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* November 20, 2014 *
VF New Interviews
Got 2 new interviews for you guys today from some cool underground / independent bands you guys should check out!
Interview with Michael Barnes
VF Profile: Michael Barnes

Interview with Tony Grinder and Protester
VF Profile: Tony Grinder and Protester

* November 19, 2014 *
Interview with T3RR0R 3RR0R
VF Presents:
An Interview with T3RR0R 3RR0R

They talk about their new single / video, music piracy, and genitalia.
These guys have been one of the more active bands on VF for a while and they've always been very involved with the community so we're glad to see them doing well!

Check out their new video for 'We Like To Party' below:
* November 17, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #322 - You Didn't Ask
* November 17, 2014 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

LollipopPixie * Luin

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* November 17, 2014 *
Halloween Massacre Video Posted!
Check out the Video from our Halloween Massacre event:

Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate halloween with us, we had a blast and you guys had some amazing costumes!!!

Our Next Event:
Cybertron New Year's Eve with Assemblage 23

* November 13, 2014 *
Birthday Massacre

TheBirthdayMassacre rocked the house in NYC last night at Webster Hall, was great to see them as always!
Their new album "Superstition" just came out.

Check them out on the rest of their US tour dates:
November 13: Phildelphia, PA at District 9
November 14: Pittsburgh, PA at Altar Bar
November 15: West Springfield, VA at Empire
November 18: Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade
November 19: Tampa, FL at The Oprheum
November 21: Houston, TX at Warehouse Live
November 22: San Antonio, TX at The Korova
November 23: Dallas, TX at GMBG
November 26: Scottsdale, AZ at Electric Ballroom
November 28: Las Vegas, NV at Vinyl
November 29: Pomona, CA at The Glass House Concert Hall
November 30: West Hollywood, CA at The Roxy Theatre
December 02: San Francisco, CA at Slim's
December 03: Sacramento, CA at Ace of Spades
December 05: Portland, OR at Hawthorne Theatre
December 06: Seattle, WA at Studio Seven
December 09: Salt Lake City, UT at Murray Theatre
December 10: Denver, CO at Bluebird Theatre
December 13: Minneapolis, MN at Triple Rock Social Club
December 14: Chicago, IL at Bottom Lounge
December 16: Cleveland, OH at The Agora Ballroom
December 17: Pantiac, MI at The Crofoot Ballroom
December 18: Toronto, Canada at Mob Club Theatre
* November 13, 2014 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

Lunagoddess * Obsidian_Kerttu

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* November 10, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #321 - Classic
* November 10, 2014 *
VF Halloween Costume Contest Winners
Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks to everyone who participated in the voting process!
This year's winner is:

We're happy to see she won since she was close to winning at this year's Halloween Massacre event and she has an awesome homemade costume!
View All The Winners Here!
* November 10, 2014 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

Jet * Frankenanda

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Defund the militaryAnhedonia wrote:
American soldiers are war criminals. Seven digits - civilians - dead in Iraq since the decade-long invasion and occupation, many times that displaced, ISIS notwithstanding. That's a better than 30-to-1 civilian-to-enemy-combatant kill ratio. Afghanistan is little better, if significantly less damaging. Figures are murky there, but we're about equal in terms of "enemy" personnel killed and civilian deaths. And let's not forget the black-clad Hollywood-esque Disney-style pure evil caliphate that's emerged from our genocide in the region. Hello, ISIS, child of Uncle Sam. The military does not exist to "protect freedoms" or whatever stupid asinine thing you want to spew to justify its existence. There hasn't been a remotely credible threat to this country since the late 1800s. The only danger your freedoms are in is from your own elected officials and their Orwellian law enforcement agencies. The American military is a massive genocide machine and literally nothing more. Contrary to protecting your freedoms, they actively and violently limit them. That is an actual link to actual ongoing events in Ferguson, MO where the National Guard has been mobilized. Why has the National Guard been mobilized this time? It's not to quell rioting - it's because the grand jury responsible for indicting (or, as the case will be, not indicting) admitted child murderer Darren Wilson will be making their announcement in the coming days or weeks. This isn't hyperbolic or speculative. The governor of Missouri is deploying trained soldiers ahead of time, so that the foregone conclusion of "no harm no foul" doesn't cause rioting over the state's refusal to prosecute a coldblooded Nazi. There is technically no verdict yet, but a state of emergency has been declared and soldiers are being sent in to terrify people into not reacting. Really let that sink in for a minute. That is all your brave hero-soldiers do. Genocide the shit out of the Third World, and back on the homefront, act as an overwhelming show of force to preemptively discourage free exercise of your right to assemble. Welcome to Soviet Style chilling. More than 25% of the federal budget is earmarked for the military. That, however, is misleading - in actuality, more than half of all federal funding goes to the military through creative data-fudging known as discretionary spending. Black kids are murdered left and right by state-sanctioned white pigs in blue uniforms. The military comes in, ahead of time, to frighten you into not reacting to this. More than 1 in 2 black kids are born into poverty. Public assistance programs - already receiving a bare pittance - are slashed left and right, while discretionary spending for our global genocide machine continues to balloon. I'm sick of typing. American soldiers are war criminals and even discounting the rampant unjustifiable murder abroad, do nothing but destroy the people in this country from within as well. Soldiers are not heroes. Soldiers do not "serve this country." Soldiers are parasites and bigots and cold-blooded killers of the innocent. No one should be proud of the troops and no troops should be proud. You should all be deeply fucking ashamed.

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