Jan 18, 2017, 01:51pm
Layout Request
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Layout Request

Please read the rules before proceeding.

The Rules

While I have given the option for you to provide your own images, if I feel they aren't up to par then I reserve the right to change it.
I work and go to school. As such, don't get offended if I'm not able to start on a design right away.
Fill out the form completely or give me control of it. I can work with either.
If there's an example you like, you're free to include it below.
I don't feel the need to have any "include this in your request and I'll know you read my rules." Basically, if you do something that goes against it, I'll know you didn't.
This isn't a requirement, but at least be decent enough to be grateful. Just a simple 'thank you' will do wonders for you.


Payment can be discussed. I understand that everyone has something going on and I'm fairly flexible about this. At most, I'll charge $2 for the basic layout. Like I said, this can be discussed.

Your Name:
COLOR PALETTE: [Design-seeds is preferred, but I'll except colourlovers.]
FONT: [From dafont.]
Desired Text on Header:
BASIC FEEL OF THE LAYOUT: [Is it cheery, cute, dark, ominous? What general tone do you want when someone looks at it?]
DESIRED PHOTOS: [Send all the photos you want, but be aware that I might swap them if I find stuff that works better/fits your theme better.]
Features: [Aside from the basics, what do you want included? Let me know.]
Anything Else: [If there's anything else you'd like to see, let me know. You can include examples here, and if you'd like I can add any staff/character images or links you'd like to see. Please include each in this section.]

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Mar 06, 2018, 05:30am

COLOR PALETTE: click or anything else pastel and pink, whatever you see fit.
FONT: Up to you!
DESIRED TEXT ON HEADER: Main text: LIK, Sub text: this one
BASIC FEEL OF THE LAYOUT: Definately cute and pastel.
DESIRED PHOTOS: Anything How I Met Your Mother, you see what fits.
FEATURES: Sections: About me, cults, friends, and Basics. click i like this one
ANYTHING ELSE: I can't wait to see the results, and thank you so much! heart
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Mar 06, 2018, 11:09am

I can get started on this today nod
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Mar 15, 2018, 08:10am

FONT: inkland
DESIRED TEXT ON HEADER: self-destruct at vampirefreaks
Sub-text So burn the fucker down
BASIC FEEL OF THE LAYOUT: A bit punk-ish/cute at the same time.
DESIRED PHOTOS: Anything to do with The Misfits, The Ramones, Rancid, NoFX, etc. [Punk bands]
FEATURES: Basics, About, Friends, Cults
ANYTHING ELSE: I'm giving you a lot of creative freedom, because I know you'll do a wonderful job heart

Also, thank you soooo much
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