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* December 24, 2014 *
Christmas Eve Sets

Merry Christmas Eve!
Check out some more Holiday sets from our VF Models!

YuffieBunny as Asuka * VinobiaKnox

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* December 23, 2014 *
Burton Hollywood Power Dark Couple Split
Relationships are hard. They are that much more difficult when the eyes of the world are on you and with millions of fans, it's almost impossible to maintain a relationship in Tinsel Town. The most recent couple claimed by the pressures is one we know and love, Helena Bonham-Carter and Tim Burton.

They have collaborated on more movies and projects than we can mention in this short piece, but certainly we'll remember Alice in Wonderland and the sequel coming up "Through the Looking Glass", Sweeney Todd, Dark Shadows and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ms. Bonham-Carter has certainly appeared in her fair share of non Tim Burton movies, so it is unlikely that her career will be affected. Alternatively, it is unlikely that Tim Burton will not have her in his movies in the future either.

Overall, it is a personal disappointment and sad affair when with two children, the marriage that has gone through so much (that we know little about) couldn't survive and thrive. We wish them both the best in their future careers and know that they will continue to work on dark, alternative projects whether together or apart.
* December 23, 2014 *
More Holiday Sets!

Check out some more Holiday sets from our VF Models!

ChloeVonCreepy * Dezi

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* December 23, 2014 *
Cybertron New Year's Eve: Win Free Tickets
We're giving away 2 PAIRS of FREE TICKETS Just for VF Members
To Cybertron New Year's Eve in NYC w/ Assemblage 23!

How to win: RSVP here:
and Comment on this picture
Winners will be chosen on December 27th. Good Luck! XD
* December 22, 2014 *
Holiday Sets!

Check out some Holiday sets from our VF Models!

unpardonablesin* UndineLaVerve

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* December 21, 2014 *
Happy Horrordays!
* December 19, 2014 *
VF Interview: Die Braut
VF Interviews Terror-EBM project from Chile: Die Braut
They talk about having a female vocalist with aggressive vocals, the industrial scene in Chile, and the effects of social media.

VF Interview with Die Braut
* December 19, 2014 *
sony - an epic fail
you may have seen the epic hack pwnage that Sony has been going through lately.
turns out that they have decided to completely cancel their 'the interview' movie, losing over $90 million.

Ofcourse its not the first time sony got hacked, the playstation got majorly hacked back in 2011.

It's pretty interesting to see a large corporation like that get so epically pwned by hackers.

So what do you guys think? Should Sony have caved like they did?
* December 17, 2014 *
VF Holiday Sale - Time is running out!

If you want your items before Christmas, you better order them NOW! ;-)
Check out the Holiday Sale Items on the VF Store

* December 16, 2014 *
Neurotic Fish - Silence
New Video from Neuroticfish for their new single 'Silence':

After calling it quits for a few years, all of the fans had an insatiable need for the orgasmic sounds of Neuroticfish and begged Sascha for some new music. Neuroticfish is back and bringing you a new album soon, fittingly called 'A Sign Of Life', so look out for it!

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