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* November 27, 2014 *
Happy Turkey Day / Indian Massacre day!
Have fun eating lots of food!
Check out the brand new VF tshirts and hoodies we just got in stock:

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* November 26, 2014 *
VF Rewrite discussion
Hey guys! So we've decided to rewrite the entire VF code from the ground up. The current code has been getting old and we want it to be more modern. This will be completed around February but we want your input while we work on it.

What this means:
Newer / modern interface, using newer web technologies.
Easier to use and navigate.
Simplified, more intuitive features.
Combining certain features / sections.
Removing certain features / sections (atleast for the first version of the rewrite)

This is going to be a big change, so we are asking our members to be involved and take a brief survey to help us make decisions for the VF rewrite, all questions are optional.

1) what do you like best about VF?

2) how can we improve VF?

3) what features do you use mostly on VF? (messaging others, checking friend updates, pictures, cults, etc)

4) what features / sections of VF do you use the least?

5) what purpose do you use VF for? (meeting new people, talking to your VF friends, talking to your IRL friends, chatting in cults, etc)

6) what are your views on html in profiles, and profile customization? would you prefer full html text editing or an easier way to edit your profile using templates and visual interfaces?

* November 24, 2014 *
New Video from Justin Symbol
New Video for 'Purgatory' from NYC Industrial Shock Rocker JustinSymbol :

Let us know what you think!

Catch Justin Symbol at our New Year's Eve event in NYC with Assemblage 23:

* November 24, 2014 *
Advice To A Dad of An Angry Teenage Goth Girl
It's been almost three months since my daughter has picked-up my call, or responded to my texts or snail mails. Sure there is back-story to the relationship between my daughter and I, including my mistakes when it came to money and my ex-wife among other things.

I thought that the Vampirefreaks Community could give me some guidance as this dad doesn't know what to do about his daughter whom he loves and knows is smart, beautiful and can do anything with her life. She's 17 and wants to live with her 21 year old boyfriend. She says she will finish high school and get a job and go to college at some point. I'd like to believe her, but the boyfriend doesn't have the background to support her, her aspirations or otherwise as he is struggling along with his mother and sisters.

Part of the problem is that my ex-wife (her mom) and I do not and I underline "do not" get along. Recently, my ex has reached-out to me, as she too is out of her mind about whether to just let my daughter go and do her thing, or to help guide her as she becomes a young adult. I tried to express my concern and desire for her not to live with the boyfriend, whom I met only once. I am very concerned for her future and expressed that to her before she cut me off. I always asked her to leave the lines of communication open between us, but now that they aren't, what can I do to tell her that I love her, care about her, am only concerned that she is safe, happy, successful and with someone who treats her well and loves her?

I know we've got some great people in the VF community and I'd love any comments, advice or guidance from the dads, moms and teenagers out there. To be fair, I know there are three sides to every story. My daughter was moved around by her mom almost every year since she was about 7 because of lack of finances from myself and her mom. She is no doubt angry at me and her mom (perhaps) and she has every right to be about all the moves, but at no point did I ever not come to her when I could, get her what she needed or try to give her some experiences that I thought would benefit her (which she vehemently might not have wanted - one trip I sent her on in particular - whoops!).

Hopefully, she'll make the right decisions for herself and her family. With help from the VF community, I hope I can impress upon her to make decisions best suited for a strong willed, smart, creative, talented young woman who has a dad with his heart ripped-out over her current journey.

Thank you everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to all of the VF American members. Here's hoping your family dynamics are less problematic and dramatic and that you have a great holiday with your friends and family!
* November 23, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #323 - Rain Cheque
* November 21, 2014 *
Black Friday Sale!

Yep with everybody going black friday / holiday crazy right now,
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* November 21, 2014 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

NiKKiNeVeRMORe * LezaLush

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* November 20, 2014 *
VF New Interviews
Got 2 new interviews for you guys today from some cool underground / independent bands you guys should check out!
Interview with Michael Barnes
VF Profile: Michael Barnes

Interview with Tony Grinder and Protester
VF Profile: Tony Grinder and Protester

* November 19, 2014 *
Interview with T3RR0R 3RR0R
VF Presents:
An Interview with T3RR0R 3RR0R

They talk about their new single / video, music piracy, and genitalia.
These guys have been one of the more active bands on VF for a while and they've always been very involved with the community so we're glad to see them doing well!

Check out their new video for 'We Like To Party' below:
* November 17, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #322 - You Didn't Ask
This spiteful gender war is getting old.PestilenceLucy wrote:
Seriously. There is a difference between feminism and feminazi extremism. Fucking learn it. Dear, spiteful man-hating women: 1. A man saying "hello, beautiful" or similar is NOT objectifying you as a sex object. It is a fucking compliment. It is NOT the same as the idiots who hollar our their vehicles with derogatory remarks, or the guys that try to get you drunk, the guy that gropes you without your permission, nor the guy that flicks his tongue at you. It is NOT the same as the guys that inbox you trying to get nudes. 2. No, the way you dress is NOT consent to rape you. But it is in a straight man's nature, as well as a lesbian woman's nature to look. If you're going to post provocative pictures, or dress like a damn stripper in public, you cannot expect people not to get the wrong idea, especially considering most women that go out dressed like that are either prostitutes advertising, or seeking that type of attention. If you don't like your body being looked at, Then why aren't you dressing modestly? No, not all women can help that their tits are huge and pop out when they wear a tank top or that they have long legs and a bubble butt that kinda show more when wearing shorts during summer time. It's hot, you're dressing for the weather. That's completely different than dressing like a stripper, baiting men to look at you, only to scream at them. Also, I don't want to go to the store and have my son's sexual curiosity sparked at five by you dressed like a stripper. I'm not sorry. 3. Do I think it's fair that we are denied jobs due to being female? No. But what you fail to realize is that men are also denied jobs due to being men. This happens to BOTH genders. It also happens to people for sexual orientation, race, and religious beliefs. 4. This one is touchy for me. Rape. Falsely claiming rape is fucking wrong on so many fucking levels. By doing this, you are making it harder for women who actually have been raped to come forward to police, or even talk about it to try to get over it. This is why so many fucking rapists are never convicted. Fear of coming forward and being accused of lying, because so many stupid cunts falsely accuse innocent men. Also, men have been raped, too. By women. Men are not taught to rape, in most cases. Yes, there are some sick fucks out there. Take, for example, the woman that asked her boyfriend to rape her two/three year old daughter to death, because it would turn her on. Yeah, that fucking happened. Look it up. Also, it is NOT only considered consenting when you as a female come onto a male. If you willingly have sex with a man, regardless of who initiated it, it is NOT fucking rape. 5. Domestic abuse. My male cousin was repeatedly brutally beaten by his wife. Throughout the six years of their marriage. She would dig her nails into his throat, and pull on his Adam's apple. She even threw herself down their apartment stairs while pregnant with his only child, called the cops, and told them that he did it. She repeatedly raped him, left bruises all over his body, ripped his hair out, the list goes on. He finally left, and soon after, she overdosed on pills and left a suicide note saying she did it because he made her. On that note, if you are going to get up in a man's face, and try to fight him like a man, and expect him to do nothing, you deserve to be hit like a man by him. 6. Men use women for sex. But you know what? Women do the same. We talk about men the same way that men talk about us, when we're surrounded by the same gender. I'll admit to using men for sex. I'll admit to talking about men's junk with my chick friends. Do not act like this isn't a mutual occurrence. 7. Men hardly ever get free shit for showing off their bodies, nor have I ever seen a "men get free admission" or "men drink free" type of deal. 8. If a man says to you that he is proud and happy with his circumcised dick, why the fuck are you going to go out of your way to call him a victim of child abuse and genital mutilation. If you don't want to circumcise your own child, or prefer uncircumcised men, so be it. But don't force your views on the topic on a man. You're just being a cunt. Pissed off men: There are women out there that are just as piased off about these psycho women as you are. I'm one of them. But please, for the love of whatever you may or may not believe in, quit with the enforcing of "rape doesn't happen that often" or "most women falsely accuse men of rape". I'm sincerely sorry that these idiots are targeting men in general, but you are enforcing triggers for those of us who have been raped, and either kept quiet or falsely accused of lying. There ARE women who have been told it was because of what they are wearing. There are women who have been attacked at random or while intoxicated. It happens more than you would think, but most of us don't talk about it because of the shit you AND the feminazis are saying/doing. Survivors, male and female, usually suffer from ptsd due to being raped. I understand being pissed off, but you are not helping the cause, you're making the cunts feel justified and the survivors bottle shit up, and giving us flash backs. I believe in equal rights. Not men being denied rights to their children out of spite. Not women or men being the superior gender. I refuse to victimize myself by a man, simply because I have a vagina. The only part I can really agree fully with is reproductive rights. The right to a safe abortion. The right to not be accused of fetal homicide due to late term miscarriage. The right to birth control. I don't agree with man hating. I live with two grown men, who treat me like one of the guys (one being my boyfriend). I'm also pregnant with my third son. This bullshit is NOT fucking fair to any of them. Knock it the fuck off.

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