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Status: Frank and Martin are re-emerging from the studio, and they would like to share some news and personal insights:

First of all, we would like to thank you. Though it has been pretty quiet for a long time, you continued to keep us motivated with your ongoin [View Updates]
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Label: Metropolis Records/ Dependent Records
Label Type: indie
Location: Germany
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Here is the first batch of confirmed live shows later this summer.

July 19, 2012 Berlin, Germany - K17 July 21, 2012 Cologne, Germany - Amphi Festival July 22, 2012 London, UK - Camden Underworld July 27, 2012 Moscow, Russia - P!PL July 28, 2012 Plovdiv, Bulgaria - Stage 51

New Seabound track released

A first new track called "The Escape" from Seabound's upcoming album has been released on the compilation "Dependence 2012" by Dependent. The compilation also features tracks by Frank's side projects "Ghost & Writer" and "Radioaktivist".

Seabound are working on putting some European shows together for July 2012. They will play the Amphi-Festival on July 21 in Cologne. Stay tuned for more.

At last, new gigs! US TOUR IN JANUARY 2009

Seabound are announcing live shows after a rather long period of concert absence. Subsequent to their successful US tour in the spring of 2008, they are planning out a double-headliner tour with German synthpop veterans De/Vision for January 2009. Seabound are primarily focusing on playing shows in cities in Canada and the US which they were not able to visit on their last tour. Some first shows have been confirmed and are about to be posted soon. However, local promoters interested in booking shows might want to get in touch with Seabound's management [management@seabound.de].

But the European fans haven't been forgotten either: Seabound will play their first show in Germany after a 20 month silence. It will take place at the Blackfield festival warm-up party on June 19th at Bochum's Matrix (Germany). There might be another gig in Europe during the same week - so stay tuned, we will keep you posted!


Metroplis Records has released Seabound's new album "Come Forward - Live in Berlin" this week. The album will be in European stores on April 25th. Furthermore, legal downloads of this album will be available in many internet stores.

About Seabound

Possibly the most heart-felt and painful album of the year, Seabound�s Double-Crosser is a violent psychological storm of emotions all tied into the themes of deceit and self-deception. Imagine every emotion one is faced with when they find out someone they love has decimated their trust. Love, anger, depression, blame and remorse pull the listener through the deepest recesses of the human psyche as they begin to question the very truth they were presented. Frank Spinath from Seabound notes ��the more you see through the facades, the more life's contradictions and irreconcilable needs will haunt you. If you lack the na�vet� to find consolation in easy dogmatic rules, you will have to face the unsolvable sooner or later.� Becoming a more confident singer on this album, Frank�s vocals are accentuated by Seabound�s signature sounds and arrangements.

Martin Vorbrodt's varying compositions facilitate a balance with the lyrics to emphasize the feelings throughout the songs. From the fast paced �Traitor� where anger and frustration prevail to slower paced �Sapphire� where hope is present, Double-Crosser explores the temptations that we are faced with everyday and how they affect the people dearest to you. [ Metropolis Records promo text ]


Homepage: http://www.seabound.de
Link 1: http://www.myspace.com/seabound
Link 2: http://www.reverbnation.com/seabound

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