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Welcome to Hippies at Heart!

We are the Hippies of VF!

We are VF's top hippie related cult and the only active one as well.

This is a place for all the hippies of VF to hang out, talk, participate in discussions, as well as contests, earn flowers, spend flowers, and just meet new people.

Here we are open to all ideas of what hippies to you may be, whether it be the groovy, peace wanting, tree hugging, type hippie or maybe even the simple, classic, freedom fighting, druggie type. We're here for them all.

Here at Hippies_at_Heart we respect the idea of freedom of speech, so here you can simply express yourself and be who you are.

Peace & Love!
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01.Follow the VampireFreaks ToS.
02.You ARE allowed to post new threads. Just check to see if the thread has already been created before posting.
03.No trolling and intentional drama. Try to be mature.
04.Staff reserve the right to delete any material at their discretion.
05.Try to maintain correct forum etiquette.

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