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301No, I am not obsessed with Dream Theater...

...Maybe a slight bit.

I'm Rev. I'm a roleplayer, a Rock/Alt Messageboard forum haunter, a karaoke fiend, and a band whore. Come visit Me; the page is easy to navigate, just click on the slices!
0138 0254
302Vote for Me! xHelloCandyLsnd:D

Talk to me!
Rate me!
Prop me!
I'll do the same back(:
Vote for me for Top Profiles Honey:D
0137 0331

-Click my banner every day - I'll do a favour for you.----
-Rate me 10 - I'll rate you back.
-Comment my pictures - I'll comment yours in return.
-Add my new myspace :) MYSPACE.COM/406290347
0137 0314
304Danny The Dog

0137 0335
Rate me 10, ill Rate you 10! Also fucking talk to me because im fucking hardcore Amazing! Im a nice person dont be scared! =D
0137 0333

My name is Jessikah
Im really nice
and fun to talk to.
So please add me hahaha
0136 0288

Ello thar!
I'm Jade. :]
Quite random, but fun to talk to, so just drop a comment.
I always respond.
0136 0320

Charlotte, 17 years old.
Rates are returned, click to take a look ^.^
0135 0375
309Andrea Vanity

Caring, loving, and sweet.
What more can you ask for?
Comment, Rate, & Add.
I return the favor ;]
0134 0485

Lower your expectations of Earth. This isn't Heaven, so don't expect it to be.
0134 0683
311Miss Demonic Bitch

Im Chelsea.
I love making new friends , so talk to me.
I always reply.
0134 0235

` The names Jackie ;
` I'm 21 years young ;
` Birthdays April 21st ;
` I kiss girls and the odd boy ;
` Single but don't want you ;
` Live in Ontario Canada ;
` If I don't like you, I will tell you ;
0133 0177
313Resist Rebel Revolt!

Check it.
0133 0372
314Death Princess

0133 074

Take a look at my profile. Comment me if you want, I'll respond back. =)
0133 0362

My Profile Is Good For Your Health, Its Full Of Vitamin C!
0132 0265

Thank you for voting me!

~~From lashes to ashes and from lust to dust~~
0131 0295

If you're curious, Just click it.
0131 0398

I'm Krissy

I'm not new...just a new account

I'm fun and I hate the term "yummo"

Tourette's Guy is my idol

So is Hunter S. Thompson (not in that order of course)
0130 0463

Check out my profile! Ratings returned.

*Fxck Beauty Standards * Make Up Art * *Dreads * Gothic * Cyber * Music * *Vampires * Dark * Alternative Fashion*
0129 039

I swear to beer I did not drink God.
0128 01443
322C O K E S L U T @ VF [ dot ] com

Rude, obnoxious, self rightious, conceited, snot, rude, blunt, rude and obnoxious, cute, helpful, open minded, messy, vulgar, ghetto, funny, somewhat intelligent, and cooler than you.
0127 0388

13teena, im 18 and won't you come play with me?
hope to have you checkout my pro and leave a little something =]
0126 0341
324BetrayalOfTheHeart [Bre] @VF.com

0125 0448

0125 0211

[ S Y N T H - D R O M E ]
model, artist, hairdesign

I'm not just another VF member...
I'm Synth-Drome and pleased to meet you

-Comments and rates will be loved and returned-
Don't be afraid I won't bite, at first.

I love back ^.^

0124 0523
327Smug It

Names Corey
I'm the smug
Fuck everyone else
Keeping VF Smug is the number one priority
Comments/Rates are always returned
0123 0169

Simona. 16yrs old. Bulgaria.
Owner of Meow and Co-owner of Designer-Dolls.
I'm very friendly. Not a snobbish person.
I live for horror, art, music, gore, drawing and photography.
0123 0245
329-Spikes_6sicz6- @ VF [Dot] Com

Hey. The name is Erika. =] Almost 17 years old. I've been a VF regular for about 3-4 years now
0122 0346

Hey there
welcome to my pro boys'n'girls
comment and rate me
see yah
0122 0493

thanks for voting.♥
add me, C:
0122 0147

My name is Nyssa, pronounced n-ih-s-ah.
I'm pansexual and sapiosexual and I have Althazagoraphobia.
I am a down to earth girl who speaks her mind.
I answer all messages that are written in English, and have more them just +10 in it.
0121 0252

Hey Ya'll, Yep, I'm a Texas gal with MORE to love..witty, sick sence of humor, vain (who isn't on here)? Been on here for 2 years and love it!. Check my pro out and I rate and comment everyone that does me. TTYS!! *kisses*
0120 0671

Lynia;;Sixteen;;Pansexual;;New Englander
0119 0279
335sup, nigga's

With enough courage you can do with out a reputation.

a_typical is my best friend.
0119 0281

please click this every day
i will love you forever
0119 0594
337Kate at VF

Ohaii, I'm Kate.
If you're interested, talk to me. I'll try to answer/rate back asap. (:
0119 0336
338JailbaitJEN_x @ Vampirefreaks.com

Visit my Profile, and feel free to talk to me.
I rate and comment back. :]
I'm not really a mean person, I promise.
0119 0382
339AnneRaFiel @ VF.com

Hi Guys^^
My name is Ann,
Im from Czech Republic,
Im 14 years old,
(Srry, my english is bad :D)
Thats All !
Byeee (:
0118 0366

To keep it simple.I'm a HUGE vf promoter.
Also I reply to every comment
Plus I rate back.
0118 0304
341Juippie @ Vf

Hi my name is jonas
I'm a 19 year old I like girls and beer :)

Thanks for the Vote :)
0117 0354

Hello, I'm Trisha.
Leave a comment/message.
Feel free to rate.
I always reply!
0117 0303

I'm Shel!
0117 0252
344UndeadVampress [at] VampireFreaks [dot] com

I'm called Michiko Love.
Make me a sign, and I'll make you one.
I love picture comments.
Comment me. I just might reply.
0117 0440
345click here for great music

Visit my Vampirefreaks account
-- My personal favorite place on the entire web.

Irene Marie, 17 years, & from Norway.
Likes Nintendo, music, friends & guitars.
0117 01153
my name is angela im a sex addict/artist im fun out going cute and sweet and love to have sex you like?vote me or message me and ill responed=)
0116 0292

i rate back
comment back
and am equal
vote for me :D
0116 0469

I'm Xi
I'm an artist working to expand my field.
I'm in love with Jonathan
I want to talk to you!
I return all comments and ratings so long as they're not tacky!
0116 0326
349Munchels in wonderland

The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.
0115 0245
350Bansheex33 is Mary.

Im Mary!
I am a rather interesting person and an awesome friend.
Im sure we have a lot in common. :]
Lets be friends! xD
0114 0328

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