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501Grandmaster Chip

I'm always that guy over there in the corner...

But what you dont know is that i help out everyone and keep things going in there time of need :)

I'm always happy to help in any way i can...

Light and Love ~chris
063 0222

I'm Nea Nea.

+ Tattoos + Piercings + Spirituality + Love + Spooky shit + Candy +

063 0341
503Maggot Wonderland

I think you should vote me for top profiles because my
profile is freaking awesome.

It's simple, sweet and
to the point, just like me.

So quit stalking, and get talking.
063 0268

I'm called Jacqueline
& I am a big fan of Art.
I love Shakespeare.

You wanna have a nice chat?
Than talk to me (:
063 0222

063 082
Hi, My name is Lunabella
I am a Gothic Model
and I Sing Gothic opra
and Play Dark Keyboards.
Come Check out my pro!
063 0357
507Lulusaur for top profile c:

I'm awesome.
No reason you shouldn't vote for awesome.
063 0195

My name is Alexis!
I love to meet new people!
Hopefully you'll check out my profile and we can become friends!!
Click away...clickety click click click!!
062 0213

I get on vampire freaks at least once a day. I try to talk to everyone on my friends list and I'm active in every cult I'm in.
062 0285

Hello :)

Sharissa :: 20 :: A real sweetheart.
Formerly known as Fallaison.

Don't judge a book by it's cover
062 0224
511Cyber pixie

Come on guys check my profile.You can find lots of information about me.I always reply and rate back.So dont be shy talk to me or add me as a friend
062 0336
512Me@me.me :D
Hi! Take a looskie, mmmkay?

i guess i could also say that i will reply back to everyone cuz i might but who knows. Just depends on my mood. I wont downrate anyone though :D
062 0382

Im not the typical "What you see is what
you get" type of lady. There's a ton more
to me than you can believe.
Im 100% non-dramatic.
So,yeah, Click my banner and leave a
message and Ill do the same. ^_^

Uhm..I dont know what else to write
062 0364

northern ireland
061 0357

Hi my name is Melissa. I've been a member since 2006. Comment me?

061 0202
516GluttonyGore [@] Vampirefreaks.com

||Admin of FakeBusters||
||Owner of Physical-Immaculate & SuperMassive||
||Bitch of Florida||
||Model of the Masses||
||Care to take a gander under my frock?||
061 0237

My aim is world-domination. Vote for me.
061 0218

Whats up people? The names Keefe. Feel free to drop in and talk I'm usually always around an will answer. Do enjoy yourselves.
061 0365

061 0181

I'm Tiffany, TwentyOne years of age.
I'm fun and talkative so come talk to me.
061 0113

I love weed and drugs!
Death is beautiful in my dark eyes.
Gore is beauty itself.Because it is true nature.
Who said nature was fun and loving?
Its get's pretty brutal.
Come see what lays in store.....
060 0162

060 0253
^^ dont you wish
060 0254

060 0155
525Larten Vanderpool

I am every nightmare you have every had.
060 0163
526Keyser Soze

Always imitated but never duplicated. An original is always worth more than a copy.
060 0273

060 0326

I'm often told I'm scary. The thing is, I don't care what people think, I have friends and family that know and love the real me, that's all that should matter. I laugh at all the little teeny boppers on here trying to be something they're not.
059 0149
529kittycollartightx @ VF

21. Mischievious, kittenish. A few sprinkles of genius with a chance of doom. Sugar and poison. Black and white.

Lick me. I can make your tongue turn pretty colours
059 0836
I was so scared I was gonna weewee! D:

059 0194
531NEon_WInd in the Wired
Welcome to the world of wired let the Neon light your path and winds carry your mind into another dimension where imaginatin has no limits.
059 0360

Supp? (:
My name is Becky, obviously.
And I always comment/rate back. (:

So comment me, yeah?

I don't bite. (:
058 0237
533Victim of Ritual

Come and visit my profile!
058 04

Im Lizzy,
18 years old
and i love meeting new people :)
058 0174
535-broken_dreams- @ VF

Rate Me.
Comment Me.
Messege Me.
I'll try to give it all back.

Talk to me.
I won't bite xD
057 0342

057 0281
537Dayna Rose @ VampireFreaks [dot] Com

Basically I'm just someone who loves meeting/talking to new people. So don't be afraid to talk :]

I always inbox/comment/rate back.
057 0292

Nothing to say here to be honest.
I'm just me. (:
057 0293
Taken & in love
Love making new friends
056 076

Hey whats up people?
How are you all doing?
056 0506
541sparks11 @ VF.com

Thanks for voting for me. Feel free to ask any questions, none will be turned away.
Just Your Eyes See Everything
056 0826

Hey im Lacey and i love to be random
and make new friends

thanx for voteing for me
056 0208

I'm Alacia (try to pronounce it hehe) an I'm a very easy going open minded person. Most people love me once they know me. Leave a comment I'm sure you'll like me too. comments and rates returned
056 0313
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056 0390

056 0226
546Poisend_fairy Goes Plastikk.

Today I am dirty
I want to be pretty
Tomorrow, I know I'm just dirt.
056 0366
547Charli LeBeau Motherfucker

I like music, whiskey and sleaze
I return like for like so hit me up bitches ;)
056 0570

Hey there, click on that and say hello to me
055 1870
549firefive @ vf -dot- com
055 0228
550Tinxxo @ VF.com

Definitions of Tinxxo:
I am Spontaneous and Whimsical.

T is for Twisted
I is for Impressive
N is for Nice
X is for X-Rated
X is for X-Rated
O is for Overwhelming
055 0209

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