Name: Vixy
Age: 25
Account: Prem
Status: Married
Location: Cali Bound

Beam me up scotty!

Whaddup bruh, thanks for dropping by to my little slice of creative space. I'm all for making new friends, specially those who might share interests. Anything beyond a friendship is no bueno partner lol. I have a sense of humor, and while I don't get offended easily, it doesn't mean I'll tolerate drama. It does however mean I love to laugh. If you're about that, then welcome, say hello, or don't.


+ Star Wars; from the movies to the games.
+ Hayao Miyazaki Movies; Totoro & Howl's Moving Castle are my favs.
+ Video games; Halo(series), Zelda(series), Gears of War(series), WoW ect.
+ Playing bass. It's more than a hobby, been playing for 11+ years.
+ Writing, singing, and dancing. Hobbies and talents .
+ The ocean. Sometimes I like staring out into the dark abyss. Makes me feel small in a large world.
+ Love 80's Metal & 80's Rock.
+ 80's pop and funk is pretty sick too.
+ I feel as a musician and a creative soul you should be open to listening to all genres, and so I do so. If you were to check out my spotify it's full of all types of artists and bands. I'm a very collective person and might surprise you from time to time with my song references. Music influences my writing and poetry heavily. I don't worship the artists and bands who set the pace for my addiction to music, but rather I find comfort and revelation in their words. And in others, sometimes you just gotta shake it off and dance a little.

Dislikes/Bye Felicia

- Dealing with petty bullshit. Honestly I just don't have patience for it.
- Sheep. Be your own human being and march to your own beat. Not someone else's.
- Most hip-hop and rap music. I love old school hip-hop and r&b, just not the new shit.
- People thinking they can dictate others. Grow up and piss.

The League