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lock me up in a dark, endless labyrinth with no light, please, and monsters with that..
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Sex: male
Age: 35
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
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Member since: November 25, 2007
Last logged in: November 18, 2015, 01:07pm
Occupation: electronic music producer, ninja
Account Status: Free Account
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I don't think all girls should have a 'instructions on this chick' book, that applies to all of them. Sure, there are universal guidelines, but each one of you girls is unique with special needs. Why say the same thing to all the girls, treat them all the same? Each has it's own place and niche for frivolities of playing the conversation game. I feel that we all need to live our lives to the fullest and if we wish to persue hedonism and acts of pleasure, it is encouraged to do so. Sure, some girls hate it and mention it in their profiles, "Dont' call me hot or sexy" and don't want sexual comments or reply to them. Sure, that's understandable. But do understand, that there is a time and place for hedonism and pleasure and it fun should be had. After all, if sex was bad, the governemt would make it illegal. So, since sex is legal, it's good to do it. right? thats, right. So, I am here to persue a life of hedonism, sure, it can be dangerous in this diseased world and I don't fuck anything that moves. I am in a dating relationship, but I don't know if it's the "biggy" or anything. I believe in love and love should be the guideline for hedonistic relationships. That's me in one of my fights above, with hair. I win by KO I beat a former world champ.. next is a world champ! I make electronic music, in many genres, with a dark flavour to it. I am also a champion fighter, with Four MidAmerican MMA lightweight Champion belts, 1 MidAmerican Kickboxing Middleweight Champion belt. 27 fights, 21 wins, 21 ko.sub, 5 loss, 1 tie.. I have fought on JAPAN TV, TNN, Cable, Fox, World Combat League, I guess this makes me "the crow". I earned it the HARD WAY.no fake acting, the REAL THING. I call myself Pygar (blind angel from Barbarella) because I fight blind and make music deaf. I am not completely blind, I just wear glasses so I have bad eyesight in the ring. I am however very deaf but I listen to the best music, I have been to Creamfields 07, Connectfest in Scotland, TDK Kings Cross, Fabriclondon (bank holiday weekend special), I have been to the best clubs in London and I go to raves and festivals frequently. I have also been to Movement 07 Detroit Electronic Music Festival. These are todays "Woodstocks" for our youth. I do not waste my time with the music of OLD FARTS. I have a BFA in fine arts from art school. I have a degree in video-filmstudies/newmedia/photo. I have gotten A+ in Neitschze, Kierkeegard, Georges Bataille (surrealist writer), Poetry and writing, get A+ in all my Liberal Art classes while the other students are getting C's. I am currently making a very scary Grindhouse Ninja movie starring myself. I have read more than 800 books. I am higly cultured and have watched tons of foriegn movies and have a high appetite for knoweldge and life. A yest for life, and I want a Darkling Valkyre to share that yest for life with. It is obvious that I can't be everywhere at once and thus the internet is a good tool to find cool girls. Notice that I am in Oklahoma, so the chances of finding someone of my type is a bit low, compared to somewhere like Los Angeles, where I am from and wish to return there. One should take advantage of technology.
raves, music festivals, larps, medieval faires, fighting, martial arts, high adventure, thrill-seeking, film festivals, orchestras, operas, high-browism, intellectualism, poetry cafes w/absinthe, london, scotland, haunted house rides, ghost-hunting, cathedrals, parties n graveyards, cave-raves, vespa rides thru rome, beach parties, surfing, partying with high society, art galleries with complimentary libations, greaser rumble parties, shindigs, camping raves, fellini, bergman, kid robot, skeleanimals, takashi marakami, japanese animations, cosplay, manga festivals, lazer tag, barbarella, french newwave films, cute otaku, burlesque, bellydancers, viking culture, medieval battle films, wargaming, zelda games, Lord Byron, Poe, Blood Orgy of the She-Devils (rated PG its about witches), Barbarella, Witchcraft, Witches, Magic, Sorcery, Anachronism, James Bond, Spy Spoofs, Explotation films, Drive-In films, Foreign Horror/Explotation, Russian Mafiaso studies, demonology, Angelology, Cuddling with Cute girls, Cute animals, cute stuff, Psychedelic Happenings, Hippy Underground, Herb, Hippies, Rebels, Bike Gangs, Biker Films, Girls doing Marital arts, Pride, Bodog Fights, Slapgirl,
Note: If you wish to take out your frustrations on the internet, send some "nasty fan mail" to some football players fansite, why waste that negative energy on your own folk??? Also girls, any salesman will do any freakin smooth talk to sell a lemon. Know what you are getting girls, its not the sales technique, its the car that is important. Same with guys. I have revealed myself in my profile and so I am "All-Man". Very Manly. ;) I hate racist white trash and preppy jocks. I hate it when people judge me for being deaf. Its like if someone got hit by a drunk driver and got their leg in a cast and everyone hates them for it. ITs the same thing with my ears. Also, keep in mind that it's the hearing that is totally stupid. Watch TV, turn on the remote and you will find out on any news on any channel on any time, 24/7, that the stupid person who did something totally obnoxious is a hearing person. Time to get liberated and enlightened with that knoweldge in mind. Stop judging me for being deaf, its pathetic. Only the hearing do stupid stuff like create AIDS, genocide, eat babies, sex with animals, etc. I hate mainstream, preppy, jocky, dorky, frat-boy hillbilly hick stuff. I kinda criticize gutiars because youre not supposed to play daddys music with daddys gutiar, but there are exceptions. The Counter-Cutlure is the youthful rebellion against authoritarianism. How are you going to rebel against authority if you play authorities' music??? However, I do respect the 60s highly and thus I respect them for what they do for that is what they had. But we have drum machines and computer so that means its time to step up. duh. On a side note, just as a mini-faq, I do hear, not so awesome or anything, but I read lips like James Bond, and I do "cueing" meaming read lips and hear at the same time. If I hear bjork and I like it, then duh.. Ahem, as for one on one conversations, that should be a smooth breexe, but group conversations are hard to catch and can be boring, I dunno, but watching a lecturer for endless hours all day can be excruciating boring and insantiy-inducing. I graduated art school without notetakers or interpreters you know....
Favorite Music:
bjork, nospectacle, Deepchord, Half Hawaii, Zip, DBX, Moby, Keith Worthy, Anton Miller, Lawnchair Generals, Miles Maeda, Mark Farina, Carl Craig, Rex Sepulveda, Cassy, Par Grindvik, Cobblestone Jazz, Paul Ritch, Oscar Mulero, Speedy J, Tycho, Eric Johnston, Alland Byallo, Kage, Justin Long, Joris Voorn, Deadmau5, Alex Smoke, Alex Under, Matthew Hawtin, Konrad Black, Hearthrob, Paco Osuna, Magda, Richie Hawtin, Jerry Abstract, Guillaume, Mathias Kaden, Davide Squillace, Lee Burridge, Josh WInk, Dubfire, Big Joe Hix, Reggie "Hotmix" Harrell, Minx, Mike Grant, Micheal Geiger, Terrence Parker, Stacey Pullen, Gabe Real, T Linder, Darkcube, Aaron-Carl, Punisher, Dr. Dre, Kenny Larkin, Drew Pompa, Josh Dahlbergh, Derrick Thompson, Twonz, RIch Korach, Derek Planslaiko, Kevin Saunderson, Jay Spliff, The Nick Speed Collection, NewCleus, Egyptian Lover, Peanut Butter Wolf, Pete Rock, Patrick Russell, Carlos Souffront, Jared Wilson, Kill Memory Crash, Ectomorph, The Cool Kids, Girl Talk, Electrobounce, Databass Ghetto Tech, Mr. MIxx, Soundmurder, Number 9, John Johr, Andy Toth, G.O.D., Tim Baker, Yos, Shawn Micheals, Kenneth Thomas, James Zabiela, Benny Benassi, Ronin Selecta, Justin kruse, MD!, Bombscare, Dieselboy, Tech Itch,franke wilde, spank rock, peaches,evol intent, dj tee bee, dj diplo, alec empire, photek,cassius, krust, djs/bands I have seen: ministry, KMFDM, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult,Gwar, tons of metal, Grateful Dead, Pigface, Not Breathing, lots n lots of Industrial, chemical brothers, groove armada, lcd soundsystem, david guetta, kelis, mark ronson, tbc, riley & durrant, mync project, justin robertson,gareth wyn, adam sheridan, marco v, one + one, hernan cattaneo, sander kleinenberg,carl cox, eddie halliwell, ferry corsten, above & beyond, anton powers, jorge jaramillo, jose nunez, harry romero, erick morrillo, david guetta, tom novy, swedish house mafia, tane, claude von stroke, freeform five, mstrkrft, new young pony club, simian mobile disco, annie mac, erol alkan, felix da housecat, sven vath, sam mc ewen, comp winner, andy mac, ladytron, kissy sell out, justice, yousef, 2manydjs, tiga, dave clarke, no fakin djs, evil nine, mark ronson, dj yoda, scratch perverts & dynamite, pendulum, andy c, dj hype, dj marky, futurebound, phil facersham miss kelly marie, dvaid dunne, andy daniels, lee ellis, anthony probyn, naomi kashiwagi, matt cooper, tery pointon, h2, tim owen, giles smith, james preistly, shindee, tobi neumann, simon kurrage, geddes, hector,martini buttrich, jamie jones, dan ghenacia, ben skull juice, dan foat, simon rigg, marc antona, heidi, daniel bell, chaim, mataelar, fb julian, :terry:, karotte, mazzy supastar, toni d, ashley wild, chris harnett, johnny blanco, tom craven, loose cannons, neil parks, tom roberts, gavin herlihy, sean brosnan, serge santiago, dave piccioni, tiefshwarz, audiofly, james mountain, treva whateva, bonobo, dj food, dk, hextatic, jon moore, zak reddak, cagedbaby, alex under live, annie mac, seb fontaine, darren & spencer, green velvet, issst djs, shane watcha, to my boy, shitdisco, loco dice, james holden, ricardo vilalobos, mr cormac, punks jump up, hannah holland, jojo de freq, mikki most, phil asher, anthony nicholson, theo parrish, rap saunders, malik alston, delano smith, charles webster, king britt, kerri chandler, moddyman, pitch black city, jeff greinke, pole, sassmouth, butane, losoul, pier bucci, guido schneider, marco carola, dj seoul, norm talley, gary martin, aux 88, anthony shake shakir, scan 7, octave one, random noise generation, higher intelligence agency, rythmn & sound, milleu, brian sanhaji, christian smith, dirk diggler, hardfloor, model 500, juan atkins, robert rich, robin judge, kate smith, mistress barbara, bad boy bill, matthew jonson, steve bug, seth troxler, ryan crosson, lee curtiss, audion, ryan elliot, kenny larkin, abe duque, blake baxter, different world, angle molina, pepo lanzoni, baby ford, zip, gui boratto, michael mayer, vladislav delay, damian lazarus, john acquaviva, dan diamond, guy called gerlad, booka shade, jeff mills, lazy fat people, mirko, paco osuna, gaiser, digitaline, luciano, richie hawtin, matt c, chuck daniels, alton miller, 3 chairs, malik pittman, stacey pullen, kevin saunderson, dj godfather, dj dick, brian gillespie, dj rashad, dj boogie, md, bombscare, matt clarke, evol intent, gridlock, mapi swift, gabriel, dresden, retrobyte, jennifer rene, dabura, jeremy jerome, g major, anthony attalla, yos, marcus beier, gabe real, anderew degarmo, radio skool, gene farris, shawn michaels, johnny white,kenny glasgow, bat for lashes, astrid williamson, the black dog, keiran hebden, steve reid, numbers djs, M.I.A., regina spektor, craig armstrong, scott matthews, patrick wolf, hot chip, octogen, paul hartnoll, the go team, benny page, brockie, chase & status, taxman, jaydan, aphrodite, micky finn, storm, ratpack, nicky black market, ray keith, ruff stuff, distorted minds, crissy criss, kenny ken, influx uk, ez rollers, a sides, invaderz, alley cat, quasi, budz, freemason, hoxton whores, oli hackett, toby parmenter, kinky, dominic donnelly, toby andrews, max bias, collette, ried speed, dj obi one, daedelus, neotropic, octavius, thavius beck,dj gump, joe cool, jeremy grace, bugze, rhyno, frankie naples, chris santiago, gerald moore, dysqq, brian gardner, the nyhlist, sub_urban muzik, dj gruv, dilemma, joey p, 8en, mark moss, zuperman, ronin selecta, nev mega, machinist, d'jam, bassmint, matt c, james pennington, billy love, ziams liquid silver, eddie "flashin" fowlkes, dj buzz goree, bassmint recordings, chris grant, affiliates program, matt c, nevmega, frankie naples, sombionx & lindsay, dysqq& gerald moore, ryno, tha don, dj nieko, tim nobody, lindsay yeager, rock-it science, joey p, jared fuller, azyre blur, jesse james, john c, the bump da funk band, west side kings, chief, rusty, 3nglish & jl3, dj adonis, nucent, roy davis, dj bone, van she tech, addiction, jordan v, fearless, sp, mantmast, brisk, marc smith, dj kurt, heaven 7, mad dog producer, mindindustries, mike euphony, william daniel, vertical drop, mikey motion, mikk, rob da rythmn, zonk, stewart paton, mc colsey, mc monk, ronnoco, graham d, paul nielson, dexter, detonator, appreice, ritalin, miko glacid, the chef, hype, andy c, shy fx, benny page, pascal, g dub, fabio, A.I., COmmix, razor, ganja tek, noisia, prolix, bcuk, ink, teebee & calyx, jay tripwire, chris specht, angel alanis, hafid atzel & megan, dj mocean, alberto z. martinez, paul parades, daddy-j, john walker, craig howell, mustafa, fabian bates, wayne, mr daishiki jones, idle man, monarch, ernie pm, a-dub, cory b, chris rodriguez, john holmes, ronin, hubb, ladd b, k-harmony, treavor, atum, jasun lovejoy, the scooby doo crew, sunkyst, terry vernixx, jeff haze, vampyromorpha, force majeure, mahesh, thump, s.o.t.e.g., pointbender, ahman, infinitek, lyvewire, redeye, artificial life preserver, universol, mr. jello, dj kynd, james meadows, aeon, supa star dj sincere, opie, uhm, klapton, yonykidd, g-3, derby, spoonfed tribe, dal, the end of the world parade, etheric double & jorah lafluer, the blarney street hooligans, whtie lotus society, street light suzie, darth vato, music man matson, mundo, sunray, d-1, mellow, danny landon, catfish, soul taco, jp, revolution baby, tom b, cyberiuna flux, mark miller, baby ruthless, keff plunk & richard shanks, drewslum, s.o.u.l.j.a.h., dj snotty, daryl would, richard d james (aphex twin), emmaunelle rivers, dj scooby, dj chron, bj brix, dj frequency, dj moody, dj synergy, dj nutter, etc. theres more, duh. this list is by no means comprehensive. I love all electronica, all the 186+ genres, house, detroit house, scounce, gabba, hardcore, jungle, drum n bass, ambient, chill, emb, darkwave, industrial, grime, two step, dubstep, reggaetron, eletro, funk, jazzfusion, all the awesome rule-breaking genres. My favorite night would be going to see "Ring of the Nibelungenlied" concert and then an afterparty rave at FabricLondon. How does that sound? A night of classical music and opera with rave afterparty? awe.
Homepage: http://www.youtube.com/theboors
Link 1: http://myspace.com/theboors
Link 2: http://www.putfile.com/bodaciousstud
Link 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHhFXDMkVoM

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