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20 Creepiest Places in the World

posted by Vladvampirelord

Mudkip 10 hours

posted by CorexShank

Anton LaVey - Last Interview

posted by xFANTASMAx

VampireFreaks.Com: The Freak Show Ep. 2.2 (feat. Zoog of ANGELSPIT)

posted by jet

Muse Kassandra - Interview by Manabuspooky

posted by Muse_Kassandra

Demona Mortiss and the Voodoo Dollies Interview (Bar Sinister)

posted by voodoodolly

VampireFreaks.Com: The Freak Show Ep. 7!?

posted by jet

Nikolas Schreck and Zeena Lavey on Sally Jessy

posted by KnightofPentacles

Bob Larson Interviews Zeena Lavey and Nikolas Schreck (Showdown with S

posted by KnightofPentacles


posted by JessicaBrugali

VampireFreaks interviews Vincent Castiglia (10/04/12)

posted by jet

Sabrina Sabrok Band On TV Show In Mexico

posted by SabrinaSabrok

The FBI Files Season 1 Episode 13 The True story of Mississippi Burni

posted by TANGOALFABROVO1892

Asking Alexandria Interview, Ben Bruce, Having Tea with Voodoo Dollies

posted by voodoodolly

Goths Make Better Lovers (2003)

posted by Be4_Im_Dead

On The Issue Of Bullying

posted by LAKEFOSSIL

Real Vampires & The Vampire Subculture - FOX 8 News

posted by Sang_Electra

20 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist

posted by Vladvampirelord

Jet/The Birthday Massacre/Asthetic Perfection/Cybertron (12/01/12)

posted by jet

Asylum Hair Dye Campaign Promo

posted by ShadowNightz

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