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VampireFreaks.Com: The Freak Show Ep. 7!?

posted by jet

Rotation Update 5/16/10

posted by Rotation

Twilight Vision 019: Emilie Autumn

posted by DarkStardust

Andy Six Interview

posted by voodoodolly

VampireFreaks.Com: Jet vs. Ayria

posted by jet

Something kinda ooooooh

posted by Awesome

Some Sabrina Sabrok's Interviews Around The World

posted by SabrinaSabrok

Psy'Aviah - Work In Progress On New Album "Introspection / Extrospecti

posted by psyaviah

Justin Bieber Is a Pedophile - News 09/30/10 MUST SEE

posted by Rotnac

VampireFreaks.Com: The Freak Show Ep. 2.2 (feat. Zoog of ANGELSPIT)

posted by jet

Bob Larson Interviews Zeena Lavey and Nikolas Schreck (Showdown with S

posted by KnightofPentacles

Black Veil Brides Interview Having Tea with Voodoo Dollies

posted by voodoodolly

Twilight Vision 25: 69 Eyes

posted by DarkStardust

VF shout out

posted by godofwaristhesex

Del Monte Juice: Prize Inside! (Warning! Shocking material...)

posted by Dhampir

Goths Make Better Lovers (2003)

posted by Be4_Im_Dead

Story on Chicago's goth scene (190 North)

posted by Subdalek

recap from show

posted by LAKEFOSSIL

On The Issue Of Bullying

posted by LAKEFOSSIL

March To Victory 2012 New Interview METAL RULES! TV Black/Death Part 1

posted by MarchToVictory

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