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i don't want a girlfriend that wants children in the future. but i dont mind mothers. i just don't want to waste her time. plus if a girl has a kid it messes up her body,
Status: at the beach b4 work
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freind or foe? jeff hardy belt future drum set left handed spector 2
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Sex: male
Age: 29
Location: hollyweird, California, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: Slut
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Member since: February 19, 2010
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Occupation: porno store clerk, vintage store clerk
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k von mata from los angeles, california usa. read this if you want to. i don't want a girlfriend that wants children in the future ask me why. i just don't want to waste her time. why can't people adopt kids they need homes too and love too. If u see a guy with a t shirt that said k von doom on the back of it its not me. im 5'11 and weigh about 225 lbs and have black hair and hazel eyes and like to bike around la. im a artist and ill leave it at that and a sign graphics major aka sign painter. i dont smoke or drink alcohol no more i burned myself out. i help out people or give poor people money or food cuz i dont need it. i wish i would not feel so bad to live here in l.a. with all these poor people including myself. i hate cars but like choppers. i live here in hollywood. i am strong and i stand up tall and i will never throw in the towel for i will never give up. u want to know me just ask im very nice. im a artist in so many different ways, people say im a genius when i create a art form.
nothing but i hate money because its evil and it takes over your life it makes u into a monster. im deaf to what people say to me im so damaged inside that i cant hear the truth or what they say it takes a real strong women to put me back together again because i cant fix myself. i hate any type of drugs or cigarettes and alcohol thats is my old life and i left that behind and never want it back. i want to be happy one day really
any wrestling show like wwe tna and etc. i also like the outdoors many people watch to much tv and dont see the beauty of the world. i like to take pictures of just random stuff like any thing that is interesting to my eye. i like metal and many other types of music.
i like any metal band or any kool artist


Favorite Music:
to many names to list of the bands i like so im going to tell u who i have seem live: slipknot, Wednesday 13, murderdolls x4, megadethx2, testamentx2, exodus, cradle of filthx2, bleeding through, dimmu borgir, danzig, arch enenmy, wings of plague, brujeriax2, 1349x4, cannibal corpse, bad religion, slayerx2, kittiex2, devil driver, rob zombie, alice cooper, dia de los muertos x3, ozzy, drowning pool current line up, godsmack, melecheshx2,papa roach, cavelera conspiracyx2 ,vreid, necromonicon, kampfar,kittie x4, macabre,soulfly, marduk,weapon,ministry. the x's mean how many times i have seem the band live

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