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Photo edit (part 2)

posted by -Sheri-Star-

Rivet Licker cyber hair part one!

posted by rivetlicker

Zebra Eye Makeup Tutorial(pink,black and white)

posted by ellabelladreams


posted by SamehDoom

No seal knotty style synthetic dreads - as by Doc Locks

posted by rivetlicker

Rivet Licker - SPEEDY DREAD INSTALL! (Blanket stitch braid)

posted by rivetlicker

Photo edit (part 1)

posted by -Sheri-Star-

Perfect red lip

posted by MissSuperstar

Massive Meat Log - Epic Meal Time

posted by Rotnac

Barbie on Drugs

posted by CherrieArabb

Good dread, bad dread. NEWBIE DREAD BUYERS GUIDE - Video version.

posted by rivetlicker

Self Septum Piercing

posted by bee_en

Transitional synthetic dreads - Crochet hook method - 2 and 3 colours

posted by rivetlicker

Daily Routine (Sheri's hair and make-up)

posted by -Sheri-Star-

How to tell the difference between 100% Kanekalon and 100% Synthetic b

posted by rivetlicker

Faux Side Shave Hair (Shameless Self Improvement, Hair Series, Episode

posted by Shari_Stellar

Purple Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

posted by Dirt_in_the_ground

Tactical shotgun and pistol training

posted by James_Black


posted by Dirt_in_the_ground

Pinkes Cyber Goth Make Up Tutorial 2

posted by CyberMiez

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