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Theo and the Skyscrapers

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Label: Waxlips
Label Type: indie
Location: New York, New York, United States
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Theo & The Skyscrapers consist of a trio of renowned New York City musicians: Theo Kogan, former lead singer of the legendary all-female band Lunachicks; Sean Pierce, from the Toilet Boys; and drummer, Chris Kling. The band unofficially began when Theo and Toilet Boys co-front-man, Sean Pierce, began collaborating on songs. No strangers to the full on rock-‘n-roll lifestyle, Theo and Sean have played shows and toured around the world with bands like Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rancid, NOFX, The Donnas, Blondie and No Doubt (to name a few). When Theo and Sean were ready to officially start a band, they found Chris Kling, a drummer talented and tall enough to fit the bill. Skyscrapers stand over 6'5". Theo & The Skyscrapers instantly became a confident trio with electronic bass played by Sean Pierce. In March 2006, Theo & the Skyscrapers’ debut album was released. Their new wave metal pop songs created an infectious beat that brought new enthusiasts to live shows and stirred an overwhelming outpouring of support in the online community. Fiercely loyal fans and fresh faces deeply connected to the band’s thunderous doom and dance sound. Following their debut, the band hit the road for a full U.S. tour traveling to Chicago, L.A., and other major cities. Yet the highlight of 2006 came in early August when an East Coast tour ensued with Rancid. T.A.T.S has also played with The Hives, Mindless Self Indulgence, The Offspring and numerous other A-list bands. Since 2005's debut, when not on the road or in the studio, Theo & The Skyscrapers collaborate with New York City’s renowned artist and director Rob Roth, writing and creating the music for Screen Test. Screen Test is a dramatic theater piece/ multi media video installation that challenges the audience to define what is real and artificial, what role fantasy plays in survival and how the political and media landscapes of fear affect the current mindset. Theo & The Skyscrapers performed live at every performance and their serious sound, along with breathtaking imagery, blurred the definitive line between reality and illusion. The summer of 2007 unveils the second album entitled, 'So Many Ways To Die,' self-released on the band's own label, Dark Daddy Records. T.A.T.S delivers heart-pounding, metallic sound that attacks the airwaves. The new record is a noticeable more mature full-length that shows significant growth and undeniable band chemistry. The ambitious album is more focused and climactic, mixing electronic elements with hypnotic, dark dance. Theo & The Skyscrapers’ welcome fans into a post-apocalyptic sound that is sure to tear up any venue. Just don’t be fooled by Theo’s comparatively petite stature next to her band mates, she’s as fierce as the tattooed men beside her.


Homepage: http://www.theoandtheskyscrapers.com
Link 1: http://www.myspace.com/theo
Link 2: http://theo.musicnation.com

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