"Darkside of the Con 2" Band Interview: Justin Symbol & The God Bombs [Featured Site Content]
Mar 12, 2018, 01:13pm
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When did The God Bombs form? What is the origin behind the band name?
The God Bombs officially formed this past November, after a tour with Mushroomhead during which Edrick and Jabbath were my backing band and we were performing as "Justin Symbol". We decided to be a true band, write an album together, and join forces. The name "God Bombs" means creation / destruction, and anything that might entail.

How many band members are there and what are their stances in the band?
The God Bombs is a trio comprised of: Justin Symbol - lead singer/drum machine, Jabbath Roa - guitar, keyboard and additional vocals, Edrick Supervi - percussion, synths and programming.

What are band practices like? Do you have a set time each week?
We schedule our band time according to the demands of whatever is happening currently. It will fluctuate depending whether we are preparing for a tour, or writing music for a new release. Fortunately we all live extremely close to one another so we can work hard and get things done.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
Our biggest challenge as a band has been overcoming personal hardships where people in our personal lives did not necessarily believe in our path and we've had to really be fearless and strive forward, encouraging each other along the way.

If you guys could play at any venue anywhere, where would it be?
We are about to embark on a month long Spring tour with Ministry and Chelsea Wolfe. I would say that is a dream come true and we will relish each and every one of those stages.

Do you have a Motto for the band? Or a superstition?
Our motto is you're going to die, might as well make it count!

You can find Justin Symbol and The God Bombs on VF JustinSymbol

Interview by Dead_bettie

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