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Vixy (Vemom)
Open for requests
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Photoshop CS6
Years Designing
5-6 years or so
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Welcome to my portfolio

Currently Under Construction

It seems you've stumbled upon my graphics portfolio. Here's a bit about me and just a few things to keep in mind when requesting from me; I have a life that keeps me very busy and constantly on the go. With that being said, I do put time aside to do graphics. Right now I am currently designing in Frenzy , but I also do inbox requests for cash. I like to tackle challenges and try my best to enjoy life as well as keeping my priorities in check. The best thing to know when requesting from me is to have patience. A little goes a long way.

Please always try to use High Quality images. I cannot stress this enough. I do love to make things for people, but when dealing with poor quality images, things might not turn out as smooth. I will try though however, if your pictures (of yourself) are poor quality and all you have to work with. Though I will always keep you posted if things need to be changed! I'm always open to affiliate! Send me an inbox and give me your info and I'll add you up. Again, thanks for dropping bye.

Cardinal Rule I live By: Please, do not ever ask me to design over someone else's design. I won't do it. I've had it done to me, it's not nice.