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Bitch better have my money Interdire
Amor de mi vida MorsUmbra
Ride or die Lady_Elindor
She's a bad Mama Jama Californication
The real Sasswolf please stand up Sleeplock
My ducky!! Interdire
That Flash bruh Kixur
Wonder Woman Vectress
The Bat Zekusu
My Tiffany Blake Interdire
My marshmallow having ass bitch right herr Interdire
My savage shade babe Interdire
My Queen of all Shade in Agrabah Interdire
My Unbreakable Vow Sleeplock
Locked Up Lady_Elindor
Dat Poontang Interdire
My lovely lady lumps Interdire
Thieving duck whore Sleeplock
My Slytherslut Sleeplock
Loves me more than Allison Sleeplock
Loves me more than Lau Interdire
My Horde Slut Interdire
Wave 37 BIIIIIITCH! Interdire
SQUAD Interdire
SQUAD MorsUmbra
SQUAD Sleeplock
SQUAD silklungs
SQUAD Mechanize
My Dark Lady Interdire
Makeup Junkie Interdire
Makeup Junkie silklungs
Makeup Junkie Lady_Elindor
Makeup Junkie MorsUmbra
The Juggernaut, Bitch Mechanize
Locked up... somebody call Akon silklungs
Still waiting on that proof bruh Lady_Elindor
She keeps me smiling Lady_Elindor
This bitch, making me feel and shit Interdire
X's biggest whore Sleeplock
Captain Crunch Sleeplock
The Cap'n is in the heezy Sleeplock
She gave it up Interdire
She gave up the D yo Interdire
Mine is better anyways Interdire
She knows too much Interdire
Better hide the body Interdire
That imitation crab meat bruh Interdire
dat ass tho KoffinCuddler
She too good for you bruh KoffinCuddler
Omg yasss girl wolfbitten
I do Dicka for you Interdire
Eat me you carnivore Ambivalent
Is gonna need a cold shower after this Ambivalent
She a hot ass birch Ambivalent
She a freaky birch Lady_Elindor
Damn, that birch on fire... sexeh Interdire
DEAD SEXEH Lady_Elindor
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