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Looking for Morbid Staff! (10+ posts only)
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MORBID Important Cult Business

Roll Call Looking For Morbid Minded Staff!

Will you love to help out MORBID! Now, is the time to apply for a Root and Administrator positions!

By experience of how MORBID you can be ,you will be placed in each position!

We are looking for creative dark outstanding individuals whom are horror freaks to apply and with great way of 10+ posts or higher! If that's you fill out this form!

Horror Experience Test Of Watching The Goriest Movie Ever(0-Worst-10 Excellent) :
Cult Staff Experience (name cults and what positions you are in other cults):
How active will you be?:
Will you let us know if you will be on hiatus?:
What will you bring to the cult?:
Any html,coding, or design experience? Or do you know anyone?:
Lastly,rate how MORBID your mind is(0 Wimp--10 Sick):

This will be monitored by OWNER at all times. And, Will be posted in the staff business sub-forum for pick voting on new applicant for our team.

We are looking for 1 more Root and 2 Admins. At this time.
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MORBID Important Cult Business

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