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      VampireFreaks - Goth clothes for weirdos


      Make a statement in VampireFreaks NEWEST dystopian graphic, devised to defy and disrupt—Contagion! 💉 This nihilistic design features a masked survivor lurking through the particles of toxic green air that permeate this sickened world. Perfect for those conscious of climate change, pollution, and dare we say... Covid? Available in multiple tee and hoodie styles. ️ 
      Contagion! Hoodie [Zipper or Pullover] Contagion! Hoodie [Zipper or Pullover]
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      Contagion! Tee [Multiple Styles Available] Contagion! Tee [Multiple Styles Available]
      From $19.99
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      Contagion! Sweatshirt Contagion! Sweatshirt
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