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"Power is the ability to utilize the knowledge..." -Personal Quote
Status: Bored out of my gorde... blah..
Sex: male
Age: 37
Location: Union, South Carolina, United States

Member since: September 10, 2009
Account: Free Account
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single
Occupation: Computer Programmer/ Professional Photographer
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Hello everyone so I decided that my profile was in need of some major changes. Before you attempt to figure me out through just my pictures, fetish lists or comments I'm going to explain myself a bit more in depth to you the viewers of my profile.

What do I want? Well it's probably easier to start off by stating what I do not want. I don't want a bitchy, self centered, materialistic, secretive, sexist who only cares about only her own needs and desires. I want a companion, lifetime relationship, submissive who knows how to please me or is at the very least willing to go the extra mile to learn how to please me. Someone to share all of my interests and experience the world together with an open-mind. As bad as I want perfection, I also don't, least not the type that comes from the eyes of the masses. My ideal person could look at herself in the mirror and know that we would be a match without a doubt.

I am a dom with many different ideas about how I see the world and life's attendees. First off there are no 100% “Masters” of anything because no man nor woman can know everything about anything. We are always learning at least I would hope so otherwise you're in the wrong scene. I am a dom by life's decisions that I have made for myself. I see the scene terms for a persons' title used very loosely. I mean this is the most positive, non-judgmental respectful way possible; it sickens me to see people ages of 17-24 calling themselves masters and mistresses. First in order for you to be anyone elses “master” or “mistress” you must have “slaves” hence the term “master” remember slavery in the old days? Secondly a “dom” is not someone that can only punish. We give credit where it is due, respect our pets as well as subs and reward good behavior. I've come across too many people claiming to be someone/something that they're not which makes me wonder why when one day the truth will be known.

I've had quite a few different submissives of my own; however, once most of them see the real underground scene of the bdsm lifestyle aka “my world” their interest in the actual practices fades out of existence. It seems as though a lot of these “ants” use the terms to make themselves more appealing to those of us whom really are into it.

I know proper lifestyle etiquette, I follow it and I expect my underlings to do the same. I will not tolerate outside influences either. If you want to talk with one of my pets, submissives or even "slaves" in the future; you will be expected to use the proper channel and ask me for permissions to even speak with either of them. My methods are simple; I train mine for my own personal enjoyment, amusement and desires so they are NOT yours' to play with.

I'm an intellectual with the knowledge to back it up but I'm always learning. I'm a vet'd member of 7 different lifestyle groups, the founder and high priest aka “Prince”of The Pacti de Strigoi Morti a sanguinarian coven with two different homesteads one in South Carolina and the other in Michigan. I am also a elder member the House Kheperu. So with all of that said my perfect companion would most likely be a fellow sanguinarian.

A few of my interests are as follows; arts (drawing, painting, paper mache, photography, piercing and tattooing) poetry, non-fiction writing, computers (application development, cracking operating systems, exploiting leaks, encryption, engineering) studies (religious, sciences, demonology) music (anything that makes my ass move on or off the dancefloor, going to concerts)

I am one of the few people in the world who can look at something, reverse engineer it in my mind how it was made and figure out a better way to either make it or make it work better. As a dom I find this ability extremely useful when it comes to making toys and equipment. I also find that the skillcrafted items mean so much more to me when using them in play because I took the time to create them instead of simply purchasing them.

Want to know more ask away :) Ask the right questions get the right answers. Ask the wrong questions get the wrong answers.

As far as my photography is concerned I am only interested in doing TFP work at the moment due to me just gathering up images and models for my portfolio. However with all of you freaky couples and such if you really would like some private and secret shoots done, IM me and we'll see where that goes...

I'm available to do any type of photoshoot, however I do reserve the right to deny anything I deem "tasteless" in content. I'm very creative when it comes to shoots. I've been known to build entire sets just for an opportunity to work in a desired theme. I have the "eye" of an artist and I direct my models to fulfill the desired idea i have in mind. My imagination has interested "would-be" SG models and has help those models reach their personal potential to which has furthered their careers. I enjoy working with new models to help get their portfolios started.

Favorite Music
Lords of Acid t.A.T.u. Marilyn Manson Cradle of Filth Rasputina Kmfdm Mdfmk Gravity Kills Type O Negative HIM Rammstein Frontline Assembly Therion Prodigy Margin for Error Tool The Crystal Method A Perfect Circle deadmau5 System of a Down Daft Punk Seether Godsmack Sevendust Melleefresh Pantera Ozzy Osbourne Skrillex Skinny Puppy Korn Linkin Park Suicide Commando Marylin Manson KMFDM Front Line Assembly (Official Fan Page) HIM KMFDM BAND Lords of Acid KMFDM Rammstien Psyclon Nine Shakira Kesha Evanescence Mindless Self Indulgence Katy Perry Depeche Mode Technoir Skindive Margin of Error Razakel Eclectic Circus Disturbed In This Moment Electro music Hip hop music Heavy metal music Rock Music Dance music The Cure Shirley Manson Eminem MARILYN MANSON Lady Gaga Celtic Frost Bella Morte Psyclon Nine Praga Khan
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