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Age: 23
United States
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Occupation: executioner/entree
Mommy: Sushiroll
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Eats tacos with Sushiroll
In love with Sushiroll
Engaged to Sushiroll
Gets molested by Sushiroll
Makes custom relationships with Sushiroll
Steals love of kittens from Sushiroll
Eats more tacos than a_typical
My real dad is SatanicGirlGoneWild
My Metapod uses harden for Sushiroll
My Ekans used wrap on Sushiroll
The best syrup is AmberTheAssEater
What the Fuck
Provides mouthwash for AmbertheAssEater
I don’t know what the lodge is but I’m in with Tipper
Admiral of the Fleet Feral
Stalking CreoCleo

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