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The Vulpix to my Togepi :D reinventingyourexit
#1 Lovely wife and owner of my booty lit
My Gorgeous Amor Vella6660
Totally kidnapping him so I can play with his hair TheGloriousGingerGod
Now I'm marrying him because we both love cats TheGloriousGingerGod
My beautiful bride GothicFuckingAnime
Adopting him in the name of pizza randomone
Fellow Goobs/ Spongebob Enthusiast / Red Robe Owner/ Taking the Hobbits to Isengard with meh. Savakuda
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Official Slogan of MFL: Whatever doesn't kill you, fucks you harder Tyrion
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That adorable southern accent is dangerous. Sh1v
Gonna eat a whole bunch of tacos with MetalWolf81
Holy fucking bull nuts Sh1v
Jungle Book and The Lion King XD Sh1v
Spreading fuckery with BeforeTheMoonRises
Eats all the potatoes with Sorter
East Coast swooners 4lyfe Sh1v
Fighting him for the precious piggy BeforeTheMoonRises
He's my piggy now :smug Pretentious_Beast
I own her and her puppers whamtard-k

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