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* August 31, 2015 *
R.I.P Wes Craven

If you haven't heard already, Wes Craven, horror genius and creator of such classics such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream passed away yesterday in a losing battle with brain cancer at 76 years old. With a very slim number of good Horror films coming out these days, it is certainly a shame that we are losing one of the greatest.

R.I.P from all of us here at VampireFreaks and thank you for all your contributions to our community.

As a tribute to Wes Craven, feel free to post your favorite Wes Craven works in the comments below!
* August 31, 2015 *
Meet VF Member BellaExotic
NEW VF Member Interview with VF Member BellaExotic . She'll give you guys some insight on the many hobbies she dabbles in and tell you how she met her love on VF! Take a look and feel free to post more questions for BellaExotic in the comments below!
Click Here To Read The Interview

Would you like to be interviewed on VampireFreaks?
Send an inbox to VampireFreaks and tell us a little about yourself :-)

* August 30, 2015 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!


Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* August 29, 2015 *
VF Summer Pic Contest - Deadline Extended!
Whats up guys! Was out of town for a few days and just catching up on stuff.
We had a few requests to extend the deadline on the VF Summer Pic Contest, so we're doing it!
VF Summer Pic Contest - New Deadline - September 3rd!
Let's see some more entries and see what you got! :-)
* August 28, 2015 *
NEW Photos From VF Model MyFragility
NEW Swimsuit set entitled H2-Ooooh by MyFragility, very nice pics, check them out!

Click on one of the photos below to view the full size. ENJOY!

View All MyFragility's Photos | View All H2-Ooooh Shoot Photos | View MyFragility on VF

* August 27, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #350 - Friends Like These
* August 27, 2015 *
NEW Trailer For Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival!
ALLELUIA! The Devil’s Carnival Road Show is not on Tour…

Like with Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival: Episode One, Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival is coming to the world by way of a traveling road show, where its filmmakers are touring the movie like a rock concert (or in their case, a roving sideshow!), creating one-night-only event screenings across North America. Welcome to the Alleluia! Tour!

Get the upcoming road show dates and find out when the filmmakers will be in your town!

Check out the new flyer below and see what some of the top horror critics are saying about this new experience. Also, NEW Trailer!

Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival (Trailer #4) Featuring Tech N9ne
* August 26, 2015 *
Top Music Picks This Week By End The DJ
From Synth & Electropop to Harsh EBM and Dark Electronic Dance, these new & upcoming releases are what’s been heating up my mix board and getting the best moves from a club floor. Check these out:
(Click the player below for the song you'd like to listen to.)

Written by: EndTheDJ

Suicide Commando- The Pain That You Like (C-Lekktor Remix)
From the new SC single. Markko’s (C-Lekktor) music projects have been on fire lately and this remix reminds us why. Fantastic mover!

Suicide Commando The Pain That You Like (C-Lekktor remix)

The Peoples Republic Of Europe- Interceptor
From the new Insurgency album. TPROE is always about the hardcore and the heavy- and there’s so many badass tracks on this new album, it was tough to pick just one.

Gentleman Junkie- Propaganda By The Deed
Off of the new album “From the Moment That I Saw You”. This L.A. based project returns with another solid album. One of the more notable tracks fit for the club floor.

Propaganda by the Deed

Invisible Devastation- I am Bastard
from the new album “The Thirteenth Apostle”. This harsh / Aggro EBM music act from Russia (on the amazing skyQode label) you must check out. Great production work!(Currently no song preview but here's an album preview. ;-))

Arctic Sunrise- Beautiful Sunday
One of *many* great tunes from the album “A Smarter Enemy”. Great vocals, love the lyrics and the music’s on point. Must get the entire album!

Beautiful Sunday

Darkskye- The Day the Lights Went Out (Emir Hazir Remix )
From the techno label Login Records, this is dark, hard & heavy. From the EP release “Anthems of the Apocalypse” (No song preview available at the moment.)

Loso- XXLsD25
From the “Technobank” album on Rawhard Audio Records. Wonderfully hard track. This gets a club floor started.

Loso - XXLsD25 (Original Mix)

Leichtmatrose- Atlantis (Rob Dust Remix)
Rob Dust’s remix work is top-notch; this remix of Germany’s Leichtmatrose is proof of that. Keep an eye out for this release!

Requiem4FM- Looney Tune
Great Synth / Electropop also on skyQode label. Been paying attention to this project since their last release, I love the musical progression.

Looney Tune

Thanks for listening, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below dj
* August 25, 2015 *
NEW Video From Cybertron: Twisted Disney And Info For Next NYC Event!
Check out the latest video from our last event Cybertron event in NYC and get info on the next upcoming event, Cybertron: NYCC After Party!

Cybertron: Twisted Disney Edition 08.15.15

For all those from around the country or even the world that are attending NYCC this year, be sure to come to the Cybertron: NYCC After Party with special guests NecessaryResponse

Get Tickets Here

* August 22, 2015 *
VampireFreaks Store - End Of Summer Sale
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VampireFreaks Store - End Of Summer Sale!
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