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Latest Journal Entry: Must needed notif - A360   October 12, 2014, 05:07pm

Hello, my name is Felonee.

The only way I actually chat to people is in cults. I am a gamer girl, an anime fan, a VF Cult role-player, a graphic designer in training, and running for a career in the visual arts as a Professional Illustrator. I am currently attending my first year in college studying Art & design.

I'm not much of a social person when it comes to new people messaging me; I admit, I'll most likely will not reply.

Favorite Music
I primarily enjoy Rock/Metal, Techno, some Jpop, and Classical/Orchestrated music. These are the music artists that I didn't get add into my music player
(or the band pages didn't have the songs I wanted):

Apocalyptica, A Perfect Circle, Babymetal, Birthday Massacre, Breaking Benjamin, (Visual Kei Band) D, Dir En Grey, esOterica, Kalafina, Kittie, KoRn, Linkin Park, Magistina Saga, Marilyn Manson, Mindless Self Indulgence, Mudvayne, Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down, Serj Tankian, Shikata Akiko, TOOL, Yousei Teikoku, and the Voicaoloids.