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* March 05, 2015 *
Interview with Artist and VF Member CeceliaIvyMarie

Check out the latest VF member interview.
While CeceliaIvyMarie may not have been a part of our VampireFreaks community for that long, she is an amazing artist that expresses herself through paintings, sculpturing and other artistic methods. Her and her work are definitely worthy of being featured among our ranks.

Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below!

FULL INTERVIEW by Epsilon227

* March 04, 2015 *
Marilyn Manson and Father Wear Matching Makeup
Marilyn Manson, with his father Hugh Warner. It is quite eerie seeing what Marilyn Manson will look like if he continues his persona into his 60s or 70s. The image was taken for the current issue of Paper magazine. Click the image to view the article.

Photo Credit: Terry Richardson/Paper

This is my 2nd attempt at my first main page entry. It appears my HTML skills are very rusty. paranoid
* March 04, 2015 *
Faderhead - When the (vampire) freaks come out!
New Faderhead Video for their song : When The Freaks Come Out
Check it out here:

* March 03, 2015 *
Live Long and Prosper!

In honor of Leonard Nimoy (aka Spock),
Here are some VF Models as Spock himself!

Porphyria * Dezi

Live Long and Prosper!

Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* March 02, 2015 *
New Solo Project from Former AngelSpit Lead Singer Amelia Arsenic!
That's right fellow VampireFreaks, if you haven't heard already, the always stylish and talented AmeliaArsenic (Former lead singer of AngelSpit) has begun the first phase of her solo project with the release of her very first EP, Carbon Black.

The new EP features 4 songs filled with energetic broken beats, powerful seductive vocals and a nice touch of dark underground culture.

Listen for FREE on VF: AmeliaArsenic
Buy to own from

The Australian bombshell also dabbles in fashion, make-up, modeling and is one of the top alternative females DJ's in the underworld. Be sure to send her an add request on VampireFreaks and checkout her website:

Let us know what you think in the comments below!
* March 01, 2015 *
"Tonight Only" Page 26
* February 27, 2015 *
A Sad Day for Science Fiction Fans as Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83
Passing on the torch for alternative realities and science fiction characters, the death of Leonard Nimoy, best known for his Vulcan character Spock, suggests there are some very substantial boots to fill.

His unique style in relating the often emotionless character through his own peculiar acting twists will be remembered for eternity. He went onto a successful acting career beyond Star Trek, the movies that followed as well as a cameo in the reboot of the series. He was an author and director who had an introspective dark streak in him. Unaffected by tropes and preconceived notions of how something should be done, he often set the tone with his own unique style. Who else could have pulled off that Vulcan character.

The original series had plenty of quirks and dark attitudes like this coffin shaped gong employed on the original series episode Amok Time where Kirk and Spock have to fight to the death. So live long and prosper Mr. Nimoy and your character Spock. We will miss you!
* February 25, 2015 *
Haiku Contest Winner!
Congrats to HeavensWarlock for winning the VF Haiku Contest!

You won:
$50 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store
Plus 1 year premium membership.

More contests coming soon, let us know if you have any contest theme requests! :-)
* February 24, 2015 *
New Single from Valerie Gentile
New Single "Fuck Yes" from our friend ValerieGentile posted on her VF Profile!
She's a newer electronic act local to NYC and she sounds promising!
Valerie Gentile - producer, vocals, synths, lyrics
Shane Allen Hall - composer, synths
Filip AbbeyNex - mixing, guitars, programming, synths
Michael A. Judeh - digital editing
Jesse F. Keeler - mastering

ValerieGentile on VF
* February 24, 2015 *
VF NYC Meet-Up! [This Saturday, Feb 28th]

Attention all VampireFreaks in NYC, NJ, PA and CT!
The VF NYC Meet-Up is this Saturday, Feb 28th! This is a great opportunity to meet other VF members with similar interests in a safe public environment. VF Meet-Ups in NYC usually get about 40 - 70 members so there is plenty of new friends you could make! There is no Fee to enter, food and drinks are discounted and all attendee's will receive a special discount to the Meet-Up After Party at Salvation where we'll be having our very own DJ AnnabelEvil spinning some of the great hits that you love hearing at Cybertron!
For Full Details and Directions: RSVP HERE

Check Out this awesome photo from our 2013 meet-Up!
Just a small taste of how packed it can get sometimes :-)

After Party

Salvation Special
Any and all members that attend the VF Meet-Up will be getting into Salvation for just $5.00!
We will stamp you with a VF stamp so that you can receive the discounted entry.

Add Salvation on VF

Add the man that brought you Salvation

My 9 yrs of Being On Vf Brought Me Here: Being Engaged :) MistressVamp wrote:
I have been on this site since 2006. I dont remember my first username. All i remember it was dumb and switched to another dumb name. "VfMindfreak" (i was really into criss angel at the time) I switched to MistressVamp I think in 2009. Anyway, i was really into this metal magazine called "revolver". I saw this exact ad :pointdown Dead_Girl_Superstar I bought the mag ran home and went to see what this site was about. I never turned back. I discovered industrial and html. I was only really on here for music and the cults. I never saw this as a "dating" site. Never looked to see who was on or near me. Till one day i was really bored. I was going through a break up of 4 1/2 yrs and canceling my wedding plans. I was just curious to see if i knew anyone that was in my area. When i was scrolling i wasn't really looking. I was going so fast like if i was doing invites for a cult. Then his picture popped up and i hit the brakes. I looked and read everything on his page. I wanted to msg him but usually the kind of guys i like (light skin guys) dont like girls like me (mixed girls with curly hair) I thought about this guy for a few hours and got some balls to msg him. Now thinking about it, it was cute and sooo corny :lol The next day i woke up to see i had a reply from him. We msged all morning back and forth till he was over it and asked for my number. I was kinda 'eh' bout the idea of some stranger having my number but i did it. We texted all after noon. Then he called me and asked me if i wanted to meet him that night. I hesitated but decided to meet him. I was so lost on what to wear and was so nervous to meet such a hottie. We met up at a starbucks that was inbetween where we lived. I remember when i pulled in the parking lot he knew right away it was me cuz of my huge hair at the time. We talked for hours. About everything. It wasnt till 2am we ditched each other. We had the most amazing first kiss. When we got home from seeing each other we talked on the phone for hours till we had to get ready for work. After work that next i wasn't feeling the greatest. He came over and took care of me. I remember we were watching tv in my bedroom when he asked me to be his girlfriend back in July 2012. Since then we have been inseparable. I moved in with him later that year in Oct. We have had our ups and downs but we learned so much about each other from that. No matter what we will have each others backs, and we cant live with out each other. He proposed to me March 3rd 2015. Our wedding date is October 31st 2016. :inlove (wish there was a sick bride emote) I wondered why i started on vf for such a long time. I found my reason why!!
Why all politicians should be paupersVermin wrote:
It's rare that I have anything positive to say about any politician, but I'll make an exception for this bloke- Uruguay bids farewell to Jose Mujica, its pauper president Whatever your own particular "shade" of politics, it's impossible not to be impressed or beguiled by Jose "Pepe" Mujica. There are idealistic, hard-working and honest politicians the world over - although cynics might argue they're a small minority - but none of them surely comes anywhere close to the outgoing Uruguayan president when it comes to living by one's principles. It's not just for show. Mujica's beat-up old VW Beetle is probably one of the most famous cars in the world and his decision to forego the luxury of the Presidential Palace is not unique - his successor, Tabare Vasquez, will also probably elect to live at home. But when you visit "Pepe" at his tiny, one-storey home on the outskirts of Montevideo you realise that the man is as good as his word. Wearing what could best be described as "casual" clothes - I don't think he's ever been seen wearing a tie - Mujica seats himself down on a simple wooden stool in front of a bookshelf that seems on the verge of collapsing under the weight of biographies and mementoes from his political adversaries and allies. Books are important to the former guerrilla fighter who spent a total of 13 years in jail, two of them lying at the bottom of an old horse trough. It was an experience that almost broke him mentally and which shaped his transformation from fighter to politician. 'Inner strength' "I was imprisoned in solitary [confinement] so the day they put me on a sofa I felt comfortable!" Mujica jokes. "I've no doubt that had I not lived through that I would not be who I am today. Prison, solitary confinement had a huge influence on me. I had to find an inner strength. I couldn't even read a book for seven, eight years - imagine that!" Given his past, it's perhaps understandable why Mujica gives away about 90% of his salary to charity, simply because he "has no need for it". A little bit grumpy to begin with, Mujcia warms to his task as he describes being perplexed by those who question his lifestyle. "This world is crazy, crazy! People are amazed by normal things and that obsession worries me!" Not afraid to take a swipe at his fellow leaders, he adds: "All I do is live like the majority of my people, not the minority. I'm living a normal life and Italian, Spanish leaders should also live as their people do. They shouldn't be aspiring to or copying a rich minority." Jose Mujica is outspoken and sometimes brusque, but he can afford to be so. Uruguay is often referred to as the most liberal country in South America. As economic and political turmoil threaten to engulf the neighbouring giants of Brazil and Argentina, this country of just three million people certainly feels like a refuge. Controversial policies Mujica leaves office with a relatively healthy economy and with social stability those bigger neighbours could only dream of. Mujica's underlying principles are still socialist but he's a man who has mellowed with age. Some of the most controversial political initiatives from his five years as president - like the legalisation of abortion and cannabis - were done for pragmatic as much as ideological reasons. "Marijuana is another plague, another addiction. Some say its good but no, that's rubbish. Not marijuana, tobacco or alcohol - the only good addiction is love!" says the man who in 2005 married his long-term partner and former co-revolutionary, Lucia Topolansky. "But 150,000 people smoke [marijuana] here and I couldn't leave them at the mercy of drugs traffickers," he says. "It's easier to control something if it's legal and that's why we've done this." Mujica, who is sometimes described as the "president every other country would like to have," dismisses all the adulation and attention with a waft of his hand but he is not leaving the stage just yet. "I have no intention of being an old pensioner, sitting in a corner writing my memoirs - no way!" he barks at me with a grin. "I'm tired of course, but I'm not ready to stop. My journey's ending and every day I'm a little closer to the grave." Maybe so, but this enigmatic leader remains an inspiration to many and is a reminder that politics is meant to be a humble and honourable profession. God speed, you magnificent bastard.

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