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* April 15, 2015 *
Spikes and Stripes Contest Winners!
Thanks to everyone that voted on our Spikes and Stripes Contest!
Click HERE to view our winners!

Congrats to SatanicaMorr for winning 1st Place!

* April 15, 2015 *
Thoughts on the New DareDevil Series
Marvels New DareDevil series was just released on Friday, April 10th and we gotta say, it's not looking too bad so far.

After watching the first 2 episodes, we can say safely assume that Marvel is pulling out all the stops to give DareDevil the long awaited come back he deserves and making sure he takes his rightful place in the Marvel cinematic universe.

For those of you not familiar with "The Man Without Fear", the story follows Matt Murdock(Charlie Cox) a blind lawyer in Hells Kitchen that fights crime by day with his partner Foggy Nelson(Elden Henson) while ruthlessly taking down criminals by night as the red suited DareDevil.

As a child, Matt was blinded due to a chemical leak that sprayed out into his eyes but much to his surprise, what he had lost in vision, he gained 10 fold in his other senses.

The first season is filled with 13 episodes just waiting for you to watch on Netflix.

Are you a fan of the superhero DareDevil?
Have you watched the new series yet? What are you thoughts?
How do you think the new series compares to the 2003 movie starring Ben Affleck?

DareDevil Series Trailer
* April 14, 2015 *
VF Spikes and Stripe - Finalists
Our trained army of flying monkeys have finally chosen the finalists for the VF Spikes and Stripes Contest!
16 finalists have been chosen, and it is up to the VF members to choose a winner!

We're gonna make this one a quick vote:
voting ends tomorrow (April 15th) at 4pm.

Click Here to view the finalists and vote on a winner
* April 14, 2015 *
Covenant This Thursday in NYC!
Cybertron and Stimulate with Covenant!
Come out and party with us!

Click Here for more info
* April 13, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #331 - Sentence
* April 10, 2015 *
Spikes and Stripes Contest Reminder!=
Our Contest ends this Sunday, April 12th!!!

VF Spikes and Stripes contes!

Submit a picture of yourself wearing a Goth / Alternative / Industrial / Spooky outfit that includes Spikes and Stripes in it.
Stripes can be any color and spikes can be of any kind.
Judging will be based on your outfit, creativity and style.
That includes: How well your outfit is put together, hair style, jewelry and accessories, etc.

Rules & How to Enter
- Submit your entry on this post as a comment (Photo does not have to be high quality but must be clear).
- Picture must show on this post (No links). This can be done by uploading your image to your VF profile, then copy the image URL then paste it in a comment.
- Must be wearing some form of clothing or accessories with spikes on it to qualify.
- Must be wearing some form of clothing or accessories with stripes on it to qualify.
- Must hold a sign or sticker in the picture saying 'VampireFreaks'
- All submissions must be made by Sunday, April 12th 2015

1st PLACE:
- FREE Admission for 2 to CYBERTRON / Stimulate with Covenant!
- 1 Year Premium Membership
- Free VF T-Shirt

2nd PLACE:
- Your choice of Gloves or Armwarmers from the VF Store
- 6 Months Premium Membership
- Free VF T-Shirt

3rd PLACE:
- 3 Months Premium membership
- Free VF T-Shirt

Contest Details and Submit Your Entry Here
* April 08, 2015 *
Lunatik Hair Dye - Sponsoring Models
VampireFreaks' Lunatik Hair Dye is now sponsoring hair dye models to receive free product.
Looking for individuals with unique / alternative styles and experience with dying their hair crazy vibrant colors!

Modeling our Frostbite pastel blue:

Get your pictures featured on our hair dye updates, we will be featuring hair dye pictures once a week on
If you take professional pictures we may want to use them in our promotional materials.

We have a limited number of sponsorship spots so get in your application now!
How to apply:

Current available colors:
Bloodlust (bright red)
Asphyxiation (royal blue)
Absinthe (emerald green)
Killer Candy (hot pink)
Frostbite (pastel blue)
VF Purple (purple)

How to apply to get free Lunatik Hair Dye:

send an email to:

with the following answers::
1) your vampirefreaks username (or facebook or other social media links)
2) choose your color from the list above. we will send you 2 bottles, you can choose 2 different colors or we will send you 2 of the same color.
3) what color is your hair currently?
4) will you be bleaching your hair before using our dye?
5) your mailing address
6) any additional info you may like to add

other notes:
we do have a limited number of sponsorship spots for free hair dye, we will be giving preference to active VF members, and models who are in the US due to shipping costs.
if you are outside of the US you can also offer to pay for shipping to increase your chances of being selected and we will send you the hair dye for free.
* April 07, 2015 *
VF Spring Break Sale!
We got 20-50% OFF a ton of items at the VampireFreaks Spring Break Sale!

Check out the sale items here
* April 07, 2015 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

Noizmare * Xilmordas

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* April 06, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #330 - Hand Off

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