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* May 04, 2015 *
May the 4th!

May the Fourth be with you!
OK so Disney now owns Star Wars which makes it slightly less cool, but the new trailer does look pretty sick!
Check it out below:
* May 03, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #334 - Fitz
* May 01, 2015 *
VF Members-Only Secret Sale - 25% OFF
Special Secret Sale on the VF Store, only for VampireFreaks Members!
You must be signed into Vampirefreaks, and you will automatically get 25% Off EVERYTHING at the VF Store!
Offer ends on May 4th.

Click HERE for the VampireFreaks Store
* April 28, 2015 *
This Weeks VF Store Sale!

20% Off All Circus Items!

In light of this years upcoming CYBERTRON Circus, you can now get a 20% discount on all items in our Circus section on the VF Store!
Lots to choose from including; wigs, costumes, socks, pants and more!
If there are any questions about the sale, feel free to post them here! :-)

VampireFreaks Store

* April 26, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #333 - Favor
* April 23, 2015 *
Interview with Dr Death And Mr Vile
Vampire Freaks's latest music interview

Interview with Dr Death And Mr Vile
One of America's finest unsigned EDM acts is Dr Death And Mr Vile. Many of you may know of them as they are very active here on Vampire Freaks, so here is your chance to see a little bit more about their immense dark and devious sound. What is Mr Vile's favourite mask and why do they let everyone download their music for free? Read on and you shall find out Interview with Dr Death And Mr Vile
* April 22, 2015 *
VF Photoshop contest 2015
Photoshop 'vampirefreaks' onto other pictures / logos to portray a world of VF world domination.

Some examples from the last photoshop contest:


1st Place:
:: $100 gift certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
:: VampireFreaks logo hoodie
:: one year VF premium membership
:: featured member for a day

2nd Place:
:: $50 gift certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
:: 3-color hair dye pack from Lunatik Hair Dye
:: 6 month VF premium membership
:: choose the featured cult for a week

3rd Place:
:: VampireFreaks Ryoji Messenger bag
:: 2-color hair dye pack from Lunatik Hair Dye
:: 3 months VF premium membership.

4th & 5th Place:
:: 3 months premium membership
:: featured member for a day

Additional Info:
:: Should be an image or logo that would not normally say 'vampirefreaks', that has been edited to say 'vampirefreaks'. Such as a modified picture of an object or scene or logo. Extra points for using images / logos that are recognizable.
:: To enter, post your image as a comment on this thread.

View all the entries from our last photoshop contest
Deadline:May 10th 2015
* April 21, 2015 *
VF Store Highlight!

More Items On Clearance!

Check out our clearance section for discounts on all kinds of unique alternative wear.
Need new shoes? There are tons on sale to choose from, need new shirts, skirts or socks? Got that too!
Get your hands on it now while supplies last!

VampireFreaks Store

* April 21, 2015 *
Happy Birthday Robert Smith!
Happy Birthday to
Robert Smith of The Cure!
He's my heeeeeroooo *dreamy eyes*

in other news:
some mobile bug fixes.
fixed the issue where users were getting logged out of VF mobile.

here's some robert smith for ya:
* April 20, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #332 - Take Over

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