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* November 26, 2015 *
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving / Turkey Massacre Day from VampireFreaks!

Time to be gluttonous pigs and eat all the things!
We are thankful to all the VF members for making this an awesome online community!
* November 25, 2015 *
Meet VF Member GalaxyGoddess
NEW VF Member interview with GalaxyGoddess

Learn about her experience with firearms, Kenjutsu and Kendo as well as her love for sea life.

Click Here To Read The Interview omfg

Would you like to be interviewed on VampireFreaks?
Send an inbox to VampireFreaks and tell us a little about yourself :-)

* November 24, 2015 *
VF Mobile App Updates for Android and iPhone
VampireFreaks Mobile App News:
We recently updated both the VF iPhone and VF Andriod Apps.
Updates include:
iPhone: now opens external links in safari browser for a better browsing experience. now compatible with iPhone 6 and 6 plus.
Android: fixes for images / icons which were not displaying properly. added 'remember me' functionality.
* November 23, 2015 *
Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water
Hey VF gamers,
here's Ser_Vincentius with some insight on the new Fatal Frame for the Wii U!

Feel free to let us know what you think and comment your favorite Wii U titles.

An inhuman monster is running at you, you run and hide. A robot fox is sprinting towards your door, you electronically seal the door and pray to god he does not kill the battery. A long haired ghost woman with a broken neck walks before you, you stand your ground, aim your camera, take a damn good photo and keep on walking.
Welcome to Fatal Frame where being a photographer can and will save your life.

The series was popular during the PS2 era but has finally made it to the current generation for the Wii U with Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.
Taking place on a fictional mountain where mass suicide and other tragic events occurred, you'll navigate through dark forests and abandoned temples filled with angry ghosts, undead shrine maidens, and life sized dolls. Your only method of defense is the Camera Obscura, a spiritually enhanced camera that will send the ghosts back to their graves.

The ghosts themselves don't just stand around and let you take they're photo, they will teleport, fly and do all they can to stay out of your line sight, making combat a challenge rather then a chore. Successful photos yield better rewards and more experience points that you can use to make your camera stronger and more combat efficient.

Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water is out now only for the Wii U.

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written by Ser_Vincentius
* November 23, 2015 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

Kyris * MyFragility

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* November 20, 2015 *
Get to know VF Model Alejandro!

Get to know VF Model Alejandro

Alejandro is an alternative model from Vilnius, Lithuania, a small country located in Eastern Europe, at the coast of the Baltic sea. He was born in 1993, as a single child. Unique, different lifestyles, alternative fashion and activities have been his interest for a long time. During his teener years he was often called a freak and suffered from bullying, that never changed his view on the world.
Lithuania, as a post-soviet country, is not so tolerant as Western European countries or America, people are still distrustful and not open to people with different styles, mentality or orientation. He hopes the new generation will try to fundament new values.

Alejandro started working as a freelance model after reaching his 20's, when his style was noticed by a couple of local photographers. He worked on various themes with different artists. After one year of modeling, he was accepted as a model for VampireFreaks. He continues to work on his modeling skills, new ideas and tries to produce something interesting. In the future he plans to visit other European countries, mainly for modeling purposes.

Alejandro is on a final year of his bachelor studies of public administration. Although it may seem unusual, administrative governmental work perfectly fits him, he used to work in a governmental organisation in Lithuania for some time, but he quit because of his studies.
In his free time, Alex enjoys traveling, long walks, sports, sometimes just a good film or a book goes perfectly as evening activity. Spending time with friends and socializing is a great way to kill some free time for him.

Random Alejandro Facts
  • He never knew his parents, they died in an accident when he was a child.
  • Alejandro's got two tattoos and got them both for free.
  • A vain and active user of popular social networking sites.
  • Big selfie addict.
  • He's been to over 20 countries, including South Africa, UAE, Egypt, Russia, Spain, ...
  • Favorite food: Lasagna
  • Favorite drink: Monster energy zipper
  • Favorite color: Violet, though you will never see him wearing something violet.
  • He enjoys to chat with people from all over the world.
  • A big nerdy fan of LOTR, DnD, The Witcher and Heroes saga.

    You can get to know more about Alejandro on his VF profile!
  • * November 19, 2015 *
    VampireFreaks Version 3.0
    VampireFreaks Version 3.0 will be released as a Beta version on December 1st!

    This is a complete site rewrite from the ground up that I wrote using newer web technologies and is designed to be easier to use, more modern looking with dynamic page updates, and mobile optimized.
    So yeah the reason why we haven't really had any code updates on VF lately is because I've been working on the VF rewrite.
    Fair warning that it will be missing a few features at first but the new code is a lot more organized and will be much easier to update and upgrade.
    Once the Beta is released we'll ask you guys for input / suggestions on it and I'll continue to fix it up for a month until we switch over to the new code. I know some of you guys are going to hate it because you hate change but I think overall you guys will really like it. The site has been in desperate need of a rewrite and it will be a lot easier to keep the site updated and have better functionality. :-)
    * November 19, 2015 *
    VF Models Sets!

    Check out the newest work from our VF Models!


    Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
    * November 18, 2015 *
    Meet VF Member Nordic_Monstrosity
    NEW VF Member interview with Nordic_Monstrosity
    We'll talk to him about death, his perspective on the VF community and his creativity.

    Check it out and let us know what you think or add some of your own questions for her in the comments below!

    Click Here To Read The Interview omfg

    Would you like to be interviewed on VampireFreaks?
    Send an inbox to VampireFreaks and tell us a little about yourself :-)

    * November 17, 2015 *
    Fallout 4
    Hey there VF gamers, here's Ser_Vincentius on the NEW Fallout 4. The game that is taking up so much of your time.

    Let us know what you think or even share some of your favorite v-game titles in the comments below!

    Every generation fears its will be the last of human civilization and there have been different interpretation of how it will end; either by an act of god, natural disaster, jam( it was a book, look it up) or via nuclear missiles. Despite our morbid fascination with the end of the world, seldom do we talk about what happens next. Fallout 4 by Bethesda shows us what the world would be like after it has been scorched by nuclear fire and brings forth a wild yet wonderful retro sci fi world.

    In Fallout 4, you wake up from cryogenic sleep and discover what has become of Boston after a nuclear war. Once the game gets pass the introduction, you are free to do what in this new world; exploring the wasteland, rebuilding society, steal and pillage from everyone you meet, run around in a pink poodle skirt and make people explode with robot fists, it is all up to you how you play. While there is plenty to see and do, the game does has its flaws. With all Bethesda games, it has its fair share of ridiculous glitches and bugs that could ruin the experience or in some cases, make it more entertaining.

    Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Just be sure give yourself Plenty of free time when playing it,it WILL consume your life!

    Click On The Image You Want To View

    written by Ser_Vincentius

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