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If I say I don't like you, don't take offence to it, I dislike everyone equally It's not the people in the asylum you should fear, its the ones on the outside who are the real craziesn should be feared
Status: Got my cam so now to start my youtube, please ask me anything and ill answer it in my video
Sex: female
Age: 26
Location: United States

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My name is sunshine and that is all your going to get of my name, take the chance to get to know me, only certain few call me other wise. I do it this way because I try to keep what ever friends I do have close, and just makes things easier for me. If you are going to add me atleast do the common curtisy thing and talk to me before doing so other wise its just very rude and you will be automatically be taken off. I am very selective of people I talk to because I have been used by a lot of assholes on this site amongst others. Please what ever you do for fuck sake do not hit on me or start a message by flirting with me, my block list is getting kinda full.

Now that bit is all said, I congratulate you if you've gotten this far. I am an artist, most of my stuff is in my gallery. I do a variety of stuff from clay work to drawing to painting. Ill give anything a try when it comes to art at some point. Alot of my painting work is of animals landscapes and abstract. Most of the stuff I get my inspiration is from the friends I do have my lovers and music. Alot of inspiration from music is from the phantom of the opera, its the whole idea of masks and the mystery. Sometimes if you really think about it, art itself is or could be a mystery.

My life is pretty good at the moment, but everything changes at some point so gotta be optimistic about change so I look forward to anything that comes my way. Right now, as for blood family I barely talk to, family however doesn't necessarily have to be blood. I do consider certain friends of mine to be family, the same goes for my lovers and cats to which I have 4 but one does not live with me. The cat that does not live with me lives with my parents for many reasons, so does not get along with my other cats and belongs to my parents cat pack and I simply cannot break that up, even if I do lover, I visit her as often as I can and is my only black cat, and no one of the reasons is not because of the stupid superstition of black cats. To put it simply, she is not happy unless she is with the other cats that is my parents cats. The three that live with me one who is the oldest of the three is a special needs cat named pepper, she is often with me on webcam in chat if you ever catch me on. She has Cerebral Hypoplasia (CH) which is caused by distemper and or pan-leukemia in cats during a pregnancy, it does not mean how ever that they have HIV/leukemia in cats, that is completely different, do not quote me on it though. The during the pregnancy, the neurological part of the brain to not develop right hence causing CH. So CH effects every cat differently depending on how sever the neuro part of their brain is effected. With pepper, she is sever but she could be a lot worse, in some cats they cant even walk, we just nicknamed my little pepper the legendary cabbit. The other two are quite "normal" compared to her. Commit the second oldest has a catterac in his right eye, and the youngest Abby doesn't anything wrong with her but she is special in her own way. My friends, consist of very few people and they know who they are, I only add people to my friends list if I talk to the on the VF chat gallery every day or if they take the time to get to know me through inbox or something and be forewarned I can be very truthful and some might think or mistaking me for being a bitch.

If you even make it this far, you defiantly should comment my page lol, j/k. I am in a relationship with my lover shatteredangel. we are polyfideious whitch means we are looking for another girl to join our family as an equal lover to both of us. we look at relationships an love differently then most of society. ..........polyfidelity: A polyfidelitous relationship is very similar to a polyamorous relationship, in that it involves more than two people in a consensual relationship. However polyfidelity is about more than two people being in a loving, committed relationship that is faithful within the relationship. polyfidelity is A group in which all partners are primary to all other partners and sexual fidelity is to the group. More primary partners can be added with the entire group's consent.

I don't really follow a religion, I technically study all the main religions of the world, and that would mean I am an eclectic. I done a lot of soul searching in order to really find this out. I normally don't say why but if you read this far I will, I have lupus which means i have a auto immune difficiancy to where my white bloodcells can attack any organ at any given time. Right now, it is currently my liver and somewhere down the line, I will need a new liver, but hopefully that is a long time from now. So yeah, it took a lot to find out that I really dont believe in one religion, I was baptized as a child and people always said that "he" was testing me and shit like that. And I would find myself asking if there is a "god" and if he loved his children why would he give them diseases such as cancer and this. After that I done a bit of soul searching, mind you i was 14 through 16 trying to soul search, and it didn't come to me until later that I believe in parts of all the religions not just one.
Well I dont really have "dislikes" or "pet peeves" I have major psychotic fucking hatrids ok, makes the world a hell of a lot easier for me to sort out. A huge one is fucking politics, all the polititians are fucking liers, no matter who you put into office they do the exact opposite of what they say they are gonna do. And I love when people say they want polititans to be honest, if honesty was suddenly introduced to our ways of life, the whole system would fucking collapse no one would know what to do, when a politian says "im honest", bullshit, when a polititan says " Hi folks im completely full of shit how do you like me" people go atleast hes honest about being completely full of shit. I just had to get that out of the way, this is why i dont talk politics to anyone, I'd rather put my cat pepper in office. Now on to the next thing fucking bible thumpers and homophobic people. Oh my fucking goddess people really, if your a true christian and really believe in a god or what ever and he says he loves everyone, doesnt that mean he loves gays too, I only say this is because I see all the fucking signs on facebook about how "god" hates this or "god" hates that, if there really was a "god" and if "he" created everyone equally he'd love everyone the same, so with that logic, if "god" really hates people he would hate you too. And for the homophobic bit most people who are homophobic are actually still in the "closet" about being gay themselves. People and their fucking stupidity. Especially on the fucking roads, I shit you not someone parked so close to someone I know that she had to climb through the passanger side just to get to the driver side, something similar happened to myself. Then you got fucking idiots on black friday not even then starting a fight over toys or gas for their kids or car. PEOPLE THESE DAYS GOT NO FUCKING MANORS. Its a damn shame really, because you got little kids screaming n yelling if they cant get something at walmart or something, and the worse part, the parent buys the thing for them because they are afrade of their kids, if I were to do any of the shit in stores like that my mother would take me right out of the store n I would go no where enjoyible ever again. And that goes for alot of the humans. Here is a famous quote I heard from rocky horror picture show n it portrays to what I am saying " And crawling on the plantets face, some insects called the human race, lost in time and space"
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