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Oh, well, im gonna test this : D
032 0272
752servo.hatred official vf profile

Official home of the darkelectro/terror band servo.hatred on vampirefreaks.com
032 0499
I'm Binxe so FUCK YOU
031 094

I love meeting new people!
Come talk to me :)
I'm nice and I like being active in my cults ^^
031 068

Hey Vote for me for Top Profile~!
Just click the button
Yeh just click.

031 0149

Oh I want to play too!

[[Returns Ratings/Comments/Mssgs/Ect]]
031 0240

My names Cassi.
Addicted to body mods and horror.
031 0116

What is now my hand was not always my hand,
nor will it always be my hand,
and thus,
I am but a temporary entity with about as much potential as a flower.
031 073
759Missy F*cking Hostile

Hiya, Im Missy, aka Riddles_no_more. Might of seen me on flash chat. I give back all the lovin i receive so come check me out
031 0159

031 0319
761Demy Afterlife
Vote me pleasee!
About Me in the Link of my Profile.
031 0530

Good Day! Thank you for voting for me, and if you haven't then you should. Why? Well for one you should be my friend and if not, get to know me and you will be greatly pleased with my friendship - I promise! I am here for you, so don't skip me.
031 0118

~Latex Lovely~
031 0142
764Metal Kittie

The name is Marissa.
I don't bite, hard.
So come pay me a lovely visit o_O
031 0103

Yea.. I'm you'r favorite fetish.
031 0433


[x]I love pic comments[x]
[x]If you rate me, i always rate back[x]
[x]Learn for me more in my profile[x]
031 0116

Add, I add back.
Rate, I rate back.
Talk, I talk back.

You'll grow to love me.
031 0171

hii vote for me xD
031 0142

Hello, loves. Just have a look see at my page...even if ya don't vote for me I'll still be your buddy. (haha)
031 0230
770[ s u n s h i n e ]

"Afterwards, the universe will explode for your pleasure."

Please vote for me every single day.
Rates and comments are always returned.
031 0164
771Miss Bella Pariah

031 0489

031 0190
773Ray (:

Hiyaaa (:
Talk to me, I like to chat x
031 0240
774my happy place

miauw ^^
Come and see me //
hope you enjoy my candy filled profile :)
031 0397
775Lilith's Profile

A small piece of me is included within this web page. If you wish to see what I have cared enough about to post on the world wide web, then read about me as an individual on this planet, view my pictures, or perhaps leave a greeting.
031 0214

This is my profile. Be kind and I won't have to spank you. :)
031 0289

I'm a normal girl,
22 years, worker,..
just check my vf's profile,
vote for me...

_RATE ME_ i rate u back! =)
031 0388
778I'm The Stranger You Should Talk To...

My names Sarah.


I'm an Artist.
A Music Addict.
Slightly Sarcastic.

I'm the stranger you should talk to. All stuff is returned.
Talk before adding me.

030 0213

030 0125
hi click the banner please cause i will love you if you do im serous yeah im a dork who cant spell haha yeah click it do it do it do it you know you want cause you love me lol jking
030 0118

Vannila | 18 | Indonesian
Talking trash about me and i'd instantly choke you!
030 058
I'm Dex
I'm gay
comment me, I'll comment/rate you back :)
030 0139

c: vote Michi c:
030 0132

Check it out
Rachel's Profile!
030 0179
785Brookelle // You know shes just a little bit DANGEROUS .

My names Brookelle.Friends call me Ellie.
I'm 14. I make free icons, banners and do photo edits. =D
Come Chat ! I'll reply.
030 0167
786Addicted to music
Please check my site and if you like it please leave coment and rate me
030 0191

ill rate and comment back:]
030 0289

I'm just a girl.
030 0234
789xxMiss_Jemimaxx @ Vf

Feel free to drop me a line
030 0219

Gonna keep this short and to the point. My name is Catie, I'm 19 from Boston. I am a rock musician, a singer and looking for a band. I'm single and planing on moving to Los Angeles soon.
030 027

Check out my profile if you wish.
030 0254

I hail from Massachusetts

Kiss my ass and vote for me

I return all comments, inboxes and rates. That's if you're not a douche
030 033
793Chloe Molyneux

I've only been here since march 06' but I'm on VF pretty much every day, talk to lots of people and own a great cult :) Woop
030 0432

029 0285

My name is Jessie.I am a professional model.I am 20 yrs old and I am bisexual.I am gothic but I model all styles.Add me,comment me,message me,rate me,give me pic props and/or some pic comments.Join my dark demented world.
029 044

029 028

I'm simple,
down to earth,
I like to talk (:
And love giving/receiving pic comments!
029 0107

I'm sweet and I don't bite...hard =}

My name is nora and I am O-B-S-S-E-S-S-E-D with graphic design and I have been doing it for 4 years. I create custom everything! Check out my extra pages on my profiles links area
029 0108
799Vixen Of Grotesque

I'm Ivory.
Beat Me - Bite Me - Tie Me Up
I'm a Black Rainbow.
I don't give a FUCK.
029 0102

Let's Just Say, I'm Random, Funny, Caring, And Sweet.
029 0127

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