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Label Type: unsigned
Location: fresno, United States
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Member since: October 14, 2007
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SKITSOFRENIA is a project of two people. A combination of synthesizers and drums create a psychotic sound to ring your ears or please them. The theme often used is a small sence of demonic presence and mental medical illnesses. This may not be seen within the demo as obvious though if a band would only make one kind of theme they would be a poor band. The band was formed to fulfill their love for industrial and electrical music. SKITSOFRENIA uses analogue synthesizers as well as digital synthesizers acoustic drums and vocals. The latest release COPING WITH SUICIDE will show more synthesizers skills as well as more action for your ears to enjoy. The new relase "Crisis Center" will show case more new tracks of our work along with some hit songs from past albums, making this yet to be published album a great buy for a fan or just someone new to the sound. The first album Treatments ineffective is up for sale on this page as well as itunes. The second album Coping with suicide is up for SALE ONLY on this page as well as Nimbit.com so if you like any of the tracks take the effort to use a credit card or debit card, also you can always buy a visa gift card if you dont have a credit card, they are also a great way to get rid of the fear of identity theft. There will be a few new songs coming up as part of the third album so watch for them and listen as they come. At this moment itunes only contains our first album, you can find our music on itunes or Nimbit.com which contains all our albums.

Free promotional album "Expired Medication"




Shock Rock.
Marilyn Manson, Nine inch Nails, Leather Strip, Zeromancer, and so much more!!!
Link 1: http://www.myspace.com/officialSKITSOFRENIA
Link 2: http://skitsofrenia.bandcamp.com
Link 3: http://www.nimbitmusic.com/skitsofrenia.1

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