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Label: World Chaos
Label Type: indie
Location: Purmerend, The Netherlands
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Member since: July 21, 2006
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Hell Yeah !!! This is the official VF site of the Dutch Thrash and Roll band Chainsaw. It is still under heavy construction.
Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Wasp, Motorhead, Venom

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Influenced by beer, wiskey and absint. Musicaly influenced by old 80-ties bands like kreator and other thrash gods and also bands like wasp. Chainsaw mixes pure earbleeding 80 thrash with the rock and roll elements of bands like wasp.



Saturday 28-07-2007 Hangar 18 fest Hangar 18 (bekaf), Aarschot(BE)
Saturday 11-08-2007 Metal Hints DB Studio, Utrecht (GER) Context
Saturday 25-08-2007 10 Years HMM private party Boerderij, Operwehe (GER) Vortex
Saturday 13-10-2007 Goudvishal, Arnhem Nanowar
Saturday 27-10-2007 Helloween Party Bachus, Zaandam


Biography Chainsaw was formed in 1996, and off to a Spinal Tap like start including a schizophrenic drummer who suddenly disappeared. The electrocution of Magnus the bass player and the car crash he was in the same day. The collapsed lung of next drummer Don who was subject to disastrous surgery. Guitarist Yanni's hand that was smashed in combat with a concrete wall and singer Aike being infected with veteran’s disease.

In 2002 the curse was finally lifted. After a successful 'Tropical Storm Tour' in the Dutch Caribbean and the release of their single: 'Chainsaw is the Law' and very positive reviews of this in various magazines, Chainsaw signed with the Japanese label: 'World Chaos Production' for their full album: 'Smell the Saw' in 2003 and was released in 2004 and very well received. The band has by now established a solid fan base. They are performing many bloody and violent shows in Holland, Germany, Belgium and several in France and Luxemburg.

Chainsaw has made a video clip of ‘Master of fate’ and is working on another of ‘the Meat Factory’. Now they’ve finished 12 songs for a new album…

Style Chainsaw plays old school Heavy metal/Thrash 'n Roll.


2006 The Meat Factory - demo 2006
2004 Smell the Saw - Full album (World Chaos Production)
2003 Song :'Heavy Sex Maniac' on Heavy Metal Maniacs Volume III
2003 Never Surrender - demo 2003 (out of stock)
2003 Tropical Storm Tour 2003 - Offical Bootleg (out of stock)
2002 Song 'Hammerhawk' on 'Hammer Metal Forever' (A tribute to Hammerhawk)
2002 Chainsaw is the Law – 7” (sold out)
1998 Dirck III Rehearsel - demo 1998 (out of stock)

kings of metal

Homepage: http://www.chainsaw.nl
Link 1: http://www.myspace.com/chainsawhellyeah

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