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"If ever you feel too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito!"
Status: Nearly 10 years on this site.. Well fuck.

Sex: female
Age: 24
Location: East Midlands, United Kingdom

Member since: September 21, 2005
Account: Free Account
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Education
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I figured after ten years it was probably time to completely re-write this profile rather than simply update bits of it. I don't spend much time on this site anymore but I always remember it as a community I felt welcomed in as a teenager trying to "discover my identity" so I keep it around and check on it sporadically.

I'm Sian. Twenty-four years old. Insecure at the best of times but not exactly shy. That hasn't changed. Friendly and fair too. Extremely loyal and I try to be honest. I've learnt to be more easygoing but there are certain things that piss me off. I generally know what I want and how to get it. I'm stubborn and opinionated and now that I'm an adult I've learned not to apologise for it.

Born in Liverpool which I'm very proud of although I no longer have the wonderful accent. I'm a very positive and optimistic person but I don't demonstrate it by being excessively (read: irritatingly) happy. I demonstrate it by being fucking determined. Like laughing until I cry and like making other people laugh or smile. Seems I had a pretty wild time as a teenager but I actually don't drink that often at all any more.

I'm an educational professional with a degree in Education Studies and History. Planning on training to be a qualified teacher.

Describing my appearance doesn't really feel as valid or important as it used to. Suffice to say, I'm mainly happy with it but we all have our hang ups. I'm not big on body modification and I don't like facial piercings. I'm not hugely into tattoos either. Why anybody would want to have needles stuck in their body repeatedly is frankly beyond my comprehension.

I like doing whatever I can afford to do in all honesty. Friends are important, my job is important and my partner is important but most of my time is spent just existing. Self-improvement should probably be my next goal. Like reading books. I love sleeping. Sleep is very much under-rated. I like travelling when the opportunity arises.

The sentiments in this paragraph remain absolutely the same as they were several years ago - go teenage me! I really hate it when random online people insist on addressing me as babe or any other similar term. It creeps me out because it is over-familiar as fuck and has way more sexual and sexist connotations than I am personally comfortable with.

I'm a very political person. I'm not really sure that I support one party as such but I have a massive sense of social justice and I absolutely hate what the Tories are doing to this country, to its ordinary working people and, most of all, to its most vulnerable people. I'm definitely rather left-wing and I'm definitely a feminist.

I am in a relationship and I'm pretty content with it. I have a pretty interesting family. That hasn't changed but it's old news and I've learned to live with it now.

I don't have an excessive amount of friends and I wish I had a better social life but I'm lucky enough to have a few close friends.

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