Cali Bound
VF Designer


Thanks for dropping by. You can call me Vixy, or Vix. I don't mind either. I enjoy getting to know people, and making friends. Some of my closest friends I've met on here, and have even met 1 in person. Though no, that doesn't mean I'm interested in meeting up, or doing anything of that sort if I don't know you. So please do your best to refrain from filling up my inbox with wasted words that imply you want more than 'friendship'. Not gonna happen. Be yourself and don't judge a book by its cover, is the best advice I could give anyone. Choose to be friends, or choose not to. Wasting peoples time is really just gonna bite you in the butt in the end. I like to not waste peoples time. I feel like it's doing the world a service lol. I don't live to please people.

God, my husband, graphics, writing, and music are 5 things I fill my life with. I'm happily married to a man who loves me for all of my imperfections. And I stand strong in my faith in god, and Christianity. No, I don't judge others for what they 'want' to do with their life, or force my beliefs down anyone's throat. No one should. Whelp, that's a slice in my brain, and my opinion on a few things. Feel free to say hi, or keep heading on your way. Either way, in the words of Nacho Libre... "Take it easy~"