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* March 31, 2015 *
Cruxshadows Tourdates
Cruxshadows Tourdates posted!
'Searching for the beautiful truth' tour, across Europe next month:

The Cruxshadows on VF
* March 30, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #329 - Natural
* March 27, 2015 *
New VF Models!

New VF Models!
Please welcome...







All information on how to become a VF model is listed on the Models profile.
Aspiring models should join our Hopefuls cult!
* March 26, 2015 *
The Struggle Is Real: Lunatik Hair Dye
Hello to our dearest and most patient supporters. The time has come! Yes after a few unfortunate delays we have our first batch completed and is NOW IN STOCK!! We will be shipping out to our customers and supporters over the next few days.

We had to change our name from 'Asylum' hair dye. As we hinted at earlier, Manic Panic's attorney did indeed contact us on numerous occasions. Unfortunately they went ahead and filed for a number of trademark names and said that we infringe them. They argued that they have a salon called 'style asylum' (which we had never heard of) and that it was a conflict for us to have 'Asylum' hair dye.

May we add that their trademark applications for 'asylum' had just been filed a month before they sent us this letter, and 8 months after we started promoting our 'Asylum' hair dye brand.

They also started questioning us about our private business practices and asking for information they were not entitled to. Then, they sent us a cease-and-desist letter, stating that they had filed to trademark the word 'vampire' and requesting that we

"immediately cease and desist from any and all use of the VAMPIRE FREAKS mark".

Yes, they had the nerve to say we can't use our company name 'vampire freaks' at all anymore.
Which is a company name we've used for 15 years.
Long story short, after much grief and discussions with our lawyer, we decided to change the 'asylum' hair dye name in order to avoid extensive legal battles. We believe we had a very good chance of fighting for the name and keeping it but decided it wasn't worth the time and money it would cost us in legal battles since it is a new product. We held a poll on the 'VampireFreaks' site and the winning name is 'Lunatik'. So we are happy with our new name! Unfortunately this did cause extra delays as we had to update all our artwork and get new packaging labels printed and shipped. As for Manic Panic's request that we no longer use the 'vampire freaks' name, well we basically told them to go fuck themselves.

You can view their all the details with Manic Panic legal correspondence at

Anyway, we are really, really, REALLY sorry for the long wait. It's been a very frustrating journey Good news is YES WE ARE FINALLY SENDING OUT YOUR HAIR DYE!!!!

Thanks again for everyone's support, we love you from the bottom of our hearts. We believe we can bring you a superior quality hair dye, made by fellow freaks and to support the underground. We know it's a few months later than we expected, but we've been working on this hair dye formula for 2 years! Striving for perfection and going through countless revisions with our lab technicians, we're happy to bring you a product we can be proud of.

We are working on bringing it to a store near you! Tell your local stores to contact us and carry our product! ;-) In the meantime you can order directly from us:
Lunatik Hair Dye at The VampireFreaks Store

Check out:
* March 24, 2015 *
Deal of the Week!
We're closing out March this week with not 1 but 2 awesome items on sale! Check out these and other great deals on the VampireFreaks Sale!


Start off spring in style fellas with this awesome vest for 20% OFF this week only on the VampireFreaks Store!
Offer expires March 31st! Buy Now


Just in time for Easter, get the super cute bunny dress for 20% OFF this week only on the VampireFreaks Store!
Offer expires March 31st! Buy Now

More Items on Sale | VampireFreaks Store
* March 22, 2015 *
And Then Suddenly... - Writhe and Shine #328
* March 22, 2015 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

GigiRose * NikyHearts

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* March 20, 2015 *
Guest DJ Jet at Stimulate Tomorrow!

Attention all NY, NJ, PA and CT VampireFreaks and any others that may be in the area!
Our webmaster / DJ and entrepreneur Jet will be DJing at STIMULATE tomorrow night in NYC! Join us in celebration of Xris_Smack's birthday and jam to the sounds of Statiobloom, JustinSymbol and The Horrorist! It's also the last day for discounted admission so get them while you can!

* March 20, 2015 *
New Interviews In Our Music Interview Section
What's New In Our Music Interviews For March

Three amazing interviews with three amazing bands.
Firstly we have an interview with one of Germany's most well respected bands Rotersand. In this interview Rotersand goes into legalities of what happens when you cover another artists track and lift the lid on remixing. Plus many of us have smartphones, so what apps to Rotersand have installed? Read this immense interview to find out. Full Interview with Rotersand

The second amazing interview is with industrial band Fractured Fairytales. In this exclusive interview the band tell us about how they stayed strong through line up changes in their early days, the annoyance of Facebook, what the band does with past corpses and the F.P.E. So what is the F.P.E.? Read on and you shall find. Interview with Fractured Fairytales

The third interview is with Seabound, in this interview Seabound tell us of how music and intellect combine to make that wonderful sound we know and love them for. They also tell us about their new album Speak In Storms and why it has a wonderful deep sound to it. Read our interview here on Vampire Freaks (Photo Credit to Claudia Schöne)
Interview with Seabound

* March 19, 2015 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

Immortal_Reign * Alejandro

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