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Velvet Acid Christ

Status: Plotting 2013 tours!
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Garden of the gods VAC 2k9
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Label: Metropolis
Label Type: indie
Location: United States
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 200
Member since: January 05, 2008
Last logged in: September 22, 2014, 02:04pm
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Velvet Acid Christ On tour 2013:
East: sept/oct 2013
10 shows: Click on dates below to see facebook event page and to buy tickets:
Chicago Wednesday Sept 25th @ Bottom Lounge.
Columbus Sept 27th @ Skully's Music Diner.
Detroit Sunday Sept 29th @ Smalls.
Ottawa Oct 1st @ Zaphod Beeblebrox.
Montreal Weds October 2st, @ Les Katacombes.
NYC NY Oct 5th @ Drom .
Baltimore Oct 6th @ Ottobar.
Richmond Oct 8th @ Fallout.
Pittsburgh Oct 11th Rex Theater.
Indianapolis October 12th, @ Birdy's Live.

South: Nov/ 2013
8 Shows: Click on dates below to see facebook event page and to buy tickets:
Denver TBA
Nashville Monday nov 11th @ The Rutledge.
Charlotte Wednesday Nov 13 @ Amos' Southend.
West Palm Beach FL Friday November 15th, 2013 @ Respectable Street.
Tampa FL Saturday November 16th 2013 @ The Orpheum.
New Orleans Monday November 18th, 2013 @ Siberia.
Austin Friday Friday Nov 22th, @ Elysium.
Oklahoma City Saturday Nov 23rd @ Voodoo Lounge OKC.
Click here for the official Toxic Coma Web Site.

Go listen to the new TOXIC COMA LP out on metropolis records: Click Here, to listen to sound clips and buy online. It is vacish, but toxicish. This new Toxic Coma lp is a hybrid of VAC FWK and Toxic Coma. It is the ultimate lsd lp, the ultimate pot lp. The theme of the new Toxic Coma is SATAN ov course. Absolutely one of the most fun mythical beasts to groove to. Absolutely Wondermus. After listening to the new Toxic Coma you will be able to enter the gates of hell at the end of your time here on earth. Hell is not a bad place, I've been there and the curtains and decorations are fabulous. So many more interesting people hang out in hell. Way better artists, way better musicians, way better weekend games! Satan doesn't even give a shit if you worship him. He is a very lax angel. He seriously likes what we have done with the new Toxic Coma. The new Toxic Coma is kind of like Christian Mingle dot com. After listening to it you can date many invisible demons that will curse you in ways you could never imagine. Besides Satan is gearing up for his battle with Christ and his undead zombie empire that is soon to come, and I know you want to be on the winning team. TEAM SATAN. FUCK TEAM EDWARD! TEAM SATAN! BUY Toxic Coma. Click Here To Buy!.

For those who don't know. Toxic Coma is a funny side project of VAC. This is where you see my sense of humor. It is drug music. I make it to weird out normal people. I love the reactions I get when i play Toxic Coma for normal people. They always go WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS. :) Music to torture normal people with. YES!
And Please. So as fans, can you guys please link to this from your social network profiles? PLEASE HELP PROMOTE VAC AND TOXIC COMA. If you want to contact me or interact with me, the Velvet Acid Christ forum is the place to do it, set up an account there now. Hexfix93. PS: You can also read the most recent interview done with Toxic Coma by Clicking Here Please comment below. Cinnabons:

PS: PS PS PS: And just so you know, Toxic Coma Makes songs for its fans on their birthday. This year only. So please to get a song made just for you, register on the Velvet Acid Christ Forum and please post, then for sure you will get a special birthday song for you this year. Listen, the music will speak. Thats it.

This is so fucking bad ass. This remix is the bomb. This is a club hit. This video kicks ass. Please Link to this blog entry and get everyone to watch it. This lp and single are the best things I have done in ages. This is the proof. The new lp is half acoustic goth and half ebm trance ELECTRO. I love the Mindless Faith Remix, Mindless Faith Kicks ass, I will interview them soon. No Go Pre Order the new LP, and buy the single when it comes out. Peace out, Hexfix93 of Velvet Acid Christ. Click the image below to pre order the new VAC LP
PS: Click here to check out my FACEBOOK account.

severed heads, aphex twin, rush, aqua, meat beat manifesto, pal, synapscape, juno reactor, skinny puppy, front line assembly, nitzer ebb, front 242, astral projection, x-mal, cocteau twins, the cure, siouxsie and the banshees, voivod, tangerine dream (exit, rubicon), jean michael jarre (zoolook, oxygene), megadeth, metallica, strapping young lad, white zombie, ministry (and all side projects), afi, koxbox, the orb, orbital, revolting cocks, b52s, missing persons, duran duran, devo, the cranes, the creatures, xymox, sisters of mercy, tear garden, legendary pink dots, edward kaspel, the vanishing, komunity fk, christian death, curve, diamanda galas, kmfdm, greater than one, intermix, delerium (older only), noise unit, my life with the thrill kill kult, nin, numb, pwei, pailhead, prodigy, future sound of london, chemical brothers, wumpscut, suicide commando, ebn, test dept, hate dept, xmarks the pedwalk, das ich, cradle of filth, the farmer boys, GODFLESH, scorn, marilyn manson, misfits, tool, sex pistols, circle jerks, janes addiction, beastie boys, sound garden, blur, garbage, gwar, korn, eminem, depeche mode, berlin, lady tron, omd, new order, blue planet coropration, mfg, autechre, madonna, cj bolland, cosmosis, DHS (dimensional holophonic sound), eat static, dj acucrack, fluke, eon, lords of acid, legions of green men, praga khan, traci lords, xdream, toxic coma, butthole surfers, daddy longhead, prana, massive attack, sneaker pimps (first cd only), trickey, portishead, bjork, pixies, sonic youth, sugar cubes, the knife, lene lovich, covenant (esp sequencer, wow)����� and i know i have left some out..
Homepage: http://www.velvetacidchrist.com

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Jul 07, 2014, 06:09pm
I found your music after a friend bought me one of your T-shirts. They said "It looked like my kind of thing." Upon looking up your music I was floored and came to love it. Now I wear the shirt with pride being a fan of your awesome music. 10/10


Jul 01, 2014, 11:58am
I keep getting people saying that I sound like you. I'm not so sure though, what do you think? Maybe some of your older worker, a bit.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy it, that being said.



Apr 10, 2014, 07:16pm
I love your music!

+ 10 points ...

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