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MORBID Important Cult Business


If you have any suggestions for the cult let us know here. We will glady love to hear your thoughts so ,don't hesitate to ask.

Frequent Questions

Q.Can anyone make new threads? For example, If I wanna make a new thread for any section, can I just go ahead or is it only for staff?

A.We will be looking forward to you guys thread making in the sections. If you have greeted yourself in "Brief Introduction[1st post]" ,Commented a emote and Propped the shit out of the "Rules[2nd post]" ,READ the "MORBID (READ)" and Had few chats in the "Everyday Cult Chat". You are welcome to post threads in the "sub-forums" where the criteria meets. Subforums to stay away from: IMPORTANT BUSINESS, ANNOUNCEMENTS || OTHER IMPORTANT FORUMS, DAILES|WEEKLIES, CONTESTS|FEATURES, DEVILS DICTIONARY|MORBID DICTIONARY AND CULT GAMES.
But, you can still post comments within the threads of course.

Q.Is this a primarily Texas based cult?

A.No, its not Texas based. Yes, it has "some" Texas threads up. But, whenwe get to this point since we are still re-vamping we will get to other places soon enough.

If anyone has nay other questions to add to the list be more then welcomed to.

MORBID Important Cult Business

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Suggestions | Q&A  
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