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401DARKSYNTHRADIO - Best of dark sounds!

From rare 80s to gothic underground hits! We play outstanding tracks from mainly these genres: Synth Pop, Futurepop, Dark Wave, Industrial, EBM, Minimal Wave, Italo-Disco and Indietronica!
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Hey there!
My Name Is Serenity im 19 years old and im engaged to a USN Sailor, Help Me get to the top :D
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ill edit this later
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404Zombie Girl Night!!
hey there! i'm a normal teen. :)
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BoredAsFuck is one of VF's most active cults and also VF's first boredom aid cult. The aim of the cult is quite simple. It's a place for you to aid your boredom.

We are Officially VF Sponsored!
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21 year old opinionated musician residing in NYC.
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Come one come all... Join this Ireland based RP cult... This isn't your typical cult... you die here... you never leave!
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The real name is Megan. The nick name is Rarity. I'm a kind-hearted human being. I'm just uniquely me:) I enjoy deep conversations, and making the best out of life. Many don't know how to take me until they really get to know me.
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411Dalitica City

Family comes at a price. 16+ Gang based rp cult.
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