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Status: Can people stop viewing me and start replying its polite.
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Sex: male
Age: 26
Location: Private, United Kingdom
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 10
Member since: November 07, 2011
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Occupation: None
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About Me:

My name is Leo, I'm 25 from Birmingham;
I consider myself shy; but open to questions,
So don't be afraid to ask them!
I think of myself as an intelligent person,
I love topics such as art, psychology,
the supernatural,witchcraft, and paranormal.

So if you want to sent me a message,
and let's get to know one another!

Thing's I like:
  • Art; I love everything to do with art, I draw, paint and sculpt I also like to take photographs of nature, ruined buildings, human form including gothic, fetish and bondage style themes.
  • Books; I love to sit down with a good book and loose myself; I also write I plan on creating a website with some of my finished novels which include a Star Wars fan fiction and a medieval epic set in a fantasy world called the Guild Land's both my art, writing and psychology follow a pattern of darkness I like to exploit psychology and norms, and add my own dark logic and twisted meaning.
  • Psychology; I love anything to do with psychology, I like to understand how the human mind works and how a person ticks; some call me creepy I call myself skilled.
  • Nature; I can be found in the woods or the fields that are local to me; nature is a important part of my life.  I find animals and plants very interesting to study, I some times pop down to the Wyre Forrest  because of it variety of birds, insects, and reptiles. I also enjoy lighting a small campfire at night in the wood and meditating.
  • Paranormal;  I follow many paths in this subject I call myself Pagan; I have studied Pagan for many years now and draw only two conclusions nature has power and nature is dark but never evil, which fits into my lifestyle perfectly.  I have not seen any proof of divine creator and if exists he is nothing more than a child with a magnifying glass burning ants on a hot summer's day. 
  • Ghost Hunting is a passion of mine the unknown nature on the topic excites me.  My own personal belief are that ghosts don't exist we simply die and as much as it is comforting to believe in an after-life everything has to end-I also attend regular ghost hunts with friends in my local area and have found only proof of demons or other dangerous evil spirits; evidence includes; mind-games directed at us, scratches and other marks, threatening comments/statements made directed at us caught on sound recorders and other threatening activity.  Based on this overwhelming evidence and basic psychology I have come to my own opinions that demons not ghosts exist and have found nothing to change that fact.



Thing's I hate:

Life is to short to mention everything I dislike;

But I list a few things that really get up my nose:

  • People who judge my photos and text on my profile without getting to know me.


  • Facebook; I hate social media and every website trying to be facebook; such as youtube, vampirefreaks, collarme, and goggle; I might as well hand my credit card details to strangers; too much information about any person is dangerous.


  • lack of creativity and originality in games, TV, music, and films.


  • People who disagree with my views and choose to do it in an immature manner; spamming; trolling; submitting false reports and attacking my media only proves one thing to me you are physically weak in real life and need to grow up.


  • Men who have their trousers/jeans down their ankles; pull them up unless your inviting me to fuck you!  I also havn't forgotten the woman who dress like sluts there's nothing pretty about dressing like a hooker; a proper woman uses tease to gain an advantage having it on display proves you don't know how to play the game.


  • People with music blasting out of there phones on buses/trains and in public; pop in some earphones music should be experienced using proper sound equipment not some cheap tinny phone speakers.



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  • Black Metal

  • Blue

  • Brit Pop

  • Classical

  • Death Metal

  • Electro

  • Gothic Metal

  • Heavy Metal

  • Indie

  • Industrial

  • Jazz

  • Metal

  • Pop

  • Remix

  • Rock

  • Film/TV/Game Soundtracks

  • Techno


I play anything from retro games to modern epics.

I own many consoles which include; retro PCs, NES, N64, Saga Mega Drives, Play Station 1,2,3, and the orginal X-Box as well as various handhelds.


- to be added later


- to be added later


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