does not immediately make you a model. * Getting a friend with an iPhone camera and a bunch of Instagram filters does not make him/her a "photographer." * Having an eating disorder does not make you a model. * In fact, having a disorder at all, does not make you a model. Also, honestly? If you're 15 and posting pictures of electrical tape on your tits with pages of 25+ year olds calling you "hawt," that doesn't make you a model, that makes you a future Amber Alert. I know a good number of models, professional and amateur alike, and it's insulting to those that actually ARE models. Until you've spent thousands of hours going down on your photographer or vomiting in a toilet before (or during) a shoot, you're not a model. ;) (QUICKIE LITTLE ADDITION, because I feel it might explain a bit more of my opinion. This was an answer I had to one of the responses here, with a bit more elaboration where I feel it's needed:) ) "Actually, what I've found is that the best models directly admit that anyone can do it, and the one's that take offense are the one's that are trying too hard! And there's a huge difference between someone who "could" model and someone who "should." Just because someone's eye-appealing doesn't mean they should be a model. That's just a line people spout when they want to bed a beautiful-yet-low-self-esteem'ed girl/woman/boy/man. I am by NO means a model or photographer, but I've worked with/befriended many in passing and listened to their complaints about the industry and people within; some get in because they see it as an art, others as a quick way to score with "damaged goods." (Which, lets face it, is 95% of the VF user-base.) See, now this is where things get a little dicey. Since photography IS an art, I do think there are some people (just like artists) where taking classes on the mechanics of photography actually damages their natural eye. That said, with the advancements in technology, it is feasible for an iPhone camera to take a good-to-the-layman-audience photo and create a niche audience (people that love slices of pizza run through Instagram filters, for instance. Heh.)

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