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female, 28
Clifton , Ohio
United States
Single and not looking
slave (to a corporation not unlike Walmart)
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Please read before messaging me!

It's been ages since I updated this thing, since I'm not actually online very much.

Don't be offended if I don't reply to comment and such because I'm a weenie who doesn't know how to human contact.

I don't really use VF for social networking; I use it more to find new music than anything.

I'm not a rating whore. Rate me whatever you want; I probably won't notice it anyway. I generally don't rate random profiles (mainly because I don't really visit random profiles) so if I do, that means you have a seriously fucking epic profile or userpic.

And I'll answer a common question now, because just about everyone asks. No, you can't have my MSN. That's for personal friends only.

I've deleted my previous userpics and added my artwork instead because I like whoring out my artwork, so if you like it, then please visit my deviantART page and I will love you forever.
drawing, yaoi/slash, shonen-ai, writing, stripes, black nail polish, cats, swords, video games, dungeons and dragons, ghosts, jaeger, Dani Filth, making people laugh, shiny things, the Ansem Retort, akuroku, ninjas, Penny Arcade, store-brand Pepsi (hell, I'll take 75 cents over $1.50 any day), green things, VG Cats, Jar Jar Binks, zombies, anime, comics, cybergoth, dreadfalls, video games,
bad spellers, celery, my job, mall-goths (I can't even call myself "goth" to begin with, but I can't stand those fuckers)
Favorite Music
Since I really don't feel like typing everything out, I'll just say that I listen to a little bit of everything.

My favorite musical genres in preferential order are EBM/Industrial, J-music and various video game and anime theme songs, metal, alternative rock, pop, hip-hop.

I don't like country.






Sep 30, 2015, 10:13am
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