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Wiktoria Angel

posted by Wiktoria_Angel-Baby

Stitch Bitch Cyber Goth Makeup Tutorial

posted by XxLinTOXICATEDxX

PETICIÓN x2 "negro marcado" y "ahumado bicolor"

posted by XxxMissxxxRevengexxX

PETICIÓN "pin up"

posted by XxxMissxxxRevengexxX

Dark Sorceress Eyes

posted by Dirt_in_the_ground

My everyday make up

posted by AlyssaBeth666

Zebra Eye Makeup Tutorial(pink,black and white)

posted by ellabelladreams

Cut Out Spider Shirt

posted by TiArNeBiGmOuTh

NEON Doctored Locks ShapeShifter Extensions!

posted by rivetlicker

Single Ended Dread Loops; Pros & Cons of different loop methods.

posted by rivetlicker

At The Goth Club

posted by Underwoman


posted by nazi_core

Rivet Licker Does Tutorials: How to wear fake fringes (clip in bangs)

posted by rivetlicker

"CyberGoth"INSPIRED look

posted by XxxMissxxxRevengexxX

pt.1 chalk hair dye


scene hair

posted by BellaKeresineGreen

Acting Tips: 101 by Miss Violet

posted by LibertinaGrimm

First Time My Medusa Piercing =P

posted by delura

P!nk F**kin' Perfect Music Video Make-up Tutorial HD

posted by Dirt_in_the_ground

Coloured Eyebrows ^_^ ..... (even on thick dark brows)

posted by Dirt_in_the_ground

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