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Status: Lust, Love and Inspiration.
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Sex: female
Age: 29
Location: Michigan, United States
Orientation: Pansexual
In an open relationship with: OnyXx87
In love with: je6suis6mort6
Fantasizes about: Chrisscreama
Partners with: NuclearRain
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 200
Member since: July 28, 2007
Last logged in: July 25, 2014, 02:24am
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Let me start this off with, I don't care how nice you are or how "good" your pick up lines are. As far as any of you are concerned, I DO NOT have skype and will NEVER add you. Alright, then, I'm horrible at telling people about myself. So I'll fill you in on the generic.
My name is Rachel, I dont care what you call me. I'm going on my late twenties, doesnt bother me because age is just in the mind. I will always be young. I was homeschooled after middle school, and hated every minute of it and it shows(to be honest). I love working with my hands, crafting is my gift, I guess. I sew/needlework, make jewelry, knit(more like loom), and all kinds of other DIY stuff.
I am a very honest person but i am also very sarcastic. I know, it's hard to tell the differences in text. Which some people mistake me as being a bitch, but if thats what it takes, then so be it. I would rather be honest and alone, than to be surrounded in people because of a lie.

It took me years to get over my angsty teen drama to realize that this is me, I am who I am, and if you feel the need to not like me over that, well then we're not meant to be friends. I do believe in fate and signs. I dont groan and bitch over someone who hurt me. I cry, scream and move on. I try to keep my life as simple and drama free.

I am engaged and we're in a Poly relationship with other people. I feel so happy and blessed every time I meet someone new that I can bring into our circle of friends, however small that is.
I am a Dork. I play video games. I photoshop. I multitask so much my computer hates me. I have acute ADD so I have tons of unfinished projects EVERYWHERE(unless they're important). I love watching movies (thank god for netflx). I am a natural redhead(strawberry blonde/light auburn), but choose to dye it different shades of red.
I'm also very lazy.

And here is where I can't think of anything else, so I end this little part about myself. Any Questions, dont hesitate to ask. I love meeting new people.

My Love: Onyxx87
♥Mario Games
♥Beautiful Katamari
♥Music(but the again who doesnt?)
♥gummy bears/worms
♥jello shots
♥satin sheets
♥moonlit reflection
♥independant thinkers
♥Your Mom
♥cool rain on a hot day
♥[adult swim]
♥Sharpies (and sniffing them before using)
♥bird watching
♥Real Industrial Radio
♥Being Awesome


♥28 days(weeks) later
♥American Beauty
♥Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie
♥Batman(all but the cartoons)
♥Charlie and the chocolate factory
♥Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory
♥Corpse Bride
♥the Craft
♥The Crow (all)
♥Donnie Darko
♥Elvira anything
♥Fight Club
♥Finding Nemo
♥Futurama movie
♥Gingers Snaps (all)
♥Grandmas Boy
♥Harry Potter (all)
♥Hedwig and the Angry Inch
♥Hocus Pocus
♥I am Legend
♥Iron man
♥Interview with the vampire
♥Lost Boys
♥Pirates of the Caribbean(all)
♥Preaching to the Perverted
♥Queen of the Damned
♥Robin Hood men in tights
♥Rocky horror picture show
♥The Secretery
♥Sex and the City movie
♥Simpsons movie
♥Super Mario Bros.
♥Sweeny Todd
♥Sin City
♥SLC Punk
♥Silence of the Lambs
♥10th Kingdom
♥Velvet Goldmine
♥Waynes World
♥X-men (all)
♥Any and all zombie movies

×bitches who bitch, just to bitch
×domestic violence
×animal cruelity
×Evil scientist who try to take over the world...wait a minute..i do like them, nevermind
×Blue Screen of Death
×Red Ring Of Death
×Attension seeking Emo Whores
×underage engagments
×Droopy pants
×people who play there music so loud you hear the bass blocks away
×Tunnel vision
×brain freezes
×Cat vomit
×Most of todays popular "music"
×Serial killers with no lesson to teach
×The typo-demons that nibbles at my finger tips
×double standards
×people who think violence comes from video games
×being cold
×headaches ×washing dishes ×jealousy ×stalkers

♥Rob Zombie
♥Within Temptation
♥My ruin
♥Jack Off Jill
♥Porcelain And The Tramps
♥Birthday Massacre
♥Mindless Self Indulgence
♥Switchblade Symphony
♥Snake River Conspiracy
♥A Perfect Circle
♥And One
♥Depeche Mode
♥Siouxie and the Banshees
♥David Bowie
♥Real Industrial Radio
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