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Not sure what to say, so I'll start with saying that I am pretty average. I love puppies with soulful eyes and happy natures. I love reading about fantastic realities because I find it difficult to curb my realistic nature. I am absolutely terrified of open water and spiders. Most of my friends are guys and I love them all dearly. I have the tendency to be socially awkward. I am both clumsy AND directionally challenged, so hiking/road trips are not things I can do alone. I adore star-filled skies and warm, sunny days. I am a night person and I hate early mornings. I love superheroes. I am generally a sweet-hearted person and I abhor confrontation. I trust too easily and get hurt often, but never by the same person twice. If you are going to contact me, please be well spoken--if I get a headache trying to decipher what you mean I probably won't attempt to reply. Just figured I'd throw that out there ^^ If you want to be friends, add me :D
Ice cream, Chocolate, Batman, Books, Hookah, Smiling, Laughing, Laser tag, Water balloons, Kittens, The moon, Night-time, Hugs, Puppies, Peppermint, Halloween
Spiders, Tears, Pollen, Open water, Ice, Sunburn, Overly enthusiastic perverts, Mushrooms, Fish, Coconut, Cockroaches, Ghosts, Liars, Poop-heads, Skunks
Favorite Music
Depends on the day, my mood, and what's available