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* July 31, 2014 *
Paranormal Children Caught on Tape in Chester, England
On June 28th, Sefton Paranormal Investigators visited the Stanley Palace in Chester, England due to a lead that the location had high paranormal activity.
It was not until recently that the team had reviewed the tapes and were shocked to find that the tape had revealed 3 apparitions that appeared to be children playing on the stairs in the footage.
The team claims that they have recorded many instances like this in the past and that there is no gimmick due to the fact that they only use VCR and Infra-red cameras.

How do you guys feel about this story?
Do you think its all a gimmick?
Have you ever had a Paranormal experience? Tell us about it.

Original Story can be found on
* July 31, 2014 *
VF Sponsored cults
As some of you know, we have a 'VF Sponsored cults' feature where we select 15 of the most active cults each month and give them special features / privileges, such as more chances to earn VF points and custom layout designs. There's been some recent drama / complaints about a particular cult that lost their sponsored status due to spam complaints.
Just to be clear - the 'VF sponsored cults' has always been an experimental extra bonus feature for VF, it's not a standard feature of the site and not something that we owe to any cult. We do try to provide the best customer service possible and our members always come first, but there are some features which are simply experimental and not part of our standard service.
As always we are indeed working on a number of ways to improve VF and some ideas are simply in testing phase.
We continue to try new ideas / experiments to improve the site and we appreciate everyone's support and feedback.
* July 30, 2014 *
Alt Fest Cancelled?

Several Bands / headliners including Marilyn Manson and Combichrist have reported news of the cancellation, although no official statement has been released yet.
Combichrist reports:
"We received notice this morning that the Alt-Fest Festival in Kettering, UK booked for the weekend of August 15-17, has been cancelled," they wrote. "As of now the organizers of the event haven't made an official announcement but unless there is a massive cabal afoot, we will believe the word we received from our agency. So we are sad to report to you that we won't be appearing in the UK this Summer..."

We've got a bunch of friends who were planning on going and they're wondering what is up but some of our band sources have confirmed that it is cancelled. This looks like it was going to be an awesome festival so we hope for the best!
* July 30, 2014 *
VF - Emoji Support
For those of you that like to use emoji icons on your mobile phone, emojis will now show up on the VF site as well!
Emoji icons are basically emotes that people use on their iphones / android devices etc.
This was surprisingly hard to setup so hope you guys enjoy it! =)
How to use emoji icons on your phone: iphone or android
* July 29, 2014 *
VF Model Sets!

Check out some new VF models sets from...

Shadow_Vampire * Schok_p0p
DamienCross * Mortemia

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!

Also just an update to those interested.
We heard your replies last year and took them into consideration.
The the 2015 VF Models calendar will include males and females!
Also at your request, Jet will have his very own sexy picture.
Stay tuned for updates in the coming months, as the calendar is nearing is completion!
Release date will be approximately October.

* July 29, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #306 - One Of Us
Sorry to upset all you haters out there, but I am -still- going to update this strip even though it's late. I just got back from Comic-Con and this was #2 on my To-Do List.

* July 28, 2014 *
VF Swimwear Contest - one week left
We got some awesome entries so far, reminder you got one week left!!!
Enter a picture of yourself in a swimsuit / bathing suit, with a sign that says 'VampireFreaks gets me hot', OR holding a VampireFreaks sticker.


1st Place:
$100 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store, plus be featured member for a day, plus 1 year premium membership.

2nd Place:
$50 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store, plus 1 year VF premium membership

3rd Place:
VF Promo pack, including a VF Tshirt, VF Rubber Bracelets, VF Syringe pens, plus choose the VF featured cult or band for a week.

You MUST have a sign or sticker in the picture. No exceptions, no photoshopped signs.
Contest is open to both guys and girls!
Ages 18+ only. (Sorry, we'll do another all-ages contest soon!)
To enter, simply submit your picture as a comment on this thread.
Deadline: August 4th (you have 1 week)
* July 26, 2014 *
VF Events Tonight - NYC and Cali
Tonight in NYC:
Cybertron Vs Stimulate
Featuring Live performances by Grendel
Special Guests: LudovicoTechnique and Cynical Existence
Plus your favorite Cybertron and Stimulate Dj's

Tonight in California:
Sanctum Sanctorum
Featuring 2 Love or 2 Hate
(with ex-london after midnight member)
Vain Machine, Shadow House
Sponsored by VampireFreaks
* July 24, 2014 *
Combichrist: We Love Tour Part 2

Combichrist announces new US tour dates!

And a few hours after their announcement, they decide to remove 'Blood on The Dancefloor' from the bill, so stay tuned for updates on a replacement support act!

Official post from Combichrist:
To our fans,
As you’ve seen with all of our tours, when we select our support acts, we attempt to bring acts that will help introduce Combichrist to fans outside of our fanbase. This has worked well for us in the past, and it was in this spirit that we invited Blood On The Dance Floor to tour with us. Like all announcements, we knew that this decision would be met with some concern but we thought that the different styles would be the source of conversation. We were not aware of the controversy about their past behavior. It has been difficult to read everything posted today; our sole goal is to bring you a kick ass tour that you can be excited and proud of and it’s become clear that we won’t be able to do that with the choice we made. As a result we have released Blood On The Dance Floor from this tour and are rethinking our direct support. We expect to have a new announcement for you shortly.

Thank you for your honesty and integrity.
You stand by us, we stand by you.

Oct. 2 Tampa, FL @ Orpheum Theater
Oct. 3 Raleigh, NC @ Southland Ballroom
Oct. 4 Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
Oct. 5 Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage
Oct. 7 Amityville, NY @ Revolution Bar & Music Hall
Oct. 8 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
Oct. 9 Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
Oct. 10 Pontiac, MI @ The Crofoot
Oct. 11 St. Louis, MO @ The Ready Room
Oct. 12 Tulsa, OK @ The Vaguard
Oct. 14 San Antonio, TX @ The White Rabbit
Oct. 16 Tempe, AZ @ Club Red
Oct. 17 Pomona, CA @ The Glass House
Oct. 18 Salt Lake City, UT @ In the Venue
Oct. 19 Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theater
Oct. 21 Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall
Oct. 23 Columbia, MO @ The Blue Note
Oct. 24 Louisville, KY @ The Vernon Club
Oct. 25 Toledo, OH @ Mainstreet
Oct. 26 Buffalo, NY @ The Waiting Room
Oct. 28 Knoxville, TN @ The Concourse
Oct. 29 Covington, KY @ The Madison Theater
* July 22, 2014 *
VF Presents This Week in NYC!
Come out and Party with us!

This Thursday in NYC:
EXILE: Free VF Party
This Thursday, July 24th
Ultra-Violet Blacklight Party Edition
Featuring DJ's Jet, AnnabelEvil and guest Damian Plague

This Saturday in NYC:
Cybertron Vs Stimulate
This Saturday, July 26th
Featuring Live performances by Grendel and LudovicoTechnique

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