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551If you'd like to make a call...

Please hang up and try again.
057 018
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056 0375

Hey im Lacey and i love to be random
and make new friends

thanx for voteing for me
056 0183

I'm Alacia (try to pronounce it hehe) an I'm a very easy going open minded person. Most people love me once they know me. Leave a comment I'm sure you'll like me too. comments and rates returned
056 0293
555Charli LeBeau Motherfucker

I like music, whiskey and sleaze
I return like for like so hit me up bitches ;)
056 0516

Hey whats up people?
How are you all doing?
056 0457

056 0213
558sparks11 @ VF.com

Thanks for voting for me. Feel free to ask any questions, none will be turned away.
Just Your Eyes See Everything
056 0786
Taken & in love
Love making new friends
056 039
560Poisend_fairy Goes Plastikk.

Today I am dirty
I want to be pretty
Tomorrow, I know I'm just dirt.
056 0351
561Teh Munkeh

Talk to me I'm bored, and probably awake.

Come roffle my waffle ;)

056 0344

There no Reality, Just this world Illusion that keep on haunting me. I'm very Friendly, Care, and Talk person. I well give you a ten as a return. "Are You Ready?"
056 011

my names brookelle.
come get to know me.
i love making new friends:D
055 0170

I'm Ollie.

I'm different.

I like talking to people, so talk to me.

I return ratings/comments.
055 0154

I'm Tiffany, TwentyOne years of age.
I'm fun and talkative so come talk to me.
055 088

Hey there, click on that and say hello to me
055 0795
567Tinxxo @ VF.com

Definitions of Tinxxo:
I am Spontaneous and Whimsical.

T is for Twisted
I is for Impressive
N is for Nice
X is for X-Rated
X is for X-Rated
O is for Overwhelming
055 0201
568firefive @ vf -dot- com
055 0209
569Venomous Roses

i'm not at all perfect
but i'm trying to be better.
055 0383

I'm friendly, open minded, and love meeting new people.
Feel free to leave me a comment :)
055 0333

Somebody tell Satan that I want my fuckin swag back~
055 018

Model from Ontario, Canada!
055 0735

& welcome to my profile [;

drop by and leave a comment if you'd like.
055 0391
574Ishtar's Mind

About me, my life, friends and my love ones. I try to type out my inner thoughts of what I think and whatnot.
055 0458

Check out my horror/costume pics and artwork.
055 0429

Name: (ask for it)
Age: 13
I'm bored so check out my profile, rate and message me :)
I promise I'll return the favor =]
054 0146

I'm Cassi.
As you'll find out i'm pretty amazing.
054 0205
578Venus' wonderland

Hey! I'm Sydney (please call me venus)
I love kittens and my cult Kitty_by_Design!! i love photography, and I value honesty i return all rates please vote for me once a day!! love u kitties! Mwa
054 0221
579Corroding Halo

I have played the Violin for about 15 years

I reply to any comments,inbox's, picture comment's that you leave me and rate you back what you rate me.
054 0263

- Mortui Bibis Praecipiant -
054 0278
581Superfabulust @ VampireFreaks [dot] com


054 0245

Looks like you fell for the old click the pic trick =D

054 0235

come and take a look, if you dare ;)
054 0301
584LordStatus Profile

aa vote rate vote rate plisss
054 0284
585Rachael;; x__MizzMurder

054 0356

Lacey | 21 | Virginia
I can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.
Talk to me.
053 0116

My name is Megan (:

053 0214

i always add back, i always talk to you,i get along with everyone. Tell me you voted, i'll rate you a 10.(:

Join emo_hair, it's the best cult ever. :D
053 0165
589luna loves you

I'll be heavy in your arms,
If only You'll let me.
053 0129

I'm Moni
I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet
I swear
Just ask my friends
So check my page out
I'm premium so i can see you stalking me
Leave me a comment or message me
I'll always respond
053 0284
591Hori Belozoglu

WTHori | 22 | Jakarta, Indonesia | All rates & comments get returned | AND THEN WHAT??
053 022

053 0204

My names Sarah, I'm 18, I live in the South side of Chicago.

I'll return all comments, rates, and etc. =]
053 0308
594Mechanical Whispers

Robert is a psychosexual surreal fine artist specializing in creating unique imagery and pushing the limits of what is possible within any given medium. He has worked with talent such as Android Lust, The Birthday Massacre, Kittie, and Dan Ouellette.
053 0516
595Scream, Skellington

I'm Maddy.
I'm really nice! :)
I always respond and rate back.
Send me a comment!
052 0269

052 0207
597[Adonii-kun] heavenlybliss

I cannot be described by myself, you have to visit me and create your own opinion...

052 0366

That's me.
Come see, my little slice
It looks mighty nice
051 0222
599Let me ShoW YoU HOw DeEp Is RaBbits HoLe
I aint gonna write alot here..if you wanna know hit me up sexy ;)

051 0224

Hi I'm Christie.
I'm 17 and very friendly.
I rate 10+ back
051 0253

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