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"Without The Suffering, Theres No Reason To Try, Without A Reason To Try, Theres No Reason To Go On, Without A Reason To Go On, There Is A Reason To Die"
- Chelle~In~Chains
Status: Ill turn my music up so no one hears me screaming <3
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Sex: female
Age: 22
Location: Manchestor., Hellview Pop:96, United Kingdom
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: VF Addict
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Member since: August 12, 2006
Last logged in: January 13, 2014, 12:52pm
Occupation: Devils Whore.
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PREMIUM BITCHES So I Will Rate/Comment Back :D
Please Read!

Some Day Some How I'm Gunna Make It Alright But Not Right Now, I Know You're Wondering When, You're The Only One Who Knows That

'Goff' Isn't A Word...

Premium Bitches
So Remember To Comment Me When Casually Checking My Page :D

Please Use Near Enough Correct English Grammer When Speaking To Me, Thanks, I Don't Understand Chav Grammer, Basicallyy; 'Sxc, Baybee, Yooh, Yew, Yhu... ETC' Just Gets On My Nerves

The reason Im still Single?, Ever known You Can Pull Almost Anybody? But Dont, Because You Already Love Somebody Even If You Cant Have Them? Thats Why.

Im A Girl In A World Of Her Own
I Make Myself Laugh... Yeh Im Legally Insane ;]
I Have Learnt NOT To Trust

I Love My Best Friends We Have The Craziest Times
Im A University Kid Now, Im All Grow'd Up :D
I Have Been Known To Fall In Love Easily In The Past, Now My Walls Are Up And 10 Foot Thick.

I Like to, In The Words Of Andrew WK Party Hard

Dying My Hair Is My Drug

Wanna Know More, Read The Rest Of My Profile

Im Shallow, Im A Dick, Im Nice, Im Nasty, Im Easy, Im Hard, Im Confusion, Im Not So Bad, Im A Nightmare... Still Wanna Know Me? I Wouldn't Im A Dick, Keep Reading :).
I Smoke, Im An Alcholic... GET OVER IT
I Take The Time To Read Your Pro's Mine Isnt That Hard To Read SO READ IT!

About Me

My Name Is Chelsie. Call Me That Or Chel, Everyone Calls Me Chel. Im An Alcholic, I Smoke, I Like Piercings, Tattoos And Dreads, No I Aint The Girl All The Bad Guys Want.

So I Suppose You Expect Me To Go On About All The Shit In My Life, My Sob Story... Sorry To Disappoint :D Dont See Why You Need To Know :D

Bisexual, No, Not Greedy, And I Dont Have Preferences :) Love Is Love No Matter The Sex

Manchestor!! :D! Yes Thats Right The City! Finally Mine To Conquer :D!...

Uni Student, Typical Student. Media Technology, End Of.

Dont Think You Can Fuck With Me. I Fuck Back. Harder :D


Love To Party

Do Most Things Alone, Independant

Love My Sister To Bits, When Im Home, We Love To Piss Off My Mother, Even Though It Is Unintentional, We Just Get Stupid :D

Pass Times:

Lyricist. Proud Of It.

Short Tempered, Revenge Is Sweet..

Tongue, Industrial, 6mm Stretcher And Normal Firsts.. Soon To Be More Piercings.

Anime <3

Music <3

Laughter? Whats That? Oh Wait I Remember Now

I Posses No Vanity.

Vain People Annoy Me!


I Am Whatever You Say I Am.

Dont Rate Me A 1, Why Waste Your Time? Infact, Why Waste A 1, Shows You Do Want Me To Notice You (Trust me, I Will, *PREMIUM*)

Rate/Comment, I'll Reply.. Eventully :)

Lets See What Do I Like?

My Friends
Summer Days
My Bed
Nights Out
Some More Stuff.
How Much Dont I Like?

Scene Kids
Chavs [Most Anyway]
Family All Together
Early Mornings
Waking Up
Parents Coming Into My Room
My Most Recent Ex
The Government
Dumb People
Being Told What To Do
Umm, A Hell Of A Lot More, But I Cbf With It Right Now, Ill Add Later
Love After Love

'The time will come
when, with elation
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror
and each will smile at the other's welcome,

and say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

all your life, whom you ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.
Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.'
- Derek Walcott
# 30 Seconds To Mars
# 3 Days Grace
# 3 Doors Down
# A
# Agoraphobic Nosebleed
# Aiden
# Andrew WK
# Angerfist
# Apocalyptica
# Arch Enemy
# As I Lay Dieing
# Atreyu
# Arch Enemy
# Art Of Dying
# Avenged Sevenfold
# Atreyu
# Avril Lavigne
# Between The Buried And Me
# Billy Talent
# Bleed The Dream
# Blink182
# Blood Hound Gang
# Blue October
# Bon Jovi
# Boys Like Girls
# Bowling For Soup
# Breaking Benjamin
# Bryan Adams
# Bullet For My Valentine
# Bury Your Dead
# Cancer Bats
# Cannible Corpse
# Carnifex
# Children Of Bodom
# Coheed And Cambria
# Cradle Of Filth
# Creed
# Crossfade
# Day-Mar
# Deathstars
# Demon Hunter
# Deeds Of Flesh
# Dimmu Borgir
# Doomsday Refreshment Comittee
# Dragon Force
# Drowning Pool
# Eminem
# Enter Shikari
# Evanescence
# Everlast
# Five Finger Death Punch
# Funeral For A Friend
# Goo Goo Dolls
# Good Charlotte
# Greenday
# Guns �n� Roses
# Hammerfall
# Him
# Hollywood Undead
# I Am Ghost
# Iced Earth
# Immortal Technique
# Inme
# InnerPartySystem
# Interfectum
# Iron Maiden
# Jack Off Jill
# Jimmy Eats World
# Job For A Cowboy
# Journey
# Kittie
# Korn
# Lacuna Coil
# Lamb Of God
# Less Than Jake
# Leaves Eyes
# Lifehouse
# Limp Bizkit
# Linkin Park
# Lordi
# Lost Prophets
# Madina Lake
# Marilyn Manson
# Meat Loaf
# Mettalica
# Motor Head
# Murder Dolls
# MxPx
# My Chemical Romance
# My Dying Bride
# Napalm Death
# New Found Glory
# Nickleback
# Nightwish
# Nirvana
# Norther
# Meatloaf
# Otep
# Panic! At The Disco
# Pantera
# Paparoach
# Paramore
# Pink
# Plus44
# Rise Against
# Rage Against The Machine
# Rammstein
# Satyricon [I Share The Same Birthday As Frost!]
# Shinedown
# Simple Plan
# Skid Row
# Skillet
# Slayer
# Slipknot
# Smile Empty Soul
# Soil
# Son Of Dork
# Spineshank
# SR-71
# Staind
# Stellar Kart
# Stonesour
# Story Of The Year
# Sugarcult
# Sum41
# Sunken Monkey
# Taking Back Sunday
# TaTu
# Taylor Swift
# Theory Of A Deadman
# The All-American Rejects
# The Berzerker
# The Offspring
# The Rasmus
# The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
# The Used
# The Warriors
# Tokio Hotel
# Trivium
# Turbonegro
# Unwritten Law
# VnV Nation
# Wednesday 13
# Within Temptation
# Zebrahead

R.I.P Gran! You Where My Best Friend In My Times Of Need, You Where The One I Went To When All Else Failed, You Where The One I Looked Up To And Kept Dearly In My Heart But Now The Only Peice Of You I Have Left Is The Chain That Hangs Around My Neck.I Wish You Didnt Have To Leave Me, The Family Feels To Have Fallen Apart, The Only Thing Keeping Us Together Is Your Memory, Although You Are Not Here With Me Anymore, I Will Do Everything In My Power To Make You Proud, Already Am Halfway There, Wish You Could Have Seen My Grades In School, The Grades I Came Out With In College, The Acheivements I Got In College, Now Im In Uni To Be Everything I Can Be. Love You Gran! Im Sorry For All Those Times I Upset You, I Regret Everything I Ever Did To Hurt You... Wish I could Have Seen You One Last Time, Like I Was Meant To! Miss You Loads! x

R.I.P Uncle Roger, You Lived A Good Life, We All Miss You And How You Used To Smile No Matter What, Cancer Is A Terrible Thing And I Hope your Doing Fine And Not Suffering Anymore, Wherever You Are x

R.I.P Rachel! Your One Of Them Friends That Come And Go But Hun You'll Never Be Forgotten! I Wish You Where Still Here, I Remeber When You Found Out I Fancied Your Cousin, It Was Then That I Learnt To Put My Trust In You And Then The Last Night I Didnt Get To See You, When You Died I Still Remeber People Where In Shock, Not Many People From My School Knew You But I Was One Of Those People That Did, Although It Made Me And Sophie Inseprable, It Made Chris Go Off The Rails, I Miss You! =[ x

R.I.P Dom! You Where A Funny Guy! We Werent Close Friends But I Still Miss Your Snide Comments And Your Bravery, Cancer Is A Twat, You Where A Class Lad And I Know You May Of Thought I Was Just That Kid, I Still Knew You For 7 Years, Best Memory Of You Was You Getting Us Into Trouble For Selling Us That Follie Gum In Primary School! Never Forget that! x


The Girl Behind The Mask

The world is broken and we fall apart
theres nothing left but an empty heart
the falling angels with red in there eyes
the faces of sorrow and all of there lies

I fall among them with bloody knives
I am the angel that took all them lives
I am scarred but I have no fear
For the darkness within is forever here

I feel the presence of a heavy fog
I smell the burning of fire log
I haunt the memories of forgotten souls
I am here to destroy the voice that calls

I hear the screams of a wounded girl
the wind is blowing and the leaves swirl
the flames of hell are growing higher
the evil eyes and the glowing fire

Some days I wonder but never ask
why theres pain behind her mask
the others in the playground laugh and try
as she sits alone and start to cry

The world is broken and we fall apart
theres nothing left but an empty heart
Im looking out now from behind the mask
but why I wonder did I never ask?
image image
Why are you sad? [amazing pictures] For darker people
imageYou are sad because of your life and obsession with deathTake this quiz! image Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Ok Guys, Just Because I Have A Cam.. That Doesnt Mean I Want To Slag About, Dont Try To Make Me Fuckin.. Whore Around When I Dont Want To, I Have A Cam For My Own Use Which Is Talking To People, And I Refuse To Go On Cam Unless The Person Im Talking To Has One.. Or If I Know I Dont Have To Slag Around For Them, I Also Never Promise To Show My Body On Cam, If I Do Its Up To Me. Dont Try To Push Me, I'll Hate You If You Do, I Seem To Lose Most My Friends Through This.

Animal Cruelty
People Are Whores, Leave Animals Alone, You Wouldnt Like It Would You? If That Was You Being Kicked Around! I Truely Dont Know How You Could Do It. Why Kill Animals If They Have A Disease? Its Like Me Going Into A Hospital And Killing People For Having HIV Or MRSA And Shit. You Just Wouldnt. If The Animals In The Habitat You Live Near Have A Disease, Dont Kill Them, Do Stuff To Repel Them, They Have Just As Much Rights To Be Here As We Do.

Child Cruelty
Your Sick If You Can Harm A Child. Truely Sick, I Dont Think Its Fair, Everybody Has A Voice. We Should All Speak Up, Child Cruelty Isnt JUST Physicall, Its Mental Aswell, Anything You Say To Hurt A Child Is Like Grabbing A Knife And Slashing Them Until All The Blood Is Gone, Trust Me, Ive Been Through Mental Abuse By Many People Including My Parents.

Bullying Is Also Physical And Mental, I Have Been Through Both, I Get Metally Abused Everyday, Even By Myself Ive Come To Beleive That Im Worthless Because Of Everything I Have Ever Been Through, I Know Im Worthless, But To Be Honest I Couldnt Give A Shit Because Even If I Am Worthless, Im Worth A Million Of Them Who Stoop So Low As To Hurt Somebody For Their Pleasure.

Lables Are Like.. Fuckin Stupid, Why Cant We Just Be Who We Want To Be Instead Of Following The Crowd And Being Sheep, Lables Are A Trend, Styles Are A Type Of Living, We May Listen To Different Music, But Inside We Are All The Same, We All Work The Same, Why Cant We Just All Get Along, I Manage It, Me And My Sister Used To Be Goths [I Still Kinda Am] And We Used To Hang With Moshers, Emo's And Even Chavs, We Used To Find It Funny When We Had House PArtys When The Rents Where Away Putting Kerrang On To Watch My Chav Cousin Person Moshing And Takin The Piss, Because Its What We Did, Just Take A Leap Out Of Our Book.
  • Questions People Asked Me - With The Answers
  • Whats Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavour?
  • Strawberry
  • Whats The Capital Of Lucenburg?
  • What?!
  • If You Had To Lick An Animals Ear, What Would It Be?
  • A Wolves Ear Probably, Umm Why?
  • What Kind Of Cheese Do You Like?
  • Cheddar! MMM Cheddar!
  • Do You Chew Noodles Or Suck Them?
  • A Bit Of Both Really, I Like To Suck Them In And Then Chew Them Up =]
  • Would You Rather Spend The Rest Of Your Life In Jail Or In A Mental Asylum In A Straigh Jacket?
  • Umm Jail, Because Id Of Killed Pete Wentz So Id Be Happy, Or Actually The Asylum Cause Id Go Crazy After I'd Killed Him! MWAHAHAHA
  • Whats Your Favorite Name?
  • Umm Cade, Or Raven, Or For A Guy Draven Or Kyle Orrr Ummm Zeke!
  • Do You Keep Skittles In Your First Aid Box?
  • No But I Think I Should Start To! That Would Keep Me Alive
  • Do You Like Doctor Who?
  • Do I Fuckers Like It
  • Would You Ever Give Head?
  • Umm, Thats For Me To Know!
  • Are You A Giraffe?
  • -Hides My Super Long Neck- Noooooo

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