How to Prep for Dark Side of the Con

VampireFreaks' biggest event of the year is less than a month away! Are you ready? Dark Side of the Con, our 3-day dark alternative convention in Parsippany, New Jersey, can be a bit intimidating if you've never attended anything like it before. But never fear—here are some handy tips to make sure you're ready for the big weekend:

1. Take a Look at the Schedule

The full schedule is currently available online! Just go to the Dark Side of the Con website and look under the Schedule tab, or click here. You don't need to plan out your whole weekend in advance, but definitely make note of any particular panels or performances you don't want to miss. And check to see what's happening on Friday so that you know what time you need to arrive at the convention by.

2. Plan Your Outfits

You've got to have an idea of what you want to wear over the weekend so that you know what to pack, You'll find a great range of styles at Dark Side of the Con--some folks spend the whole weekend in their usual pants and T-shirt, while others go all out in their gothic finery. Check the schedule or the list of events on the website to see if there's anything specific you need to dress for. Are you participating in the Cosplay Contest on Saturday? Got your clubbing clothes for the dance parties? Be sure to bring something comfortable if you plan on joining in on "Dark Side Awakens: Yoga" on Sunday morning.

3. Plan Your Transportation

Figure out how and when you're getting to the convention. Are you driving yourself? That option is pretty straightforward, but get there early if you want to find a good parking spot. Are you taking public transit? The Morristown train station is probably your best bet, you'll want to get a cab to travel the 10 minutes from there to the hotel. If you find a group to travel with, you can save money by sharing an Uber! Are you flying in? Newark Airport is closest. And if you're coming from New York City, we just announced an official Dark Side of the Con shuttle that goes directly from Gothic Renaissance in Manhattan to the hotel. Look for the "NYC Goth Bus Round Trip Ticket" under the Tickets tab on the Dark Side website to reserve your seat!

4. Pack Some Snacks

There's so much going on at Dark Side of the Con this year—but don't forget to eat! There's nothing worse than running around a convention all day and realizing that you're suddenly hangry. There is a restaurant in the hotel and several other food options available, but it's always a good idea to bring some of your own snacks along, as well. Plus sharing your snacks is a great way to make friends!

5. Listen to the Official Spotify Playlist

Dark Side of the Con has an official Spotify playlist featuring songs from all of the bands in our lineup. Listening to the playlist is the perfect way to get hype for weekend, and also to familiarize yourself with any of the bands you might not yet know.

And if you haven't already .... BUY YOUR TICKETS!!!

If you haven't bought your tickets to Dark Side of the Con, yet--what on earth are you waiting for? You do no want to miss the biggest goth event of the year! There will be tickets available at the door, but it's always cheaper to buy them online in advance. You can buy your Dark Side tickets here.

We hope to see you at Dark Side of the Con!

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