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* July 02, 2015 *
VampireFreaks Infiltration Contest Winners
VampireFreaks Infiltration Contest Winners Announced!
Congrats to:
1st Place: Drink_me_im_gin
2nd Place: Minerva__Massacre13
3rd Place: Cass_Ramone
4th Place: Victim-Of-Ritual

Thanks to everyone that participated! We'll have a new contest up for you shortly. :-)

Also we'll see you tonight in NYC:
Cybertron Vs Red Rum Ball
* July 01, 2015 *
NEW Album "Found In Far Away Places" From August Burns Red
VF fans of the Metal!
August Burns Red, metalcore band from Manheim, PA has just released their 7th album "Found In Far Away Places" on Monday, June 29th during their wild adventures on Vans Warped Tour!

Check out the video trailer for their album release. How are you guys loving Warped Tour so far? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

"Found In Far away Places" is available now on Amazon and iTunes!

August Burns Red - New Album 'Found In Far Away Places' Available Now
* June 30, 2015 *
Chloe And Porphyria Review Lunatik Hair Dye On New Ghost Tentacles
VF Models ChloeVonCreepy and Porphyria share their thoughts about our new product Lunatik Hair Dye on a new episode of their web show "Ghost Tentacles".

* June 29, 2015 *
Teaser Trailer for New Music Video by Too Dead To Die
EBM, Dark Electro band TooDeadToDie, creators of the hit single "Another Sin" is working on a new music video this summer for their song "NLTL". No word on an official release date yet but the teaser trailer looks pretty enticing. Take a look at the clip below and as usual, feel free to share your thoughts.

Check out their music:
TooDeadToDie on VampireFreaks

* June 29, 2015 *
New Music from Bella Morte and IAMX
New Video from Bella Morte just released:
"Water Through Sand," from the Bella Morte album "Exorcisms"

New single from IAMX:
"Happiness" from the upcoming sixth IAMX album "Metanoia"

* June 28, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #342 - That's What You Get
* June 26, 2015 *
Gay Marriage now legal in the US

Today the US Supreme court officially made Same-sex Marriage legal in the entire United States.
While a few states have started to slowly allow it recently, this officially makes it legal in the whole country.
Let's just say that it's about time that gay people have the same rights as everyone else, it's actually a bit ridiculous that it has taken so long.
Here on Vampirefreaks we're all about treating everyone equally and loving people for their differences!

* June 24, 2015 *
Drama Club releases debut EP "Neon Apocalypse"
After a huge response from fans all over the world on the Black Mass Tour with BlackVeilBrides, the mysterious, energetic, beat bouncing Drama Club has finally released their first debut EP last week entitled "Neon Apocalypse"!

The album features a total of 13 tracks filled with all kinds of amazing electronic beats and sweet vocals including the hit singles "Halloween 365", which we blast at CYBERTRON almost all the time, and "Fuk IT".

Neon Apocalypse is available NOW on Spotify, iTunes and Beatport. They will also have physical CD's for sale at this years Vans Warped Tour!

Check out the previews by clicking the Beatport link and let us know what you think in the comments below, ALSO, who will be attending Vans Warped Tour this year? What bands are you looking forward to seeing this year?

* June 23, 2015 *
Celldweller Announces The Arrival of His New Clothing Line.
Celldweller announces his new clothing line "Outland" on an episode in his web show entitled "Cellevision". Kind of a quirky name for a web series but we can dig it. :-p
The brand of clothing features very cool cyber / space / alternative art that is clear and very high in its quality hence the name of the clothing line. The art is created from a very cute and talented graphic artist by the name of Ninja Jo.

Since they are still relatively new, there isn't much to choose from but what you'll find for sale on there store site now is pretty badass and we think you guys would appreciate it. Check them out at

Cellevision EP.22: We Are Outland

Would you like to be featured or interviewed on
We're always looking for talented individuals in the alternative community to spread the news about. If you've got a project in the works and you'd like it shared, send an inbox to VampireFreaks and tell us about yourself and what your working on. Thanks for reading and for being a member of our community.
* June 23, 2015 *
NEW Ghost Tentacles
Super adorable VF Models ChloeVonCreepy and Porphyria challenge each other to a friendship quiz where wrong answers are met with cream pies to the face. Enjoy watching their weird shenanigans while learning some of the secrets that they usually only share with each other.

Why VF's forums beat the cultsVermin wrote:
1 Cults- Membership often controlled by application, leaving you begging for the mercy of the staff before you can even check the place out, let alone decide to actively join in. VF's forums- No application. No means of applying an application process. Staff completely unable to stop people viewing, posting, whatever. 2 Cults- Many require application forms to be completed, as if you're trying to get a job waiting tables or something. Names, ages, promises to be active, all that crapadoodoo. VF's forums- No paperwork required, baby. Don't even try to offer it. Just hit the button marked "Go"! (We interrupted this journal with a picture of a charging badger, because unless you put pictures in your journals nobody reads the bastards. Charge, little badger! Charge!) 3 Cults- YOUR FIRST POST MUST BE IN THE INTRO THREAD AND COMPLY WITH EXACTLY THE RIGHT FORMAT WE SPECIFY OR YOU WILL BE BANNED AND KILLED NO MATTER HOW NICE YOU ARE. VF's forums- What? Post wherever the hell you like. There's an intro forum, if you really must, but nobody's even close to caring. 4 Cults- Ruined by "Sponsorship" which appears to require the cult in question to be filled with inane "games" like counting up to eight billion in individual posts, purely to raise that precious, precious post count. VF's forums- What's sponsorship? Incidentally, start a counting game on the boards and people will definitely moan at you. 5 Cults- As a result of "Sponsorship" (see above), a tendency to leave staff screaming at people (or banning them) if they DARE to make two consecutive posts in a row. Because that's DOUBLE-POSTING which is EVIL and WRONG. VF's forums- What? How is it even clinically possible to be bothered by that? What the hell is wrong with you? 6 Cults- A marked tendency to get abruptly deleted or wiped due to some sort of tiff between the staff's overheated egos. Or just good old apathy. VF's forums- They've been here forever. They'll remain here forever. OK, they got wiped once in 2006 due to multiple staff malfunction, but they just got straight back up and strolled on like a champ. This is the long haul. 7 Cults- NO NUDES! WE'LL GET DELETED!! VF's forums- Nudes heartily encouraged in the adult-only forums. VF's Forums. Like cults, but older, bigger and uglier. And with the training wheels removed. Incidentally, it ate that cow. Sorry, Vegans. Circle of life and all that stuff.
ArtUndergroundMuse wrote:
Something we discussed during art class back in high school... How Ulay and Marina ended their relationship. Amazing. Art :shrug. "These Ex-Lovers Met For The First Time In 30 Years. When She Realises Who It Is? So Beautiful Love is one of the most complicated emotions we experience in our lives. It usually comprises of a mixture of lust, compassion, memories. attraction, caring and affection. Artists are some of the most emotional, melodramatic deep thinking people on the planet. So when you take two artists and throw in a love story things are sure to get very emotional. The lady in the video below is an artist called Marina. In the 70’s Marina and her boyfriend Ulay broke up and as artists they did it in a very unusual way. They both started at opposite ends of the Great Wall of China and walked toward each other for 90 days. When they met in the middle, they embraced each other one last time before parting company, never to see each other again… Until the moment in this incredibly moving video. In the video, Marina is hosting alive art performance in which she sits at a table in silence. Strangers are invited to sit in silence with her as Marina makes eye contact but says nothing. What Marina didn’t know is that one of the people waiting to sit down was Ulay. The moment they meet eye contact (1:30) is truly beautiful. It was the first time the pair had seen each other in 30 years but she clearly remembers Ulay and feels for him greatly. Even though Ulay and Marina said nothing, just looking at how they gazed into each others eyes said it all about their love story." Source:

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