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My name is Brooke, call me Rose though.
I am a passionate person, a carrying person, and someone you dont want to fuck with.
I love all my friends and family, i will treat you with respect if you respect me in return.
I dont take shit from people and have a need to Dominate those that try to make me submit.
I am a proud Leo with the spirit of a butterfly, interesting right?
. I cant wait to talk to whomever you are, im very social and expect everyone equally. Or at least try to. I dont hate against any race or sex or sexual preference. I simply like you or I dont.
My interests are roleplaying on here, drawing and sketching, along with fashion design and cosplay/costume design.
I just started school at AAU (Academy of Art University) for Fashion Design, online at first, but in the next year or so ill be moving out to San Fran.
I am taken! Hes the love of my life.
If youd like to know more than just inbox me! :)

Snow; the outdoors; napping; food; piggies; saying meow instead of now; spending time with my friends; smoking; weeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddd; occasional drunk night; cosplay; conventions; guys; girls; video games; gamecube; swimming; the ocean; manta rays; fish; Japan; anime; manga; clubbing; etc.

rude people; bitches; dicks; cheaters; haters; fakes; barbie doll girls; being bored; the color yellow; a lot more...
I know what its like, to hurt.
I know we all do.
The sorrow will build and build until it feels like a vast ocean..
You fake your smile,
secretly wish someone will notice but know no one is going to,
but your wrong,
people notice,
it scares them..

No one wants to be around a drowning person,
afraid it might suck them in.

you aren't alone.

People may not swarm, they may run,
but your not alone.

A single person, or many,
will be there for you.

Even though your sorrow is great like an ocean even though the sun cant reach the darkest depths..

The sun still rises.
The waves will continue to crash,
giving you a feel,
a sense of self.

Dont let it consume you,
its never to late to forgive yourself,
or someone else.

Rage, jealousy, confusion, sorrow..

are not the only emotions a human carries.

So stand strong, feel.
Dont ever close yourself off,
Dont ever bottle things up.

Let them out,
ask for help..

If your afraid no one will help,
then pull yourself up.
Why should you suffer,
who cares what They think,
You should care about yourself,
kill them with kindness..

All wounds heal,
or scar,
we dont have to forget,
but we should learn.

Mistakes define us as people,
if you dont learn from them you will be doomed to repeat them.

With all my love and care, everything that hurts me,
has hurt me,
has scared me,
made me cry,
want to end the numbing sensation that has kept my heart together..

I accept you.

Its not easy, no its not easy.

Will I continue to make mistakes, yes.
I will learn to accept them time and time again.
Its part of living.

Just like laughter,
singing to the one you love,
holding them tight,
being kissing on the forehead in the morning before they leave to work...

Hold every smile near and dear to your heart,
dont be fooled by the fruit of sin,
its rotten inside, it will poison your heart and soul..

Everyone has already taken a bite,
yet its still possible to be free of that pain.

No one is this directed to..
These are my words,
that I wish to share with you..

I will smile, even when it hurts.
I am strong,
I am hard headed,
I am confused,
I am finding my way,
as we all are.

So when you feel that sorrow swallowing you up,
thinking long and hard...
everything that has caused it, has already past.
Remember it well,
forgive yourself,
or someone else.

and look towards the sun, not the black waters that try to consume you..