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* September 01, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #311 - Breaking Point part II

If the text is too small for you to read, click on he image to see it full size.
* August 29, 2014 *
Tomorrow! Cybertron: Horror Edition
We got some fun stuff for you guys to do this Labor Day Weekend!

Saturday, August 30th in New York City:
VampireFreaks Presents Cybertron - Horror Edition
Featuring Live Performance by Gary Zon / Dismantled
Live Horror Burlesque!
Dj's Mike Saga, Jet, Annabel Evil, Templar, Cyn
Plus Horror Costume Contest
Plus VF Go Go Dancers and VF Giveaways
at Santos Party House
More Info Here

Saturday, August 30th in California:
Sanctum Sanctorum
with Stiff Valentine, Slave Unit, and Zombies Ate My Nation
DJ Vertigo plus guests
Plus VF Giveaways
More Info Here

* August 28, 2014 *
VF Picture Contest: Red Theme
Hey guys, here's a mini contest just for fun!
VF Picture contest: Red theme

Submit a picture of yourself wearing the color red.
Picture must say 'vampirefreaks' on it.
Does not have to be a real sign, you can just upload the image with a 'vampirefreaks' watermark.

Contest ends in 3 days!
Winner gets to be featured member for a day, one year premium membership, and gets to choose the featured cult for a week. =)
* August 26, 2014 *
VF Store: Back To School Sale: 25% OFF
For the next few days! Get 25% OFF at the VampireFreaks Store

* August 25, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #310 - Breaking Point part I
If the text is too small, click the image to see the comic full size.

* August 24, 2014 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out some new VF models sets from...

ChloeVonCreepy * GigiRose
SammiiSinvil * DeadlyNightshade13
MyFragility * GlitterDebris

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* August 22, 2014 *
VF Invades New Orleans for Halloween

VF Invades New Orleans for Halloween at the Bad Things Ball!
Featuring guest DJ Jet
plus all kinds of awesome performances!
plus we hear that New Orleans is the place to be for Halloween!

More Info at Bad Things Ball - VF Event Page
* August 22, 2014 *
Final days to get on Niche Dating Show as a Vampire!
We need your help Vampirefreaks! If you or your friends are single and living in the Los Angeles area, this show needs you, especially if you are part of the Vampire culture or other genres listed below. Here's what it's about from the producers;

"RTV Shows may have your answer. Relativity Television has teamed up with a major cable network to produce a ground breaking dating show like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

If you are part of a very particular niche we want to help you find someone who shares your passion. We aren’t looking for your average Joe or typical bachelor or bachelorette. We’re focusing on people that are passionate about a particular subculture and want to date someone who really gets them.

We’re in search of guys and girls who are deeply immersed in the following subcultures:

Ghost Hunters
Psychic Mediums
UFO seekers
Renaissance Faire enthusiasts
Zombie Survivalists

If you or someone you know is looking to do some real niche dating, we want to hear from you. Drop us an email at or apply here at

Don’t wait, your perfect match is out there and we want to help you find them."

Apparently these genres are shy or just plain on the decline and I can't believe that, so make some calls and let's fill up the roster for this show!
* August 20, 2014 *
VF Mainpage Content Writers Wanted!
We're looking for a few talented writers to post new content on VampireFreaks!
Categories include:
Articles / Blogs (alternative fashion / music / lifestyle / current events / etc)
Interviews (bands, models, VF members, etc)
Videos / Comics / DJ Sets

Maybe you like to blog about interesting things that might be of interest to the VampireFreaks members.
Maybe you're an aspiring writer that wants to reach a broader audience.
Maybe you'd like to interview and talk to bands and models and VF members.
Either way, we want to see what you got!
In addition we will also accept video blogs if you'd like.

Your content will be featured on the main page of VampireFreaks and you get additional perks based on your performance.

To Apply:
Send us some samples of your work! (articles / interviews / blogs / videos etc)
Email us at:
* August 20, 2014 *
Industrial Club Sessions 021
Industrial Club Sessions is a continuing series of mixes focusing mostly on new & current music tracks geared to make you move! Each mix airs exclusively in the U.S. on Sanctuary Radio and in the UK on CORE FM Radio and later up Mixcloud for repeat listening. ICS 021 here is the latest- hit play, turn it up LOUD + lace up those Demonias ;-) Check out these music artists' other works here on VF and online.

For other Industrial Club Sessions mixes, check out my Mixcloud page right here.
Mobile users can link here

END: the DJ on VF

Industrial Club Sessions 021 by End: The Dj on Mixcloud

"Talk to me...LittleSpinne wrote:
...but only if you're a solid 8-10, even though I'm barely a 3." This is the basic gist of every skeevy dude/chick I've ever met. Seriously. I went into a chat room a while ago here on VF, and I was a little drunk. I was talking to some friends, when this guy starts creeping my cam. Then, he's like, "Stand up and turn around." Of course, I asked why he wanted me to, even though I knew he just wanted to body check me because, well, my boobs are kind of big, and he probably wanted to get a better look. His "reason" was, "I want to see your legs." Riiiiiiight. This dude had no alibi whatsoever. U-g-l-fucking-y, but he wanted to check me out to see what I look like. As if it were somehow my duty to show him whether or not my legs are as bodacious as my tits. As if I owed him the right to judge me. Fucking no. I've stood up on cam plenty of times for stupid shit, but I'm not going to stand at attention for some perverted fuck. I'm not going to let someone size me up like a fucking steak, whether it's a guy, girl, whatever. I'm not saying that I'm an 8-10 by a long shot, but still, this motherfucker wanted to make sure my body is banging before he continued a conversation with me. Hell the fuck no. I see it all the time. Dudes talk to big girls and girls that aren't model-pretty like they're undeserving of their attention, even though they're pockmarked, scrawny little shitbags. Yeah, because you can really afford to be choosy anywhere besides the Internet. That's right, you can only talk to hot chicks, because it would be totally downgrading if you were to be a decent human being to someone, regardless of their appearance. I don't give a fuck what people look like, and I wouldn't call someone out for the way they look unless they basically did the same thing to me. I wouldn't treat someone like shit when they didn't deserve it, but I guess that's how someone acts when they actually had parents that loved them. I've seen girls do it too, so don't think I'm hating on dudes. I've seen girls that make fun of the way guys look, even though they're in the same category looks-wise, and then they only make friends with hot guys, as if they're in some way deserving of only the best. Uh, no you don't, because you're a shitty fucking person and you're going to die alone and your cats will eat you before anyone notices.
Self-improvement pays off. Work harder and smarter.Niemand wrote:
-Assess your value more objectively and in accurate context. Work to improve it if necessary. -Demand more of yourself and expect more in return. If you don't get enough for what you give, find a way to get more. This does not only apply to money, but also respect, love, and life quality. -Read more. It's good exercise. -Study things that interest you in your "bored" time. Not only will you expand your own knowledge, but you'll actually have things to talk about and you'll become more socially dynamic. You have access to the world's knowledge at your fingertips. There are free online courses and seminars available in virtually any subject, and free videos of lectures from top colleges at your disposal. -Treat others with respect. You get it back from them most of the time. You always get it back from yourself. -Be humble. Nobody likes a braggart. Not even the braggart. The propaganda is aimed inward as much as outward. Validate yourself on your own time. Those who will appreciate what you do most are the ones that will recognize it. They will do the speaking for you. -Avoid high-dose consumer culture. Limit television viewing and radio listening. Identify and reject biased news. These things exist because they work, and they are designed to distract you from your own goals and to persuade you to fuel those of others who will not help you. -Don't waste time and resources. They are just like money, except they have real, tangible value. -Don't "Go with the flow.". Things tend to flow downhill. -Simplify and streamline Get rid of things you don't need or use very often. Plan ahead to get the most done with the least resources in the shortest time possible. Some things can't be rushed. Allow yourself time for creative processes and tedious work. You sometimes have to create that too, so streamline what you can. -Be confident. Your ideas probably only suck because they haven't been hashed out and put into motion yet. If they still suck after that, well... At least you tried. Have some more self-respect.

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