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Cult Package Request
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Cult Package Request

Please read the rules before proceeding.

The Rules

While I have given the option for you to provide your own images, if I feel they aren't up to par then I reserve the right to change it.
I work and go to school. As such, don't get offended if I'm not able to start on a design right away.
Fill out the form completely or give me control of it. I can work with either.
If there's an example you like, you're free to include it below.
I don't feel the need to have any "include this in your request and I'll know you read my rules." Basically, if you do something that goes against it, I'll know you didn't.
This isn't a requirement, but at least be decent enough to be grateful. Just a simple 'thank you' will do wonders for you.


Payment can be discussed. I understand that everyone has something going on and I'm fairly flexible about this. At most, I'll charge maybe $6 for the basic layout, icon, three banners, and staff titles, but will increase the more you request. Like I said, this can be discussed.

Your Name:
COLOR PALETTE: [Design-seeds is preferred, but I'll except colourlovers.]
FONT: [From dafont.]
Desired Text on Header:
BASIC PLOT OF THE CULT: [Just to give me an idea of what I'm working with. Can be a short description or the whole plot. Depends on how in-depth you want me to go.]
BASIC FEEL OF THE LAYOUT: [Is it cheery, cute, dark, ominous? What general tone do you want when someone looks at it?]
DESIRED PHOTOS: [Send all the photos you want, but be aware that I might swap them if I find stuff that works better/fits your theme better.]
DESIRED GRAPHICS: [My standard is one icon, staff titles, two regular banners, and an invite banner aside from the layout itself. If you'd like extras of any of these, then please let me know. Just be aware that I might charge a little more.]
Invite Banner Text: [Include all you want on the invite banner. Don't worry about editing/spell check, I can handle that.]
Features: [Aside from the about, what do you need on your header? Navigation, featured, top posters, rules, staff? Let me know and I'll add it.]
Anything Else: [If there's anything else you'd like to see, let me know. You can include examples here, and if you'd like I can add any staff/character images or links you'd like to see. Please include each in this section.]

Cult Package includes—Cult Layout, 1 notification template, 1 invite banner, 2 regular banners, 3 mini banners, 4 icons, 1 set of usertitles (one/staff position or one set of general titles).

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Mar 23, 2018, 10:41pm

Your Name: Xayden

CULT NAME: Ruins of the Immsculate (Or just Ruins for like icons and such)

COLOR PALETTE: Succulent Tones

FONT: This, This and This

Desired Text on Header: Ruins of the Immaculate in the main fonts and "The Goddess has given all hope... Will you give in or will you die?" in the small font (PF Arma) OR you can play around with it and see what works!

BASIC PLOT OF THE CULT: (I just copied and pasted the 'about' for you) "There are many reasons why creatures hide in the dark. They are not afraid of what mortals can do to them, but most are terrified of what they could do to the human race and what their punishment might be. They all serve under one Goddess, this Goddess being able to take many forms to kill and torture those who disobey her commands. Yet, these creatures have managed to live in harmony among one another in kingdoms that surround the Capital kingdom. They are not afraid of one another and they keep sure that they keep the Capital happy. What happens, though, when the Goddess suddenly becomes ill? Will mayhem ensue now that she cannot control or will the kingdoms rise up and help their creator as children should? "

BASIC FEEL OF THE LAYOUT: It is dark, ominous and full of rather creepy, nightmarish creatures with no humans. It is a world that is falling apart right before the citizens' eyes due to the Goddess they all worship being ill.

DESIRED PHOTOS: Image 1(This is the Goddess)
Image 2 (Her Sister)
Image 3
Image 4
As for pngs, psds and textures, I will leave that up to you, love!~

DESIRED GRAPHICS: Your standard is just fine and I give you creative freedom for all of them!

Invite Banner Text: If you could have it say what this invite banner I made says, or something similar, that would be great!

Anything Else: When it comes to the banners, the usertitles and everything extra, I give you creative freedom as I'm not too picky about those. The icon can say just "Ruins" if that would be better for you!
As for my sections for the layout. Could I please have an 'About' (hopefully bigger than the one it has now), featureds (with three slots for photos), 'Staff' and 'Rulers' Rulers, I only need eight slots for photos
You don't have to worry about the directory bit as I can always add that; I know some coding, but not a lot
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