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* December 01, 2015 *
VampireFreaks 3.0 Beta Released!
As promised, we have a Beta release for VampireFreaks 3.0 for you!

This is a complete rewrite of all of the VF code from the ground up. VampireFreaks 1.0 was actually all static html pages plus a messageboard. Vampirefreaks 2.0 is the current social network version, which has been around since 2004.
A lot of things have been optimized, modernized and generally fixed up for the rewrite.
The rewrite is using the latest web technologies and is designed to be cleaner, more organized, easier to navigate and modern looking, with a focus on mobile-friendly design.
It is about 95% complete right now, I know there are still a few features missing as I am rewriting 11 years worth of code but this is just a beta release for testing purposes and to get your overall feedback!
Rather than forcing everyone to switch over right away, this is your chance to give your comments / suggestions and we will try to fix up the final version accordingly. The good news about this rewrite is it means we will be getting site code updates and fixes pretty frequently.

Some initial notes:
Profile layouts are a bit different but I tried my best to make existing custom profile HTML still look OK on it. There are additional css classes / ids but I may be modifying these to make profile editing more consistent.
Cult layouts are pretty much the same.
Still working on sorting out a few of the premium features such as 'broadcasts', adding more privacy / support features, band features, messageboard stuff, email notifications and a few other things.
The 'ratings' system is gone for now but I'm still figuring out if it will come back or if we will have something else. I'm thinking we just replace them with 'user props' where you click a button on their profile to give a user props.
The frontpage design is also still a work in progress. It does look different depending on if you are logged in or not.
If something is missing I probably already know about it and it is on my todo list.
This is a work in progress! I estimate it will take a month to get it completely done and fix it up based on any input. So let us know what you think so far.

Click below to check out VampireFreaks 3.0 :
* November 30, 2015 *
Thank You for the Christmas Card SteveSlasher
SteveSlasher on VampireFreaks was nice enough to send us a Christmas card.
Here's a short video of ShadowNightz saying thank you on behalf of the VampireFreaks staff.

Thanks For the Christmas Card SteveSlasher on VampireFreaks!

If anyone else sends us cards, we will be sure to make video shouts outs for you guys as well!
Thanks, we appreciate you all for being members and for your support on our store site! hearts
* November 30, 2015 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

LivingDreadDoll * Immortal_Reign

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* November 29, 2015 *
Cyber Monday Sale

Not to be outdone by our Black Friday Sale, we've added a bunch of new items just for our Cyber Monday Sale!
Black Friday / Cyber Monday is our biggest sale every year, so if you're looking to get a good deal, this is your last chance! Might I add that all of the official VF merch is 30% off. Prices go back to normal on Tuesday. =)
VF Store Cyber-Monday Sale

Also reminder -
VampireFreaks Version 3.0
will be released as a Beta version this Tuesday, on December 1st!

Yep I've been working my butt off on this and I'm excited for you to see it!
* November 29, 2015 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!


Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* November 27, 2015 *
Get to know VF Model LezaLush!

Get to know VF Model LezaLush

Leza Lush is a Suicide Girls model based in Brooklyn, New York. She originally comes from Russia and is a vegan. Leza started modeling in her late teens, back in 2008. It was the concept of getting dolled up and trying different concepts through photos that appealed to her, but after a big struggle in the modeling field she went on hiatus and took a break from modeling. She tried some acting, got into making clothes and jewelry, started drawing and traveling A LOT.

After a while, she got a few paying offers from photographers and clothing companies and she started modeling again. However, not many of these offers were really interesting to her as they were very mainstream and she felt it was a bit boring to her. Her friendship with Madness Photography sparked Leza to truly go outside the box and try just about everything. Her, now, best friend convinced her to get out there and incorporate more alternative styles into her portfolio and even apply to Suicide Girls. Which all paid off in major ways for her and gave new life to her passion for modeling.

Of course things don't stay the same for long and soon after all the positive things happening, some negative things followed. Leza had to deal with a lot of prejudice from 'friends' and other viewers when it came to her nude modeling and tattoos. Despite all of that, Leza still continues to do what she loves doing, she says: "To me nude modeling is very empowering. There's something about being completely raw in front of the camera, no props, no clothes, no heavy makeup. There's nothing to hide behind, just you in your natural state and having to convey an emotion with only your surroundings as a source of inspiration. When you think about it, it can arguably be the hardest type of modeling there is. And to me a person's body is a beautiful thing, it's a shame how society would rather it be depicted as something so shameful."

When leza is not modeling, she's often crafting new accessories or clothing for clients and herself. Her most popular items are her floral and horned head pieces which you can see examples of them in her gallery. Aside from crafting, Leza also works at a hair salon in the city, which she studied for at school.

Random LezaLush Facts
  • She hates wearing makeup. It's VERY rare to catch her off any set with make-up on.
  • Recently started waist training.
  • She has 4 cats, 2 ferrets and one turtle.
  • Leza is only 5'1" tall!
  • She has a growing collection of old film cameras.
  • She is extremely shy.
  • Secretly a cat whisperer.
  • Desserts-addict.
  • She can never stick to one hair color for too long.
  • Leza likes to spontaneously annoy friends by bursting out singing, even when no music is playing.

    You can get to know more about LezaLush on her VF profile!
  • * November 26, 2015 *
    VF Black Friday Sale!
    VampireFreaks Store

    Over 1,200 Items on Sale! 25% to 80% OFF!

    Massive price reductions on some of our most popular items!

    VampireFreaks, Tripp, Kreepsville, SkyGraphx, Lowbrow Art Company, Black Market Art, Destrukture, Leg Avenue, Hades Footwear, Skelanimals, Witch City Wicks, Aesop Originals, Blue Bayer.

    Click Here to view our Black Friday Sale!.
    * November 26, 2015 *
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Happy Thanksgiving / Turkey Massacre Day from VampireFreaks!

    Time to be gluttonous pigs and eat all the things!
    We are thankful to all the VF members for making this an awesome online community!
    * November 25, 2015 *
    Meet VF Member GalaxyGoddess
    NEW VF Member interview with GalaxyGoddess

    Learn about her experience with firearms, Kenjutsu and Kendo as well as her love for sea life.

    Click Here To Read The Interview omfg

    Would you like to be interviewed on VampireFreaks?
    Send an inbox to VampireFreaks and tell us a little about yourself :-)

    * November 24, 2015 *
    VF Mobile App Updates for Android and iPhone
    VampireFreaks Mobile App News:
    We recently updated both the VF iPhone and VF Andriod Apps.
    Updates include:
    iPhone: now opens external links in safari browser for a better browsing experience. now compatible with iPhone 6 and 6 plus.
    Android: fixes for images / icons which were not displaying properly. added 'remember me' functionality.
    a Scrooges guide to hating Xmas. TheFeistyOne wrote:
    Ahhhh Christmas. That wonderful time of year that always sneaks up on you even though you know exactly when it is and have been caught off guard every buggering year. Why don't I like Christmas? Let me show you. 1) Family; It's the season to pretend to care about whatever's going on in your family and Jesus fucking Christ doesn't it stink of mince pies, overcooked Turkey (that no one likes anyway and we are forced to eat to not hurt the feelings of the possibly psychotic chef who also just happens to be your mother),cheap booze and disappointment. Oh, and wet dog. We sit around, and talk about trivial nonsense that no one would really talk about unless forced, which makes for some stellar conversations; "Why aren't you married yet?" :rolleyes "So I hear you like tapas. I like tapas too. Tapas are fun. Do you really like tapas???" "How many mince pies can you fit in your mouth at once before you start to choke?" (The answer is 3 btw) :chainsaw Now I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I fully acknowledge that some people don't have family and some people actually enjoy the company of theirs, but being the freaky goth offspring that everyone is hoping will turn up this year with normal coloured hair and some miraculous tale of my conversion to Christianity and celibacy, is hard work. It's even harder with the aforementioned Turkey being forced into nearly any hole available. I fucking hate Turkey. 2) Presents. Ahhhh what to get that special someone you love? Can't think? They dont know what they want? On a budget? Live under a rock and don't want to rely on eBay? Go for a walk in LONDON and find something. It's simple, right?? Oh no. No no no. You'd have to be borderline retarded to walk up Oxford street this time of year. Come December the first, say hello to shitty weather, piss poor traffic and herds of shoppers all barging their way in the opposite direction that you want to go. You can however, say goodbye for the need of social etiquette. You won't need that til mid January. :lol 3) the meaning of Christmas. This time of year is extremely difficult on me. I hate the weather, My anxiety makes social interaction with people I'd really rather avoid almost impossible and consumerism is at the heart of all the Xmas build up hell. The meaning of Christmas in my circle, has been very much lost. It was never religious for me. It's the only time of year I used to get to see my whole family together and for the most part, get along. Now, my 14 year old sister doesn't say two words all year, but absolutely needs a new iPhone for Xmas. And I love her to pieces, but come on kid. Sucking up just cuz it's xmas? :stare I guess what I'm trying to get across, is that I hate having to comply with others expectations for one day, when after Xmas is done, we all go away broke, over fed and irritated with eachother. I'd much rather show my love and appreciation on a daily basis. I'd rather have people for dinner in the week and make the effort then. I'd MUCH rather spend the money during the year getting those I love gifts etc rather than be told I HAVE to do it on a specific day. And mostly, I hate the pretentiousness of it all. It's just one day. It's really not worth the build up and energy spent. So, in short. fuck Christmas. Fuck it up the arse with a Christmas tree shaped dildo. I'll take one of those mince pies though :diddle

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