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* April 23, 2015 *
Interview with Dr Death And Mr Vile
Vampire Freaks's latest music interview

Interview with Dr Death And Mr Vile
One of America's finest unsigned EDM acts is Dr Death And Mr Vile. Many of you may know of them as they are very active here on Vampire Freaks, so here is your chance to see a little bit more about their immense dark and devious sound. What is Mr Vile's favourite mask and why do they let everyone download their music for free? Read on and you shall find out Interview with Dr Death And Mr Vile
* April 22, 2015 *
VF Photoshop contest 2015
Photoshop 'vampirefreaks' onto other pictures / logos to portray a world of VF world domination.

Some examples from the last photoshop contest:


1st Place:
:: $100 gift certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
:: VampireFreaks logo hoodie
:: one year VF premium membership
:: featured member for a day

2nd Place:
:: $50 gift certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
:: 3-color hair dye pack from Lunatik Hair Dye
:: 6 month VF premium membership
:: choose the featured cult for a week

3rd Place:
:: VampireFreaks Ryoji Messenger bag
:: 2-color hair dye pack from Lunatik Hair Dye
:: 3 months VF premium membership.

4th & 5th Place:
:: 3 months premium membership
:: featured member for a day

Additional Info:
:: Should be an image or logo that would not normally say 'vampirefreaks', that has been edited to say 'vampirefreaks'. Such as a modified picture of an object or scene or logo. Extra points for using images / logos that are recognizable.
:: To enter, post your image as a comment on this thread.

View all the entries from our last photoshop contest
Deadline:May 10th 2015
* April 21, 2015 *
VF Store Highlight!

More Items On Clearance!

Check out our clearance section for discounts on all kinds of unique alternative wear.
Need new shoes? There are tons on sale to choose from, need new shirts, skirts or socks? Got that too!
Get your hands on it now while supplies last!

VampireFreaks Store

* April 21, 2015 *
Happy Birthday Robert Smith!
Happy Birthday to
Robert Smith of The Cure!
He's my heeeeeroooo *dreamy eyes*

in other news:
some mobile bug fixes.
fixed the issue where users were getting logged out of VF mobile.

here's some robert smith for ya:
* April 20, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #332 - Take Over
* April 20, 2015 *
Happy 4/20!!!
Today we celebrate the slow de-criminalization of marijuana. Whether you support the use of weed or not, the fact is that it is a natural plant that has medicinal properties and is less dangerous than alcohol, cigarettes, and legal pharmaceuticals. Just like alcohol prohibition didn't work out, I support giving adults the freedom to make educated choices with their own bodies. A large percentage of prison inmates are incarcerated for this harmless 'crime' and the amount of money the government has wasted on fighting it is ridiculous. In the past couple years we've had a lot of progress in the US, with a number of states changing their laws to support this reform.
To celebrate the occasion, we're offering FREE Shipping on all US orders on the VF Store
* April 15, 2015 *
Spikes and Stripes Contest Winners!
Thanks to everyone that voted on our Spikes and Stripes Contest!
Click HERE to view our winners!

Congrats to SatanicaMorr for winning 1st Place!

* April 15, 2015 *
Thoughts on the New DareDevil Series
Marvels New DareDevil series was just released on Friday, April 10th and we gotta say, it's not looking too bad so far.

After watching the first 2 episodes, we can say safely assume that Marvel is pulling out all the stops to give DareDevil the long awaited come back he deserves and making sure he takes his rightful place in the Marvel cinematic universe.

For those of you not familiar with "The Man Without Fear", the story follows Matt Murdock(Charlie Cox) a blind lawyer in Hells Kitchen that fights crime by day with his partner Foggy Nelson(Elden Henson) while ruthlessly taking down criminals by night as the red suited DareDevil.

As a child, Matt was blinded due to a chemical leak that sprayed out into his eyes but much to his surprise, what he had lost in vision, he gained 10 fold in his other senses.

The first season is filled with 13 episodes just waiting for you to watch on Netflix.

Are you a fan of the superhero DareDevil?
Have you watched the new series yet? What are you thoughts?
How do you think the new series compares to the 2003 movie starring Ben Affleck?

DareDevil Series Trailer
* April 14, 2015 *
VF Spikes and Stripe - Finalists
Our trained army of flying monkeys have finally chosen the finalists for the VF Spikes and Stripes Contest!
16 finalists have been chosen, and it is up to the VF members to choose a winner!

We're gonna make this one a quick vote:
voting ends tomorrow (April 15th) at 4pm.

Click Here to view the finalists and vote on a winner
* April 14, 2015 *
Covenant This Thursday in NYC!
Cybertron and Stimulate with Covenant!
Come out and party with us!

Click Here for more info
Our Wounds Are Still OpenGh3ttoBla5ter wrote:
Tumblr Journal Entry originally dated 4/24/2015: I am so proud of all those who are banding together to take a stand. To tell their governments that we want recognition for the atrocities that have occurred. That this is not just for Armenia, it is for the world. Understand the mistakes of the past so we are better equipped to stop these abominations from happening again. We stand together. gen·o·cide /ˈjenəˌsīd/ Noun The deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation. Today marks the remembrance of the Armenian Genocide that occurred during WWI by the Turkish government of the Ottoman Empire. This was the first one of the 20th century and an entire nation was almost destroyed. This took place starting in 1915, marking today as the centennial anniversary and it is still not acknowledged by many countries including the Turkish government, which completely denies all allegations of genocide. At the time Armenia was half occupied by the Ottoman Empire and the other half by Russia with many Armenians living in Turkey. Between 1915 and 1923, it is estimated that one and half million Armenians perished. Along with outright massacring Armenian civilians on the spot, deportation was also initiated and deportees were to walk to their destination mainly intended as death marches. Today protests are still being held for governments responsible to acknowledge this atrocity and April 24th is commemorated by Armenians around the world to remember the Armenian Genocide.
What a vasectomy feels likeVermin wrote:
Seeing as I saw a vasectomy journal this morning, I thought I'd dig out this journal entry from 2007 for the education of the masses. So let's set the scene. I'm currently lying on my back on a treatment bench, set in a Health Centre in the grotty end of town. My underpants are around my ankles, and the doctor is about to lay his hands on me for the first time. Being confused by the conflicting information on whether I should shave my tackle beforehand or not, I had compromised with a light trim. The doctor doesn't appear to care either way. Obviously I'm affecting a bluff and manly manner at this point, and fighting a nervous reaction to start talking about brutal contact sports. My friend Chug said the most unnerving part of his vasectomy was having another man manhandling his genitals. As the doctor starts lifting and rearranging things whilst swabbing me down, I realise that I'm really not bothered by this in the slightest. Maybe I'm just gayer than the average bear. Whatever. Anyway, he's covered the area in green paper, and has tugged my bollocks through a hole in it. Now he's pinching at my scrotum to see if he can find the vas. He finds it and looks pleased. For some unaccountable reason that makes me feel proud. Anaesthetic time. The first one is into the scrotum, and it's just a minor pricking sensation- no worse than the sort of thing you get at the dentist. No sweat. The next injection is into the vas itself- the spermatic cords. Holy. Fucking. Christ. Imagine a sensation like a corkscrew, colder than liquid helium, boring down into your testicle, upwards into your rapidly-shrinking cock, and backwards into your prostate. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr. Toes curling up. Doctor asks if I'm OK, and I say that I'm fine (in a shaky voice). OK, everything's numb now. There now follows about five minutes of rummaging around, a few "shick!" sounds, and about ten seconds of a nasty hissing noise. Then the doctor announces "Right, let's do the other one". No need for a second incision- instead he just does a sort of juggling act inside my scrotum and rearranges the spuds. Then it's time for the second vas injection. Holy. Fucking. Christ. Again. Doctor asks if I'm OK, and I say that I'm fine (in another shaky voice). More juggling. More "shick!" sounds, and about ten seconds of another nasty hissing noise. Then it's done. An adhesive dressing is applied, my Calvin Kleins are stuffed with wadding, and I'm asked to spend the next 15 minutes sitting in the waiting room, in case my nuts fall off and go bouncing across the floor while the typically English crowd in the room pretend nothing is happening. Or something. My entire genital area is numb. Here's a funny thing- in 36 years of life I've never once considered how basically uncomfortable it is having a set of male genitalia hanging around and getting in the way.Now, for the first time, I am liberated. For the first time, I can sit around with feeling the need to untangle or shift things. How curious to start envying eunuchs. The drive home gets interesting as the anaesthetic wears off. The rest of the evening is spent with my feet up, waddling around, and trying to have a wee without moving the padding (which is not easy). With every cough I am reminded that I have suffered a genital injury. I'm popping paracetamol and trying not to move. What I can expect is about seven days of decreasing discomfort. Unless I get an infection. Or if I get cocky and overdo the exertion, in which case I'll get a scrotal heamatoma causing my bollocks to swell up to twice their size and turn black. Fuck that.

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