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Occupation: I sell cyanide to hell spawn while cleaning up after demons
Teaching him how to have friends Wumbologist
Is not as cute as metal4urass
Sister from another Mister Firefly
Making peanut butter sandwiches with Happathy
Keeping Priests from Exorcising Demons with SpaZyStarDust
Watching Little Cunts Burn with RizK
Giving Pets to cujo
My Metal Messiah Lord_Destariel
WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE with whatcolorisdeath
Wishing She Could Kill PrettyPrincess
Wants to Strangle PrettyPrincess
Screaming at walls with PrettyPrincess
Spoon Feeding Cyanide to PrettyPrincess
Eating the Souls of Normies with LittleMissDeath
His Pretty Princess Duos
Sharing Stuffies with K1nderfeld
I'm Watching you Sleep Malum_Angelus
Secretly Banging TayTayTasticx3
Can't You Just Fucking Die Already PrettyPrincess
Sacrificing Our Spawn to Fire and Water Gods with Downward
Researching Ways to Kill PrettyPrincess
Is Going To Bang Malum_Angelus

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